Top 10 Best Montessori Schools in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Here, you will find everything about Montessori schools in Melbourne and why parents should consider sending their youngsters there.

Did you know that Montessori education can fast-track the concentration and coordination of your child?


In a couple of minutes, you will get to find out the top 10 Montessori primary and high schools in Melbourne that are working with a different approach to giving better education to children and why these schools have been known for their academic prowess.

So, “what is Montessori education, and why should you opt for it when your child(ren) wants to begin an academic journey”?

Hopefully, this may be your first question, and we shall talk about it in a minute!

What is the Montessori method?

The Montessori method, in a nutshell, inculcates knowledge in children by positioning them in a well-prepared environment that stimulates their natural passion rather than by direct instructions.

In this particular environment, your children learn with specially designed materials, and in the process, improve their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being.

So, instead of formal teaching and memorizing, as seen in several other educational systems, children learn with what interests them the most, under the close watch of trained professionals.

That said, the invention of Montessori pedagogy aims to maximize children’s abilities and not use tests as a benchmark to grade the child.

At Montessori institutions, children, especially those under six years old, are believed to learn better by interacting with their environment (deliberately designed for that purpose) and gain a spontaneous psychological self-construction.

The Montessori schools in Melbourne include practices such as:

  • Mixed ages classrooms of different age groups
  • Children learn new things while working with given materials instead of the usual direct teaching and instructions.
  • Learning from trained educators who observes the characteristics, talents, and abilities of children.
  • It offers a uniquely planned environment where pupils work with various materials arranged according to their preferences.

As you read further on this article with the Montessori schools in Melbourne listed below, you shall see a better picture of Montessori education.

List of Top 10 Montessori Schools in Melbourne

1Melbourne Montessori SchoolCo-edPreK 12
2North- Eastern Montessori SchoolCo-edPreK 6
3Northwest Montessori PreschoolCo-ed3 6
4Hoppers Crossing Montessori CentreCo-edPreK 6
5Montessori Early Education CentreCo-ed2 12
6Kalker Montessori CentreCo-ed2 5
7Maroondah Montessori PreschoolCo-ed2 6
8Maria MontessoriCo-ed2 6
9Waverley Montessori Early Learning CentreCo-edPreK 6
10Amiga MontessoriCo-edPreK 6

Top 10 Best Montessori Schools in Melbourne

1. Melbourne Montessori School

AGESPreK Year 12
PHONE+61 3 9131 5200
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSCaulfield Campus: 6 Roselea Street Caulfield South, VIC 3162
Long Day Care Campus: 3-5 Grange Road Caulfield, VIC 3162
Brighton Campus: 741 Hawthorn Road Brighton East, VIC 3187

Melbourne Montessori runs a five-cycled teaching system. The first stage begins at ages 1-2 years when the child can identify objects.

At this point, the school pays close attention to the child’s creativity and does so till the end of their high school education.

How better can children become after 18 years of focusing on doing the things they love, after which students have the option to opt for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program and enhance their learning experience.

Students of The International Baccalaureate (IB) program at the school have reportedly come back to attest to how much they feel they truly fit in for their university education because the payoffs from the experience they have gotten from it have been massive.

The school has given the students a hands-on experience of how what they taught fits into the real world and makes students understand the relevance of every class taken in the traditional classroom system.

In addition, the school offers the Montessori Careers Program, where students train to increase their vocational skills, after which they can improve their portfolio by gaining the Victorian Certificate Of Applied Learning (VCAL) and Vocational and Educational Training (VET).

Melbourne Montessori School is a co-educational Montessori institution that caters to pupils from 18 months to Year 12.

2. North-Eastern Montessori School

AGESPreK Year 6
PHONE03 9438 3202
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS315 Aqueduct Road St Helena, VIC 3088

The uniqueness of every child ought to be of priority. North-Eastern Montessori School understands this and incorporates it into its academic system.

The school recognizes that certain concepts are necessary for every kind of learning.

