Top 11 Automatic Driving Lessons in the UK

There are different driving schools in the UK that offer automatic car driving lessons. Here the best eleven of them are posted here. You can choose from any of them.

Many people are opting for automatic auto-driving because it is a better option. Manual driving is gradually fading in many parts of the country. Lots of people are not showing interest in learning manual driving.


If you already hold a lesson in manual driving, there may be the need to upgrade that license if you want to drive automatic cars. The problem had to do with changing gears.

Automatic driving lessons are not as difficult as manual driving lessons, but you still need to go through the training schools, not only to learn how to drive but also to learn all the necessary rules as well as traffic codes and regulations.

There are lots of automatic car driving schools to choose from. The top eleven best driving schools in the UK are listed here. You can choose any of them after comparing what they offer.

Why Opt for Automatic Car Driving Lessons?

This offers a lot of things. The first thing about it is that it does not use any clutch pedal and that makes it different from manual cars. Moreover, such cars are user friendly as they are easier to drive even in the most congested cities like London.

If you use manual cars and you encounter difficulties in managing gears it will not be a problem in automatic cars because there is a clutch pedal to use and gear selection is automatic. You can get to your destination without stress.

As important as this automatic driving is, you require a license before you can drive, and attending driving school is the fastest way of getting that license that qualifies you to drive such cars.

What Type of Car to Drive?

If you have made up your mind that you want to drive an automatic car, ensure that you have that type of car. This is because after acquiring that license, you cannot use it to drive a manual car.

It may be difficult to drive a manual car. Because of that, you must make up your mind about the type of car that you want to drive. If you intend to rent or buy a manual car in the future, you must understand the implications.

In any case, automatic cars are abundant in the market and they are gradually replacing manual cars. There are lots of such cars to choose from.

What You Should Know Before Looking for Automatic Driving Lessons

The first thing to do is to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge you need before embarking on that training. It helps to prepare very well for the training you undergo.

What is the Cost?

The most important factor to consider when you are making that choice is the cost of the training. The charges vary and if you go through the best training school, you will get the real value for your money. Many driving instructors can charge anything between two pounds to 25 pounds. You have to consider the duration of the training.

Training duration depends on your fastness in learning both the practical and the theoretical aspects of the training. Usually, after the classroom lesson, the learner has to drive testing. The rates of learning can be different and that applies to the cost of the training.

Usually, an average learner can master most of the things within the first 45 hours of lessons before the driving test will commence.

When you are choosing an instructor, you consider the type of car they usually use for the training. Many people prefer to learn both manual and automatic. If you can drive a manual, it is much likely that you can drive automatic. If you learn through automatic, you should know that it would be difficult for you to drive a manual. With that license, you should be able to drive only automatic cars and not manual ones.

If you are disabled, it would be extremely difficult for you to drive manuals. However, when you get manual training, in the future, it can offer more flexibility because you will be able to drive these kinds of vehicles.

Learner Driver Insurance

This is another important aspect that you must consider when you are looking for this kind of product. If you want to continue to learn outside the usually driving training hours, it means that you may require learner driver insurance. In this case, you can be practicing with friends or family members who know how to drive, and that can teach you.

This type of insurance is good for learners. It makes for flexible short-term coverage and it does not last. You can purchase it for days, weeks, or months and in some cases, it can be for an hour. It all depends on how long you want to learn outside the training hours. The essence of the insurance is that you are behind the wheel without the instructor guiding you. Besides, you do that with your friends or parents’ cars. You can even do that in your car.

Moreover, you need to be accompanied by a competent driver who is also insured on the same vehicle. This is a very important aspect of learning and you must bear it at the back of your mind while you are preparing for that training.

If you start with the right instructor, you are going to find the process easy and simple. For a start, the instructor is going to guide you through the quiet’s roads in the UK. For that initial period, the trainer has to take you to a place you encounter less traffic.

