Top 10 Best High Schools in Port Elizabeth

There are a variety of high schools to choose from in Port Elizabeth, both public and private. However, not all high schools are worthwhile, offering a secure learning atmosphere and a well-rounded education to attain educational distinction. Therefore, it is crucial that you enroll your child in a prominent high school for their development. These colleges provide top-notch instruction at affordable tuition rates.

We have accepted the duty of writing this post and assisting you in locating the top high schools in Port Elizabeth. If you want to attend a reputable, reasonably priced high school, all you have to do is have a look at these institutions. Find them out by reading on!

Best High Schools in Port Elizabeth

Top 10 Best High Schools in Port Elizabeth

The top ten high schools in Port Elizabeth are listed below in detail, including both elite public and private high schools that are deserving of your attention.

1. Grey High School

One of Port Elizabeth’s greatest and biggest high schools, Grey High School serves students from 13 to 18 years old.

Grey High School, which is located at Mill Park in Port Elizabeth, was founded in 1856. The institution is renowned for its outstanding academic results and provides a stable and secure environment that fosters effective learning.

For students in grades 8 through 12, Grey High School offers residential facilities as a special learning environment. Given that Grey High School is a state-funded secondary school, its lodging accommodations are excellent for parents who are enthusiastic in boarders.

2. Pearson High School

Another of the top high schools in Port Elizabeth was established in 1926 and is called Pearson High School. Being an Afrikaans-medium institution, the school has a long history. As a result, the school is recognized as one of Port Elizabeth’s top high schools.

With a yearly tuition of R38,172, Pearson High School is also considered to be one of the most reasonably priced high schools. Many high school students consider the high school to be one of their top choices.

3. Victoria Park High School

The best public, co-educational day high schools in Port Elizabeth include this institution. 1940 saw the founding of Victoria Park High School. The institution is regarded as one of the top high schools in the city.

With a low annual tuition of R28,600, Victoria Park strives to be a top inexpensive high school.

Additionally, the school provides a huge selection of leisure activities. Participation is encouraged so that students can discover their own special talents and interests.

4. Alexander Road High School

Co-educational Alexander Road High School is a top-notch secondary institution of learning. Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, is home to the High School, which opened its doors in 1955.

Given that it accepts students in grades 8 through 12, Alexander Road High School is considered to be among Port Elizabeth’s top high schools. The high school has a growing student body and offers a good level of instruction.

5. The Hill College

Hill College works to continue its legacy of fostering a forward-thinking academic environment. The College is a prestigious autonomous, mixed gender secondary school that attracts many of pupils.

Additionally, the high school is dedicated to fostering an environment of learning that prepares students for life following graduation from college. While still having a very high matric pass rate.

6. Westview School

A special education school was needed in Port Elizabeth, so Westview was established. The School is one of only three institutions in the Eastern Cape dedicated to skill development, thus it is not just any old school.

As a vocational school for students with exceptional needs, Westview School was founded in Port Elizabeth in 1961. The high school works to give students with unique educational needs a secure atmosphere and training in occupational skills.

7. Collegiate Girls’ High School

Numerous young ladies call Collegiate Girls’ High School, a highly regarded girls’ high school in Port Elizabeth, home. The School aspires for greatness via holistic education, and as a result is renowned for its high-quality instruction. The high school is one of the country’s oldest girls-only high schools still in operation.

Without a doubt, many families choose to send their daughter to a collegiate high school.

8. Westering High School

Popular co-educational secondary school Westering High School is situated in Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth. 1970 saw the founding of the School. With nearly 1,100 enrolled students, it currently boasts a sizeable student body compared to its initial 178-person student population.

A variety of classes and extracurricular activities are available at Westering High School to help students get ready for life following graduation.

9. Elsen Academy

From kindergarten through grade 12, boys and girls can attend Elsen Academy, an independent school. The high school is a top-tier private coeducational institution in Port Elizabeth. It is in the heart of Port Elizabeth.

Elsen Academy works to deliver high-quality education that excels in all areas while taking a progressive approach to student development. It is considered to be among Port Elizabeth’s best ranked schools.

10. Woodridge College & Preparatory School

Woodridge College is a coed, private school that emphasises academic success via a modern philosophy.

The College is proud of its day and boarding schools, regular learning facilities, and a sizeable student body of more than 750 people.

One of the top private high schools in Port Elizabeth is Woodridge, which is acknowledged and rated by the local educational community. Its tuition is higher than the reasonable budget price structure because it is a private institution.


Before we conclude, there are a few things about Port Elizabeth you need to be aware of. Gqeberha became the official name of Port Elizabeth, which was formerly known as P.E. The city is the most populated and a significant seaport in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. It serves as the administrative center for the second-largest metropolitan district in South Africa. In South Africa, PE is the city with the sixth-highest population. The City serves as the Eastern Cape’s cultural, commercial, and financial hub.

There are several outstanding public and private secondary schools in Port Elizabeth. We made an effort to focus on the best ten of them in this article.

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