Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Has your child hit the rightful age to embark on an academic journey, and you’re probably looking to enroll him/her in one of the best primary schools in Melbourne? If that’s the case, you’re not alone.

That’s one headache you can hardly shy away from. Since your child deserves a quality education – from the ground up, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that he/she begins the journey with the best possible option.

In Melbourne, education is compulsory, likewise other places in Australia. However, to stand any chance of sending your child(ren) to any of these top primary schools in the city, they must meet the stipulated age range needed for enrollment.

Melbourne is the capital of Australia’s State of Victoria and the second-most populous city in Australia. The city is home to some of Australia’s most prestigious primary and high schools.

Of the 2,500 schools spread across the State, approximately 1,375 schools are in Melbourne. Although a large proportion of primary schools in Melbourne are public (government-owned/funded), Melbourne Catholic Schools administers many schools in the city, followed by Melbourne Private Schools which happened to have the smallest share.

Primary schools in Melbourne are usually coeducational (caters to both boys and girls), with a tiny fraction of them being gender-specific: boys’ schools and girls’ schools.

While there are more public primary schools in Melbourne than there are Catholic and Private schools, it’s also worth knowing that government schools are non-denominational, meaning they’re not in any way affiliated with faiths and religions. And on the other hand, Private and Catholic schools represent religious faiths.

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Eventually, you get a wide range of schools to choose from. So, whether you chose to go the Private and Catholic path or the Public route, it’s all about preference.

In the end, your child deserves a quality education and should enroll in one of the best primary schools in Melbourne.

Having said that, this post will facilitate your decision-making in finding and enrolling your child(ren) in a school that will help them grow mentally and physically.

List of Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne, Australia

1South Melbourne Primary SchoolSouthbank
2Burwood East Primary SchoolBurwood
3Doncaster Gardens Primary SchoolDoncaster
4Fitzroy Community SchoolNorth Fitzroy
5Haileybury (Melbourne)Keysborough
6Presbyterian Ladies’ College (Melbourne)Burwood
7St. Joseph’s Primary SchoolElsternwick
8Camberwell Primary SchoolCamberwell
9North Melbourne Primary SchoolNorth Melbourne
10Carlton Gardens Primary SchoolCarlton

Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne

1. South Melbourne Primary School

TELEPHONE03 9935 9399
ADDRESS129-161 Ferrars Street, Southbank 3006

A whopping $44 million was allocated by the State to build an ultra-modern school with all the cutting-edge facilities.

Established in 2018, South Melbourne Primary School is situated on Ferrars Street, Melbourne, and it’s one of the newest schools in the city. Catering to over 525 students from Pre-Primary to Year 6.

The school facilities are out of this world. These include a long daycare kindergarten, child health and maternal consulting rooms, and sharing multi-purpose rooms and indoor and outdoor sports courts.

To help children achieve their goals, students are encouraged to face challenges with courage. The school strives to keep all the children safe, and happy.

2. Burwood East Primary School

ADDRESSBlackburn and Highbury Road, Burwood East VIC 3151

Burwood East Primary School is a public coeducational school located in Burwood East, in VIC, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs region.

The school offers stimulating curricular and noncurricular activities to children from Pre-Primary to Year 6. These are evidenced in the number of students doing quite well in school programs and sporting events.

At Burwood East Primary School, each child is given the freedom and support to engage in Specialist activities and Parent information sessions.

In addition to its emphasis on providing the best learning environment for children, the school works to encourage students to set goals and try to achieve them.

3. Doncaster Gardens Primary School

TELEPHONE+613 9848 5282
ADDRESSDoncaster East VIC 3109

Doncaster Gardens Primary School is a government co-educational school situated in Sandhurst Avenue, Doncaster East, Melbourne, VIC.

Serving over 766 students from Pre-Primary to Year 6, the school strives to maintain the quality of its academic programs.

Owing to its rich history in academic excellence, Doncaster Gardens has been considered one of the best public primary schools in Melbourne.

With its proven academic success over the past few years, the school community is eagerly looking forward to working together with parents in partnership with the purpose to develop a motivated and independent learner, who’s driven by the zeal for mastery in literacy and numeracy.

While its greatest assets are cultural diversity, which makes it easier for children of different cultural backgrounds to quickly integrate; the safe, caring, supportive, and tech-inclined environment will prepare your children for future challenges.

Top Private Schools in Melbourne

4. Fitzroy Community School

TELEPHONE(03) 9489 2356
ADDRESSNorth Fitzroy, VIC, 3068

Fitzroy Community School abbreviated as “FCS” is a private alternative primary school located on Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne, VIC.

It was founded in 1976 to provide high-quality education to children in North Fitzroy and beyond. Today, the school is blessed with dedicated and experienced staff members who are always working together with the students to help them actualize their academic dreams.

One key feature of FCS is the small class size. The reason for this is to bring a sense of value to everybody. And also, it allows students the freedom to build their confidence in communication skills.

5. Haileybury (Melbourne)

TELEPHONE+61 3 9904 6110
ADDRESSKeysborough VIC 3173

Haileybury is a private co-educational school located on Springvale Road, Keysborough, Melbourne, VIC. Founded in 1892 by Charles Rendall, Haileybury first opened its doors to 17 students with five staff.