How Many Lessons

Moreover, you have to prepare for the number of lessons you have. You need to know this before you embark on that to be fully prepared for it. Before you can pass the driving test, you are going to need 20 hours of practice. Besides, you would require 45 hours of automatic car driving lessons.

The time it takes you depends on you and how fast you are learning. It can be shorter or longer but the most important thing is that you become perfect in what you are learning.

When you are ready for the test is determined by the instructor. How have to work with the instructor to prepare for the test and how to go about it. If you want to pass the test within the shortest possible time, then you can consider the intensive course option.

This is often referred to as a crash course. The importance of this is that it can give you the chance of passing the test within the shortest possible time. This can work for you if you will be fast in learning.

If you go through training schools, the courses and training are arranged and you have to go through the frequency. It is always better that you take your time and learn the process very well instead of rushing it and not being able to get what you want.

If you must be successful with your training, you require the best positive attitude and can-do attitude. Moreover, you would require your driving license, and it has to be a provisional driving license.

Taking the Theory Test

The training is not all about practical, theory test is part of it. As you progress with the training, the training instructor or the school will put you to the test through the theory test. The theory test can cost money and you must be prepared for it. Most of the schools organizing the training often organize it for their students.

If you can book for such tests through the internet and it is available on the official UK government website. You can make phone contact and book it. It can cost money and it usually costs 23 pounds. After you book for the test, you have to prepare for it and it can take about one to two weeks waiting time before you go for the test.

What to Expect During the Theory Test?

The tests are about your understanding of the driving rules as well as the highway codes. It is divided into sections. The first part of that test has to do with multiple-choice questions, and it is about fifty questions in all and they all have to do with highway code. The test does not last up to one hour. You are allowed 57 minutes to conclude that test. For you to pass the test, you must answer 43 questions correctly.

The other test that you have to do is called the hazard perception test. Here, there are 14 video clips and you put the mouse in any place you see that hazard is emerging. The score ranges from 0 to 5. To pass this test, you must score 44.

There is also the practical test and this one you have to drive the car. Each school has a unique way of practicing that. There are free services that enable you to do that. There is also the paid service.

Top 11 Automatic Driving Schools in the UK

1. Red Driving School

This school is in England and they have outlets in different locations across the country. They are manned by professionals and the charge is not the most expensive even though they are considered the best in the country.

The school provides all kinds of driving training such as block booking, theory training, online training, road brain training. Moreover, after going through them, you are likely going to pass the various tests you will be subjected to.

When you enroll, they do not restrict you to automatic training, you also pass through manual training as well. Whether you are a native or a foreigner, you are not going to find it here because of the availability of foreign language trainers. When you enlist with them, the issue of the training barrier is done away with.

This is school is one of the largest in the country. They are going to teach you everything you need to know about driving including the basic steps.

They have different packages and many people have to start from the basic which is the introductory offer. The lesson is available online and you can book for that.

The school is available in many parts of the country and you can always check the offer that is available in your area. Apart from getting those offers in different locations, if you choose you can get them online. The choice is entirely yours. You can book online or you can give them a call if you want. In the same way, they can help book tests for you.

Even if you are unable to complete your driving tests in other places and you decide to do it in this school, the process is not difficult. It is possible and they have five hours special package for you. after that package, you can do that test and you are going to do well.

Even the test is in less than two weeks, this training school is going to help out. All you need to do is to contact them and they provide you with the helpful package that sees you through.

There are lots of things learners derive from using RED and here are some of them.

The school instructors and the friendliest and they are among the best in the industry.

They can assist you with theory training as well as block booking discounts. Furthermore, they provide booking lessons online and this service is available 24/7.

After passing through the Road Brain Training, your chances of passing the practical tests are well enhanced. Most importantly, they can provide both male and female instructors.

As said before this school can provide automatic as well as manual instructions. Besides they can offer lessons in foreign languages.