Teachers do their best to observe and identify the passion of every student. And making sure that they pay thorough attention to their curiosity and encourage them to be the best they can become.

Developing Social Skills

The school community alone is enough to boost the social skills of the child. That is a fact in the case of the North-Eastern Montessori School.

Learners, usually, are taught the most important values that help generate social intelligence.

That is evident in how each child in the school finds it natural to interact with others around him with courtesy and respect for their personality.

Concentrated Learning

To achieve maximum learning outcomes, students spend three years with a teacher.

A teacher who can identify the interests of the pupils and has built a relationship with them will be in a better position to teach the students holistically.

Outside School Hours Care

For parents who require some care for their children before or after school hours, The Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Program is there to assist you while maintaining maximum care for your kids.

Enrollment And Scholarships

North-Eastern Montessori School runs a co-educational system and also offers scholarships to students.

Let’s also quickly point out that the scholarship criteria have no discriminating factors.

The scholarship is available for students facing challenging financial situations, including those who can not attend school due to historical difficulties.

3. Northwest Montessori Preschool

AGESYear 3 Year 6
PHONE+61 3 9350 7077
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSCoburg Campus: Cnr of O’Hea Str & Jersey Str, Coburg VIC 3058
Essendon Campus: Cnr of Mt Alexander Rd & Buckley Str, Essendon VIC 3040
Brunswick Campus: 55 Mitchell St Brunswick Vic 3056

Northwest Montessori Preschool is a co-educational institution with campuses in Coburg, Essendon, and Brunswick in Victoria.

The school, since its inception, aims to provide an incredible foundation to children’s lives by providing an authentic Montessori preschool program, one that respects that everyone learns differently and at their own pace.

The goal is achievable by offering non-competitive, multi-age classrooms, emphasizing social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Learning at the school is administered to fit every part of the child’s life.

Understanding Language

Children use sandpaper letters and with them can effortlessly link between symbols and sound. It also helps develop the ability of the child to express themselves and fast-track reading and writing skills.

Coding Classes

Imagine how good a programmer some children can be if they begin at an early age.

At Northwest Montessori School, children are taught computer programming using Montessori methods.

With self-correcting materials, each child will be exposed to the basic algorithms, debugging, queues, recursions, and many more.

All these combined give the children a good start and preparation for the technology-driven world they happen to find themselves in.

Concentration Skills

Being focus-minded is important for each child to stay inclined on a specific activity and increase conceptual thinking.

That is one reason why the school engages children in activities that increase their ability to think and concentrate and learn.

Culture, Zoology, Botany, Arts, And Music

Part of what the children will learn is to understand their culture, arts, music. Plus, the culture of other international regions with admiration and respect.

4. Hoppers Crossing Montessori Centre

AGESPreK Year 6
PHONE(03) 8742 2349
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS483 Sayers Road, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3029

Hoppers Crossing Montessori Centre, commonly abbreviated as HCMC, is a co-educational institution situated on Sayers Road, VIC, Australia.

The institution has an atmosphere that makes the child feel a sense of belonging. The vibrant school community creates passion in the child.

Thanks to professional educators whose dedication is apparent in nurturing the child and inculcating in them in-demand skills and qualities needed in the world today.

They achieve this by using the Early Years Learning Framework principle on the child.

That said, teachers and parents work collectively to observe and identify the interest of the child.

At least, that is the core part of sending the child to a Montessori school, in the first place, because having a pre-knowledge about the child’s interests and passion will help the teachers to figure out the Montessori methods to be used.

And that will, eventually, make learning both profitable as well as a fun-filled experience.

The school environment enhances learning and stimulates the interest of the child.

HCMC focuses primarily on four aspects of its program; sensorial, practical life, language, and mathematics.

The knowledge gained in these four areas is formative. It gives the child a sense of orderliness to demonstrate a higher level of concentration and development of respect for his community.

Enrolment is open every time of the year for young boys and girls.

