Top 10 Best High Schools in Edmonton

Today, we shall be exploring the best high schools in Edmonton. This post will guide you through the process to uncover the information you need to decide what school you will enroll your youngsters into—depending on their needs and interests.

Suppose you are thinking of making the best of choices in getting a high school fun-filled education here in one of the loveliest cities in Canada. Or you want the best junior high schools in Edmonton where your child(ren) will have a good grasp of the fundamentals, then you have just landed on the right page.

Edmonton is the capital and one of the best cities in Alberta. The city is known to engage in arts and music and makes stay in the urban area a lovely experience.


Education in the city is extremely impressive as there are many state/public and private high schools in Edmonton, of which many enroll students beginning at Grade 10 and groom them up to Grade 12.

Here in this article, however, you are going to find a complete overview of the best high schools and the best junior high schools in Edmonton. And you will eventually find a perfect school to enroll your child(ren) in just a couple of minutes.

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Edmonton is one of Canada’s cities with a highly competitive education. From the early learning phase up to high school, education in the city is often not a walk-in-the-park.

We know what it takes to find a school that can foster the child’s growth academically, socially, and otherwise. It takes special dedication to figure out a school that can ultimately aid the youngster’s development and helps them achieve their full potential.

That being said, this article will help you discover the top 10 high schools in Edmonton in Alberta province of Canada.



GRADES 10 – 12
GENDER Co-educational
PHONE 780-433-0627
ADDRESS 10523 84 Avenue NW, Edmonton Alberta, T6E 2H5

It is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The school insists on making excellence natural to all its students. Old Scona Academic is up to standard in that it will provide classes that will prepare your wards for the university.

With an amazing record in sports performance, the school has brought home medals from several competitions. Including Olympic sports.

Old Scona is one of the oldest high schools in Edmonton and has a track record of admitting students with different beliefs and backgrounds.

Students get to form a close community with a population of over 360 students. This helps the students get maximum attention, hence, fostering their growth.


GRADES 10 – 12
PHONE 780-391-2450
ADDRESS 2019 Leger Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 0R9

If you want a blend of resilience, passion, and character while your wards are at their academic pursuit, then you will find Lillian Osborne High school the right choice for your youngster.

At the mathematics, arts, and other science competitions, Lillian Osborne has gained dignity by winning medals at Fermat, a Canadian computing competition, including engineering competitions.

Lillian Osborne has teams for many sports activities like wrestling, soccer, badminton, handball, golf, swimming, volleyball, Track and field events, even cross country.

Lillian Osborne offers a compulsory course in leadership. Students take lessons in listening and speaking skills.

They grow their ability for teamwork in the leadership class. Hence, the students are taught to be morally and socially responsible.


GRADES 10 – 12
PHONE 780-425-6753
ADDRESS 10050 MacDonald Drive NW, Edmonton Alberta, T5J 2B7

The need to push the boundaries of learning cannot be overemphasized. Center High Campus, one of the best high schools in Edmonton, prides itself on its ability to help students discover themselves while learning leadership skills.

Center High Campus is well-rated because it provides its students the technical skills required to master a world evolving like ours.

Academic excellence is made possible in the school, as it has some of the best quality teachers. All educators are motivated towards leading students into a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to achieve academic excellence.


GRADES 10 – 12
GENDER Co-educational
PHONE 780-439-3957
ADDRESS 10450 72 Avenue NW, Edmonton Alberta, T6E 0Z6

For over a hundred years, Strathcona High School has been giving the world a feel of excellence. Scona, as the school is fondly called, is one of those schools that is versatile in its approach to teaching.

At Strathcona, learners take training in various international languages, including Spanish, French, English, and even German.

Over the past years, it has been working to upgrade its facilities. In 2015, it spent over $6 million on modernization.

The school has computer labs, more than 60 classrooms, a library, and two gymnasiums. It uses some of the best track fields located outside the school for track events. Like the Rollie Miles athletic field and south side sports arena for its skating games.

This prestigious high school makes productions from the drama classes held in the school, including Beauty And The Beast, Bring it On, Anything goes, and Big fish, amongst others.

The school is proud to have produced 16 Rhodes scholars to study at the University of Oxford.

Strathcona high school has risen to the position of second best in Canada in 2015 and still has not relented in its effort to make a difference among the rest.