2. L Team Driving Driving Lessons Manchester

As you can get from the name, this driving school is located in Manchester and they are for Manchester residents. They provide cheap courses. This means that you do not need to empty your bank account before you can book for their courses. The school pride itself on offering a more than ninety percent success rate for their candidates.

The instructors are friendly. They are very helpful to all categories of students including those nervous ones. Even if you are afraid, they can turn your fear into confidence and you can pass all the tests you are subjected to. The students are taught with sincerity and patience.

The school can boast of the most relaxed and conducive environment and that is why people do not find it hard to pass tests through them. The most important thing about them is that they are also affordable.

They provide different kinds of courses including introductory offers. These offers are affordable and that means that they are going to save you a substantial amount of money. Furthermore, the courses are designed to enhance your skills.

They continue to update their teaching method for the benefit of their learners. They comply with standards as determined by the Driving Standards Agency DSA. The aim is to provide the best modern training.

Besides they are fully equipped with everything you need for training such as cars. The cars also come with dual control and you can learn through Manchester to Leicester and Bradford and so on.

It is not surprising that most of their learners are repeated customers or their referrals. They have what it takes to deliver the best service in that industry.

They are going to teach you about different kinds of vehicles including the most innovative ones. If you pass through them you can drive any kind of car with great confidence. The vehicles are in perfect condition as they are air-conditioned.

3. Britannia Driving School

This school is one of the best automatic driving schools in the country. This driving is purely on automatic cars and you can learn with confidence because it is pretty easier to learn with automatic cars than manual.

You would focus more on your driving task and you must worry less about other things. Focus on your front and observe what is happening around you.

The learning process and the environment is good because it is free of all forms of stress. Whether you want to embark on an intensive driving course, the process is still going to be easy and simple for you.

Taking the driving lesson from them is the best thing because the Britannia Driving School instructor is going to make that process to be simple for you. they are going to reduce all forms of anxiety and enhance your confidence and this will assist you to become a good driver.

Experience matters a lot

Over the years, the school has taught a lot of people in the country. They are known for dealing with fears and all forms of nervousness. People come to them to get the best quality of driving. If you are not getting the kind of automatic driving lessons you want from other schools, Britannia is there to provide the remedy.

Some people may have tried manual driving and they find the coordination process difficult; the school is always at hand to help such people to overcome that kind of challenge.

From the patient, confidence, and understanding you imbibe from this school, you would be able to pass all kinds of tests you are subjected to. You are not going to find it hard to discover the kind of freedom and get your driving license.

Intensive driving course

One of the things that make them great is the quality of intensive driving courses they provide to their students. You learn how to drive to a high standard as well as pass all the tests. You do not need to repeat the tests when you go through them.

Within the first six years of learning with them, you can learn most of the things and it would be easy to pass all the tests if you enlist in their intensive driving course. When it comes to passing the quick driving test and theory, they do well because they take their time to prepare their clients very well.

4. London Driving School

London Driving School remains the best place you can learn automatic driving lessons in the UK capital, London. Because of the quality training they offer, once you can pass their automatic driving tests, you can as well get the driving license to drive.

They do not only offer automatic driving lessons; they offer manual lessons as well. if you were used to manual and you want to switch to automatic cars, this school is going to make the whole process easier.

If you want to switch from manual to automatic, the process is not easy because you require a few lessons and that can help you to adapt. You need this school to prepare you for that process.

Driving lessons

Many people choose them because the driving lessons cover everything you need to know. The process is quick and it is efficient. Because it is result-oriented, you can achieve the anticipated results within the shortest possible time.

The school has over the years recorded more than eighty percent passes in most of the tests their students have gone after learning from them. This clearly shows that they know what they are doing.

Their driving schools are located in two locations in London and these include Surrey driving schools as well as South West London. The success rate is more than what you get from other automatic driving schools in London.

Their automatic lessons are tailor suited and if you go through the courses, you are going to pass all tests or exams you are subjected to.