However, what started as a small school with just five staff and 17 students has changed dramatically to become one of the heavyweights in the country.

Today, Haileybury has gone global with campuses in Keysborough, Brighton, Berwick, Melbourne, Darwin, and Beijing.

At Haileybury, small classes are the key to individual learning. No wonder 97 percent of its students achieve above the national benchmark in numeracy and literacy for their year level.

Haileybury has consistently ranked among the best co-educational private primary schools in Melbourne and the number two secondary school for girls and boys in Victoria.

6. Presbyterian Ladies’ College (Melbourne)

TELEPHONE+61 3 9808 5811
ADDRESSBurwood, VIC, 3125, Australia

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, often referred to as “PLC” is an all-girls private day and boarding school situated on Burwood Highway, Melbourne, VIC.

Although it features a co-educational Early Learning Centre and is girls-only from Preparatory to Year 12. Of the 1,450 students currently enrolled, 122 are boarding students.

In 1990, PLC became an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) School, offering the IB Diploma Programme.

Founded in 1875, PLC has continually dominated the “girls’ school” academic sphere and is considered one of the best private girls’ schools in Melbourne, and Australia.

PLC is divided into three schools, which are: The Early Learning Centre, which is co-educational from 6 months to 5 years of age; The Junior School for girls, starting from Preparatory to Grade 6; and The Senior School, which caters from Years 7 to 12.

7. St. Joseph’s Primary School

ADDRESSElsternwick VIC 3185

St Joseph’s is a small parish primary school situated on Sandham Street Elsternwick, an inner suburb of Melbourne, VIC.

From its humble origins to become the fastest growing Catholic school in Melbourne, with an enrollment of over 350 students from Prep to Grade 6.

The school is a firm believer that learning and teaching aren’t just about providing academic instruction but has more to do with nurturing the individual academically, physically, emotionally, and above all, spiritually.

However, parents are requested to be fully involved in their children’s development.

Also, one of the most standout features of St Joseph’s is its active parent community working together in partnership with the school to develop their children through various academic and non-academic activities including Visual Art, Music, and Physical Education.

Extracurricular activities provided by the school include Swim & Survive program, Adventure play, Annual athletic sports day, inter-school sports program, to mention but a few.

Top Public Primary Schools in Melbourne

8. Camberwell Primary School

TELEPHONE[613] 9882 4663
ADDRESSCamberwell VIC 3124

For students to succeed, they have to be engaged in a wide variety of academic programs; at times, even noncurricular activities can make a difference in a child.

However, with a strong emphasis on developing students’ French and English literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills, Camberwell Primary School recognizes the integral nature of physical education and the arts with specialist subjects in Art, Music, Science, and Physical Education.

The school was established in 1867 as an innovative English French immersion school committed to providing quality education to its increasing student population in a caring and supporting environment.

Presently, the school serves over 700 students from Preparatory and up to Grade 6.

Best Primary Schools in Melbourne CBD

9. North Melbourne Primary School

TELEPHONE(03) 9329 6902
ADDRESSNorth Melbourne, VIC, 3051

North Melbourne Primary School is a mixed public school catering for boys and girls from Prep to Grade 6. The school is located on Errol Street, North Melbourne, VIC.

The North Melbourne Primary School philosophy is underpinned by the beliefs and practices that: All children can learn. And the outcomes will be maximized when the children feel safe, engaged, and connected at school.

Also, in a bid to improve the overall students learning ability, children are encouraged to be active and self-directed in their learning.

At North Melbourne Primary School, students are provided with a rich curriculum and evidence-based practices of teaching.

10. Carlton Gardens Primary School

ADDRESSCarlton, VIC 3053

Carlton Gardens Primary School, often abbreviated as “CGPS” is a small, but vibrant inner-city school that is focusing on providing quality education to its community.

CGPS is situated on Rathdowne Street, Carlton, on the edge of Melbourne CBD. Presently, the student’s enrollment is at 433, cutting across its eight Grades.

However, due to its relatively small class sizes, everybody knows everybody. This a creates caring and friendly atmosphere while bolstering a sense of value and self-esteem.

CGPS emphasizes more on Information Communication Technology (ICT). Children are provided with all the facilities needed to catch up with 21st-century technology and innovations.


Melbourne Primary School Curriculum

Basically, your children will learn the following subjects at any of the primary schools listed above:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • Languages other than English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Society and Environment
  • Technology
  • Arts

Melbourne Primary School Fees

Public primary schools in Melbourne are fully funded by the government and free to attend. However, you will need to pay for uniforms, some books, and extra-curricular subjects and activities such as excursions.

As for the private schools in Melbourne, their fees vary widely. So, you may have to check the school website to find out their tuition and fees.

Final Thoughts

Of the 2,500 schools in Victoria, 55 percent are based in the capital, Melbourne. Also, Melbourne primary schools are some of the best in the country, with highly qualified teachers who look forward to bringing out the best in a child.

Early in this article, we mentioned that education in Melbourne is compulsory for children between the ages of six and seventeen.

However, to qualify for a government school your child must be five years old by April of the year they resume school.

These are ten of the leading primary schools in Melbourne where children are offered the opportunity and support to thrive in a well secure and friendly environment.

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