5. Montessori Early Education Centre

AGESYear 2 Year 12
PHONE03 9841 0800
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS36A Mitcham Road Donvale VIC 3111

MEEC, an abbreviation for Montessori Early Education Center, is a Montessori school situated in Mitcham Road, VIC.

The school is one of only four preschools in Victoria formally classified as a Montessori Registered preschool.

If there is something you would hardly ignore about MEEC is the set of Montessori trained professionals that are all certified with a BSC or master’s in Education.

Another beautiful thing about MEEC is the presence of support educators who, also, are certified with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education or Diploma in Children Services, Certificate III in Education and Assistant Qualifications in Montessori Education, and a variety of other credentials.

Child Safety From Abuse

While MEEC strives to give the best education to children at their early ages, it does not tolerate any form of child abuse.

Everyone in the school community is dedicated to the safety and well-being of every child and ensures that your child is safe and feels safe.

What Is In It For Your Child

At MEEC, pupils have the freedom to move around and explore the materials in the classroom. These materials are suitable and designed for the growth of every child.

Educators are sensitive to the children’s needs. And their relationship is built on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation between educators, children, and their respective families.

This environment also provides opportunities for them to work in their way, at their own pace, and to make discoveries.

Each child is taught Aboriginal culture, religions, races, and other cultures.

Montessori Early Education Center is simply one of the leading Montessori schools in Melbourne, with a track record of academic excellence.

6. Kalker Montessori Centre

AGESYear 2 Year 5
PHONE(03) 9850 3500
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS1-3 Estelle St, Bulleen, VIC 3105

Kalker Montessori Centre is yet one of a few Montessori schools in Melbourne registered with the Montessori Australian Foundation quality assurance program.

The Learning Centre was established in 1977 and is known for exceeding national quality standards.

The school has risen to be one of the leading Montessori schools in Melbourne. It is one of the best for preschool education in Victoria.

All the teachers at Kalker possess relevant Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Diploma. Hence, the quality of teaching they offer is not in doubt.

Lessons offered are all relevant to the age, pace, and understanding of the child.

Why Kalker Montessori Center Uses AMI Teachers And Curriculum

Every child at Kalker needs to get exposed to the AMI curriculum almost early enough in their academic pursuits.

And, doing so will most certainly enhance the acquisition of oral language because the activities and experiences gained over time will help them learn and grow faster.

Also, understanding the rudiment of basic concepts of mathematics and the English language, which is key to the growth of every child, is crucial.

The AMI curriculum not only fast-tracks the process of your child becoming the best. However, it also provides the child with a learning concept that brings out the best in them while preparing them for a more challenging course in the future.

What makes Kalker Montessori Centre stands out to be one that every parent would so much admire is the fact that it has more interest in individual stimulus, guidance, and success than a crowdy approach.

That is why every child is given an individual approach to everything that goes on within the school.

Kalker Montessori Centre offers a Preschool Program, the early Learners’ Program, and Care Programs for young boys and girls.

7. Maroondah Montessori Preschool

AGESYear 2 Year 6
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS17D Everard Rd, Ringwood East, VIC 3135

Dr. Maria Montessori once said, “Growth is not just a harmonic increase in size but a transformation.” That is the goal Maroondah Montessori Preschool runs with, and that is its approach to preschool education.

Maroondah Montessori Preschool admits only 30 children who can easily benefit from a rich responsive environment where they enjoy all the deserved care and attention with its beautiful equipment.

The school employs AMI-trained and qualified staff that treats children from the standpoint of love in everything.

Maroondah Montessori nurtures every child to take responsibility and do things himself. The endpoint of teaching at the school is to make the child be an independent learner.

More than 28 families fundraise over $10,000-$12,000 for the school annually, keeping the fees low and making education affordable for as many families as possible.

After spending a couple of years at school, parents are usually happy with their youngsters who over time grew to be more confident, social, and realistic to themselves.

Every child’s progress is continually under check and scrutiny in this little community. The school is a beautiful universe of its own.

Sun Protection Policy

Ultraviolet radiation on the skin can cause damage to children and can cause cancer too.