Affordable training courses

The automatic classes especially the introductory aspect of it are affordable for just 10 pounds. After paying that introductory course fee, you are going to pass the tests within the shortest possible time.

Their automatic driving instructors

The school is the best because its classes are manned by the most qualified instructors. These are the best because all the instructors are DVSA certified. This means that you can get the best quality training you deserve to become a professional.

The school is great because:

  • They provide a new automatic car that you can use for your training
  • They engage the best-qualified instructors in the business
  • The cost is affordable and the first automatic lesson does not cost more than 10 pounds
  • They provide drop-offs and pick-ups at a time and practice in a place that suits your purpose
  • They provide welcome and this includes car insurance as well as breakdown discount covers

5. Intensive Driving School

Intensive Driving School is one of the oldest in the country. The school has been there for more than four decades offering different kinds of crash intensive courses for drivers.

They offer their courses throughout the country and they can boast of the most quality and DVSA approved and registered drivers. The courses are such intensive that their clients can pass the first driving tests within the first week of enlisting in their programs.

The quickest way to pass the test

The school offers the quickest way to pass such tests and you must pass through the intensive training courses. Moreover, the courses are not the cheapest in the country as you have to pay as much as 269 pounds just for the start of the course.

As the name implies, they are there to provide intensive training courses. If you want to pass and at the same time learn how to drive, this school is there to offer it to you. They will teach you everything you need to know including the most vital information.

At the end of the training, you are going to become an expert as you will become a safe as well as a competent driver. They have their offices in most of the country’s mainland and with many years they have put into the business, there is no doubt that they have edges over others.

The best training courses

The courses are tailored to making you become a professional within the first few days of registering with them. They put in place five individual courses for those that already have previous driving experience. For beginners, there are four complete courses, and this covers all the driving types as well as the experiences they get in the business.

If you have failed any driving tests before, you can approach them and within one week of intensive study or training with them, you can pass the most difficult tests. This is because they are going to prepare you with every information that you need to know as you continue with the training.

These courses are great because they are meant to fit into your driving skills. You get everything you need from the most qualified and certified drivers in the industry.

6. SafeWayUk

The way you approach the driving course matters a lot. This is exactly what makes the difference between SafeWayUK and other driving schools in the UK. They take what they described as an understanding and professional approach.

This is to help you become a professional driver within the shortest time. Safe and confident driving is very important and that is why this driving school is going to impact every knowledge to you.

They make the training in a way it will be easier and simpler for you. you can choose and pay for hourly lessons. Moreover, if you want to book the services, you can always book them online and they are always available for the services.

Safeway is the driving school with standards. If you want to be a confident and safe driver, then you can always choose the school.

Moreover, the school offers a free voucher for their first-timers. This means that you can get the first lesson from them without paying a dime.

They provide different kinds of courses and these range from a 5 Day Intensive Crash course. This course is available for intermediate as well as beginners. Furthermore, they provide a comprehensive New Learner Driver Course. You can enlist for the comprehensive new learner driving course.

The standard of instructions giving to learners is high and you are sure of caring and a professional approach anytime you are learning with them.

If you use them, you are going to be safe and you can become a professional fast. The greatest benefit that you can get from them is that you can pass most of the tests first time attempt.

The motoring school has gained the confidence of parents over the years and that is one of the reasons they are often recommended as the best driving school in the country.

7. Elites School of Motoring

Elites are one of the best motoring schools in the country. They offer the most effective training services. You can distinguish them from their car color.

They provide different training courses and you can always book their courses online. They use black cars with white writings in them and this is for the training of their clients.

You can register on their website and they provide different driving courses that you can easily choose from the website.

The school uses the best learner car which is the Ford Fiestas. This is great because it is the best learner car. Apart from the white writings, there are red writings in them also.

The cost

They offer different kinds of costs and you have to compare the costs before you can make your choice. There is the standard, 27.50-pound courses as well as 1 lesson course, 1-hour course, No savings course and so on. Canceling any of the courses is not difficult and you just give them 48 hours’ notice of what you want to do.