GRADES 10 – 12
GENDER Co-educational
PHONE 780-408-9000
ADDRESS 8950 163 Street NW, Edmonton Alberta, T5R 2P2

Jasper place was rated by Maclean’s Magazine as the best High school in Canada in 2005. It was also rated second place in all of North America in the preceding year.

Jasper place is the only school in Edmonton that offers film studies. They also offer career and technology courses to help the student explore their best area of interest as they study.

Jasper High School is the only public high school in Edmonton to offer both IB and AB courses.

The school has teamed up with NAIT to make its students focus and develop their skills in the use of computers.

Students at Jasper place engage in all kinds of sporting activities. The school won the Men’s provincial champions in 2014 and 2015.

The school also has clubs like book clubs, investment clubs, Mathletes, and a host of others.

Jasper Place High school also displays the artworks by its students all over the school to encourage students to grow in their art skills.


GRADES 10 – 12
GENDER Co-educational
PHONE 780-479-1991
ADDRESS 11430 68 Street NW Edmonton Alberta, T5B 1P1

The fear of what happens next after high school education keeps popping up every time and again. The purpose one lives for beyond high school education remains a question for young adults and children.

At Eastglen High School, students are made to gain knowledge that helps them get in life with confidence.

The sum of $2,220,000 gave the school the place of the second largest composite school in Edmonton.

The school building and facility are known to be the international style. Interestingly, the school offers special courses like robotics, automotive, construction, photography, and event programming.

They also offer courses in foreign languages like Spanish and French. Its population is over 754 students.


GRADES 10 – 12
GENDER Co-educational
PHONE 780-462-2627
ADDRESS 8710 Mill Woods Road NW Edmonton Alberta, T6K 3J3

The school believes in both academic and spiritual success. Their programs help students take their place in society by living lives of excellence and high moral standards.

Millwoods Christian School teaches from Christian courses prepared locally and approved by Alberta education.

While Imbibing in students good morals, the school believes in having rigor in academics. She upholds three pillars which are accountability, integrity, equity, and collaboration.

Millwoods High School trains its students and takes them on trips to help the needy.

Many young adults have reached out to people in countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Belize.


GRADES 10 – 12
GENDER Co-educational
PHONE 780-452-4343
ADDRESS 13712 104 Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta, T5N 0W4

Located in Glenora community in Edmonton, Westminster school is home to students who want dynamic programming.

The school hosts different extracurricular activities and creates an atmosphere that is stimulating, challenging, and caring.

Westminster wants to reassure students that they can be whatever they intend to be. The school gets students engaged both inside and outside the classroom.

Westminster School makes all its students well-rounded. Your wards get to be good at academics, sports, arts, and service to the community.

The school administers teaching methods that suit every type of student to learn at their pace and makes it an exciting experience for everyone.


GENDER Co-educational
PHONE 780.408.7945
ADDRESS 14304 – 109 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5N 1H6

Edmonton Christian School is situated in the city of Edmonton. It comprises three schools, including Edmonton Christian Northeast School, Edmonton West School, and Edmonton Society For Christian Education.

Edmonton Christian Northeast School offers Christian programs for children in kindergarten.

The Edmonton Society For Christian Education joined the Edmonton public schools in 1999. They have the responsibility of the school’s Christian program.

As parents continue to choose Christian schools, this institution offers its students Christ-centered education.


GRADES 10 – 12
GENDER Co-educational
PHONE 780-448-5000
ADDRESS 13546 111 Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta, T5M 2P2

Ross Sheppard is known to produce well-meaning people in society. The school has not relented in its effort to make students exceptional in all ramifications.

Mahmud Jamal, one of the brightest students of Ross Sheppard High School was nominated to the supreme court of Canada.

Ross Sheppard High School induces knowledge and discipline into its students. They are taught to always “do it well the first time.”

Many students who graduate from this school have always risen to make a difference in society.


There are so many high schools in Edmonton. You want to look up the amazing things each of these schools listed above offers.

Of the listed top high schools in Edmonton, the ones listed above have been tested and proven from rigorous research and can be said to be quite exceptional.

This post came as part of our efforts to ease the stress of finding the best school for the child.

And, hopefully, we are getting it right thus far!

Finding the best school for the child is part of the parent’s responsibility and one that you can hardly shy away from.

And as a parent, you will most likely have to pass through the tedious tasks of finding and enrolling your ward(s) into some best schools.

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