Best 10 Private Schools In Gold Coast, Australia

Private schools in Australia can be rather pricey, making them occasionally unaffordable for parents on a tight budget. On the other hand, attending public schools can eventually pay off. Accessibility to a high-quality education costs less. There is still a difference between it and its private counterpart, though.

The caliber of instruction provided and your child’s commitment to learning are what count. A parent’s involvement should not be overlooked either. Do you have children and are you seeking for the best private schools in Gold Coast Australia for them? The top 10 are highlighted in this article.

Best 10 Private Schools In Gold Coast

The top ten private schools in Gold Coast are listed below.

Best Private Schools in Gold Coast

1. Gold Coast Christian College

One of the leading schools in Gold Coast is without a doubt Gold Coast Christian College. This school provide care for kids from kindergarten through 12th grade. The school is known for fostering kids during important developmental years. They are dedicated to increasing your child’s passion of learning by providing an expanded curriculum. Individual character development for your child will take place at Gold Coast Christian College in a loving Christian setting.

The goal of Gold Coast Christian College is to encourage each student to have a redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ. In order to promote children’s spiritual, academic, social, physical, and occupational development, they also enable a collaboration with parents.

2. Australian Industry Trade College (AITC)

The Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) is distinctive, just like the younger generations. The school is a fervent supporter of curriculum designs based on industry standards that value both technical and cognitive empathy.

Over the past 12 years, the AITC has helped over 1,400 young people find meaningful and lasting employment. Their goal is to prepare the business leaders of tomorrow. They accomplish this in a variety of ways using an adaptable and flexible approach to market demands. Students in Years 10, 11, and 12 spend two-thirds of their year working in the workplace rather than in a classroom.

3. The Southport School

The Southport School is a Gold Coast-based Anglican day and boarding school that was established in 1901. The Great Public Schools’ Association of Queensland counts TSS among its members (GPS). The only boys’ school and boarding school on the Gold Coast is this one.

The school has a stellar reputation for providing boys with a well-rounded, balanced education. The Southport School is aware that guys learn and reason in different ways than girls do. Emotional intelligence, thinking skills, and leadership development are examples of cutting-edge educational techniques. With a low student-staff ratio, they also offer integrated co-curricular and academic programming.

4. Trinity Lutheran College

The dynamic learning environment at Trinity Lutheran College prepares students for the twenty-first century.

Each student’s individual learning and cognitive requirements are met with utmost dedication at Trinity. Every child has the chance to more completely realize their potential, which they offer.

Trinity strives to engage with the fullness of students’ lives while placing a strong emphasis on academic performance. Students gain knowledge in a setting where the fundamental principles of justice, love, patience, and service are upheld.

5. King’s Christian College – Pimpama

Children can attend King’s Christian College, a private, non – denominational Christian school. From the age of two and a half years old to primary and high school, they provide education to children in early learning. King’s Pimpama will provide care for kids up to the eleventh grade in 2023. Children who are older can take a King’s bus to the Reedy Creek campus.

King’s Christian College’s purpose is to “educate students in Christian leadership for the next generation.”

6. Saint Stephen’s College

Saint Stephen’s College is a prep through grade 12 co-educational day school with a daycare center on the premises. It is associated with the Australian Anglican Catholic Church.

With 166 students enrolled when it opened its doors in February 1996, there are now more than 1300 students attending the college. Although Saint Stephen’s College has a stellar reputation in all spheres of academic, athletic, and cultural endeavours, it is the caring, communal attitude that truly distinguishes the institution.

Saint Stephen’s College is pleased to have excellent facilities that foster a love of learning in a variety of academic fields.

7. King’s Christian College – Reedy Creek

Children are served by the co-ed, nondenominational Christian school King’s Christian College. Children can receive a top-notch education from the time they are 2 and a half years old through primary and high school. Their campuses are located in Reedy Creek, Pimpama, and Logan Village.

“Educate students in Christian Leadership for tomorrow’s generation,” is the college’s stated objective.

It’s been said that while credentials can help you land a job, your success will ultimately depend on your attitude and character. King’s College strives to generate graduates with the kind of character who will stand out and become leaders in their respective fields.

8. Somerset College

Co-educational, independent, and interdenominational are all terms used to describe Somerset College, a Christian institution. The goal of Somerset is to create active, global citizens who value diversity, strive for excellence, and act with integrity. The College is dedicated to leading and pioneering educational innovation. Access to reputable national and international curricula is another area of emphasis for them. They aid in promoting and creating connections with regional, international, and local academic institutions.

At Somerset College, we want to foster an environment where your kid can be happy, trusted, and understood.

9. St Hilda’s School, Gold Coast

St. Hilda’s has offered a top-notch learning environment for girls for more than a century. They have been providing students with the best possible instruction, boarding, and spiritual care. The guiding principle of St. Hilda’s School is Non Nobis Solum (Not For Ourselves Alone).

Countless of women throughout the world have been given support by St. Hilda’s to achieve achievement. Many are currently setting the pace in a variety of sectors, including foreign affairs, professional services, real estate, fashion, and medical.

10. Silkwood School

Pre-K through 12th grade are served at the private, government-accredited Silkwood School. The Gold Coast Hinterland is home to the school, which is situated in a gorgeous forest environment.

They think that every youngster can benefit from attending Silkwood. The school must, however, also respect the aspirations of each family for their child’s future. Their collaboration with families is crucial to this process. They are dedicated to doing their best work, considering all options, and thinking creatively. This improves each student’s learning experience. Additionally, it guarantees that your child will go on the proper Silkwood adventure for them.

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