The school continues to ensure that they protect children from rays in amounts that can cause them damage.

Maroondah Montessori Preschool is one of the best Montessori schools in Melbourne.

8. Maria Montessori

AGESYear 2 Year 6
PHONE(03) 9545 0764
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS751-755 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill VIC 3150

Learning is one thing. However, getting a child ready and committed to learning is, actually, another thing entirely.

Maria Montessori combines academic activities with play to make learning an exciting and spontaneous experience.

Through sensorial methods (seeing, touching, smelling, artwork, listening, tasting, and singing), the innate abilities and passion of the child are nurtured.

The staff at the school uses specially designed equipment to achieve this process.

Maria Montessori educators understand that every child does not learn at the same pace and treat the children with this understanding.

Whether the child is a slow or fast learner, it doesn’t matter. The school community treats every child with respect and makes every one of them better with TIME.

Despite offering a plethora of programs such as practical life, musical movement, creative arts, literacy skills, reading and writing skills is a top priority.

Pupils attain a high level of proficiency in these skills through stories, individual and group reading, plus self-expression through drawing and arts.

Children are often encouraged to take on a task that will develop their writing skills. However, these activities are usually carried out depending on the individual level of readiness.

9. Waverley Montessori Early Learning Centre

AGESPreK Year 6
PHONE0413 083 962
ADDRESS2 Einstein Avenue Mulgrave, VIC 3170

Waverley Montessori Early Learning Centre is a co-educational Montessori institution that aims to provide an education that stimulates creativity, imagination, and good character in every child.

Through its teachers with over 20 years of experience, learners get taught using tested and proven techniques.

The school believes that a child’s early learning experience ought to be positive and rewarding. For that reason, it provides a safe, stimulating, and supportive learning environment.

Waverley Montessori Early Learning Centre gives a holistic approach to preschool education using the proven Montessori pedagogy while providing a warm and friendly environment where children are encouraged to achieve the best they can.

As a preschool with several children possessing varying skills and learning styles, the school’s teachings focus is on that which suits the child as an individual.

For this reason, values like confidence and self-esteem; thinking processes; independence and responsibility; concentration and persistence in completing tasks; respect for people, nature, and resources; a natural curiosity about the world; initiative and self-motivation; a sense of order; and a love of learning are all instilled in a child.

10. Amiga Montessori

PHONE1300 024 697
EMAIL[email protected]

Amiga Montessori has established its preschool centers in over 16 locations in and around Melbourne and Adelaide. With a model for excellence in preschool education, Amiga Montessori will convince you with its state-of-the-art facilities.

As an affiliate of over four renowned partners, including Todquest Edtech 101, MyDNA, Bernacci Education Management, and Business Lighthouse, Amiga Montessori is well up to modern standards if your mind ticks about a better preschool environment.

Amiga’s curriculum—using the Montessori model—is structured to include teachings that benefit the child in every aspect.

And the class areas are designed with this understanding. The class subjects include Mathematics, sensorial, language area (for reading and writing), sciences, and culture.

Amiga Montessori offers a wide range of programs, including:

  • 1 to 3 Years Montessori program
  • 3 to 5 Years Montessori program
  • Kindergarten program
  • Sustainability program and,
  • Kids Yoga program.

Through the Child Care Subsidy Program from the government, Amiga Montessori, while maintaining a high standard for learning, still makes schooling affordable for children.

Summary Montessori Schools in Melbourne

Think about this; every child requires an environment that supports and enhances their creativity, especially beginning from the very basic levels of education.

Every parent wants their children in a safe environment where their rights are well respected and protected.

If you fall into that category of parents, then you probably would want to send your child to one of the best Montessori schools in Melbourne.

The schools listed here in this article are the best you can find in Victoria’s capital city.

And, as we mentioned earlier in this article, the Montessori method differs in its approach to teaching.

Note that some of the schools listed above offer scholarship plans and support systems that make them even more affordable. So, you do not have to spend a fortune on your child’s education.


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