The school provides different kinds of packages and you can choose from any of the packages. They can pick you and drop you off anywhere you like. If you are looking for the best driving school in town, you can always consider this training.

8. Passion for Driving

Passion for Driving is another school worth mentioning. They aim for many things. The first is that they want to train you to become a professional driver.

When you register with them, they help to ensure that you pass the test. Apart from that, they will teach you everything you need to know to drive safely.

They provide different forms of training courses for all the drivers. The training program covers beginners such as novices, those who are trained partly as well as pass plus motorway and refresher courses for their clients.

The refresher courses are for the license holders, especially those who do not drive for a long time. Such may require refresher courses and this school is one institution that provides such refresher courses in this country.

The learning courses are structured to meet the various needs of the users. They know that learners do not learn at the same rate.

Furthermore, they provide you with the most qualified instructors. The training aims to assist you to pass all the qualifying tests and becomes a professional at the end of the training.

They offer a wide range of services and that makes it easier for them to provide lessons to suit the various needs of its clients. The costs of the services they provide are also affordable. They help in theory. They also offer special instructors for nervous learners.

Furthermore, if you are a client, they can pick you up anywhere such as your school, college, and even home. Most importantly, they provide motorway training for all their clients.

9. Steve’s Driving School

This is another great driving school and this one is located in the South East of London. They offer great discounts for those that intend to take courses of up to ten lessons in advance. They can cut the cost for you.

To ensure that you learn fast the school provides training even on Saturdays. The instructors are qualified and certified instructors and these are men and women.

Affordable and discount

Furthermore, you can save up to 20 pounds whenever you make an advance arrangement for 10 lessons. This makes them one of the cheapest automatic car driving schools in the UK. The cost of the various training courses varies and it ranges from hourly, five hourlies as well as ten hourlies.

As said before they teach on Saturdays. They provide lessons for the various postcodes. The company is new in this business and they have been in that for the best 20 years and more.

They used the most qualified and certified instructors and that is why you can pass the test within the first attempt. They offer you the best training that can help you learn driving within the shortest possible time.

10. Intensive Driving Lesson

This is another good automatic car driving school. The school is good because the curriculum covers a lot of things, and this can assist you to drive safely on the road. It is good for beginners.

They usually have to start their learning processes in a quiet area where there is little or no traffic. You will be trained on how to control the car before you are exposed to heavy traffic areas.

They are going to expose you to a lot of things including upcoming theory exams you will take. Also, they have links to that useful information that can assist you to become perfect.

You are going to be familiar with all the basics and everything you need to know to become a perfect driver. The teaching practice covers lots of areas such as moving offs as well as gear changing and stopping.

You can learn with manual and automatic cars. During the learning process, you would be exposed to the ideal traffic situation as well as parking and junction crossing.

Moreover, as you improve in the driving practice, the instructors will help you plan and build your awareness skills. This institution is based in Manchester and that is where the practicing lesson often takes place.

11. Apple Driving School

The last but not least driving school on the list is the Apple Driving School. The school has been in that business since the year 2010.

The founders of the school Karen and Heather were from training school when they met and decided to put this training school together. They had experience because they were driving in other training schools.

The school is great because it is committed to teaching the basics to its clients. If you want to take to drive for the rest of your life then you can consider this kind of school.

They are available in various parts of the country and they cover such areas as Bedminster, Avonmouth, Bus station as well as Bishopston and Blaise Hamlet.

Furthermore, they cover Brandon Hill, Clifton as well as Brentry Clifton Village. They cover many places and they are widely available.

Apple Driving is one of the fastest-growing and when you engage them you will have real value for your money. They are going to teach you a lot of things you need to become a professional driver.

Final Thoughts

These are the eleven leading driving schools in the UK that offer the best automatic car driving lessons. There are several others. You can pick from any of the schools. If you choose any of the schools, you will have real value for your money.


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