10 Best Primary Schools In Auckland, New Zealand

Several of the top private primary schools in New Zealand are located in Auckland. These schools in Auckland provide your kids with a dependable, gate-opening education that will enable them to enter colleges and universities with ease.

To help you decide where to send your kids, we’ll review ten of Auckland’s top private primary schools in this article. These schools are ranked based on the Auckland schools’ Education Review Office (ERO) assessment rating. To learn more about the top schools in your area, keep reading!

10 Best Primary Schools In Auckland

These schools top the list when it comes to private education for primary pupils in Auckland, New Zealand:

Best Primary Schools in Auckland, New Zealand


Among the most substantial and well-known names in private school education in Auckland is Kristin. Creating “global citizens” who are responsible, mature, and intellectually prepared to tackle the problems of our ever-changing globe is the goal of this well-liked Auckland-based school.

Your child will be educated by some of the top teachers in the area at Kristin. Many of Auckland’s brightest pupils attend the school, and test results attest to Kristin’s intellectual rigor.

Students are also given possibilities like improved learning and ICT support. This is done in order to provide students with a comprehensive and practical education that will help them achieve even more success in the future. Your child might become a top Auckland student at Kristin who could get into any secondary school.

Churchill Park School

Churchill Park, one of the top academies, accepts children in grades 1 through 8. They promote important abilities throughout this time. These abilities aid kids in being bold, adventurous, creative, problem-solvers, and team players.

According to the ERO study, Churchill Park School is praised for having students that uphold the principles of excellence, respect, and honesty. Moreover, there is a strong sense of community in this elementary school.

Glendowie School

The academic performance of students at Glendowie School is frequently reported to be of exceptionally high caliber in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, well-being, and participation.

The ERO is aware that a review of the school’s bicultural and Maori customs integration is necessary. However, it has been successful in assisting students in achieving excellence in all facets of their education.

Gulf Harbour School

On Auckland’s Whangaparaoa Peninsula is where you can find Gulf Harbour School. This specific school deserves praise for its hospitable attitude toward developing students who are self-assured and communicative.

A balanced number of boys and girls attend Gulf Harbour School, according to the ERO assessment. They equip each student with the knowledge and abilities required to meet common national standards across the institution.

Hobsonville Point Primary School

The phrase “reach for the sky” is regularly recited during Hobsonville Point Primary School’s actual learning. Additionally, picnics are offered all year long to promote outdoor enjoyment.

Hobsonville Point Primary School was assessed to be performing effectively and producing the required results by the ERO. Future generations of our people are inspired, engaged, and out-innovated by these.

Kohimarama School

Kohimarama Primary School is the second best primary school in Auckland on our ranking of the top ten. About 500 students get an 8-year program of independently and collaboratively learning at the institution.

Kids can also broaden their minds by visiting the neighboring Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park and Kohimarama Beach.

Areas of success were successfully identified by the ERO. For instance, the Kohimarama School may be home to independent children who exhibit high levels of positive learning engagement. Additionally, the institution is filled with a great deal of pride.

Maraetai Beach School

The Maraetai Beach School provides recreational activities for its students to enliven and pique their interests. Ukulele, sign language, dance, sailing, beach and water safety, and “triathlon” are a few examples.

The Education Review Office investigation found that this institution offers a high-class leadership position in a welcoming environment.

Silverdale School

One of the most exclusive elementary schools in the Auckland region is Silverdale Primary School. More than 800 kids in grades 1 through 6 attend the 140-year-old institution. Silverdale Primary School employs tried-and-true instructional methods to achieve excellence. Their core values include kindness, respect, excellence, and honesty.

The ERO study demonstrates how Silverdale has maintained its strong reading, writing, and arithmetic proficiency levels.

The school also places a lot of attention on recruiting more Maori students for diversity and equal opportunity projects.

St Heliers School

Kindergarten through 8th grade students are educated at Achilles Point’s St. Heliers School. Because they have an entire school year ahead of them, you can anticipate that kids will be busy every day.

According to their ERO statement, St. Helier School provides resources and stimulates any child who need more care. As a result, it is not surprising that the school performs better than average across the board.

Waimauku School

Organic farming and the treatment of temporary animals like lambs are deeply important to the Waimauku School. Their “Ag Day” offers the ideal opportunities for students to participate and educate themselves about environmental diversity.

The motto of Waimauku School is “Opening Doors to Life’s Journey,” according to the ERO assessment. The method used by the school to establish student ownership of learning is a successful tactic that upholds their academic performance.


To provide you more options while looking for the greatest possibilities for your child’s education, we explored the best primary schools in this post. The private primary schools included in this article are among some of the best in Auckland in terms of academic performance, outstanding faculty, and growth-oriented curricula.

Want to provide your young learner with the best education possible? Use this resource to identify a school that aligns with your moral compass and gives your kid the best chance to achieve academically.

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