10 Best Primary Schools In Pretoria, South Africa

The education system in South Africa is very diverse and many people, especially parents, are often unsure what the best schools are. This list will provide a definitive answer to this important question. So, you can rest assured that your child will be receiving the best possible education.

Most parents in Pretoria (and the rest of South Africa) do not have the time or the knowledge to research schools themselves. Our team of professional researchers has done a comprehensive study of primary schools in the Pretoria region, and has determined that these 10 schools should be considered when searching for a school for your child.

Best Primary Schools in Pretoria

Selection Criteria & Rankings:

  1. Schools were evaluated based on the following criteria: safety, quality of teachers, academic effectiveness, school facilities, and overall experience. Schools were ranked according to these criteria, where 10 was the highest rank possible.
  2. Academic rankings were determined by these criteria: math and literacy scores in government assessments, as well as national and international awards. The rankings were then compared with the school’s safety and teachers’ quality to determine the final ranking.
  3. To verify the rankings, researchers interviewed teachers and students in all of the schools on the list, as well as parents and school administrators.
  4. Schools were evaluated based on the following criteria: safety, quality of teachers, academic effectiveness, school facilities and overall experience. Schools were ranked according to these criteria, where 10 is the highest rank possible.
  5. Academic rankings were determined by these criteria: math and literacy scores in government assessments, as well as national and international awards. The rankings were then compared with the school’s safety and teachers’ quality to determine the final ranking.

Best Primary Schools In Pretoria, South Africa At a Glance:

  1. Brooklyn Primary School

This school is one of the most reputable schools in Pretoria. In the last five years the student population has increased to over 50 percent. The parental support that this school gets is unparalleled because of the school’s commitment to academic excellence, discipline and its sporting prowess.

The students of Brooklyn primary school are well prepared for the challenges of life, because they learn from the best. Brooklyn Primary school has been a part of the government’s comprehensive school system with full funding from the province.

The academic outcomes of the students are unparalleled in the province. The school has produced a significant number of stars from the province over the years. The most impressive aspect of Brooklyn primary school is that it maintains a consistent level of excellence on an annual basis.

  1. Hilton College

One of the special attribute of the school is that they have an exceptional sporting reputation. In fact, the school’s sport team is regarded as one of the bests in the whole of South Africa, because of the nature of their sporting achievements.

Most of the learners who attend this school are very academically brilliant. They have a history of producing some of the best learners who have gone on to be great men. The school is also in an excellent location, which is serene and peacefully quiet for the pupils to learn and study.

The school has an excellent caretaker in the shape of the Principal. The Principal is very helpful to the learners, he is available for all queries from the students. He is there to help and guide both his student body as well as parents if required to be assisted.

The school follows a boarding-only format and all learners are required to reside on the premises. Students live in dormitories linked to their classrooms. They are given lunch and dinner as well as breakfast. The facilities of the school are state-of-the-art with computer labs and training rooms being among them.

  1. Michael House

Micheal House was founded to cater for students with different backgrounds and abilities and to prepare them for the various challenges of life. It is a boys boarding school, which is situated in the Balogwan Valley, KwaZulu-Natal but the school caters for both day and boarding students.

The environment is serene and students are taught to respect others and life in all its glory in a homely and humble atmosphere. The school is well known for excellence in academic work and academics as well as sporting achievements are high. Michael House is a registered body with the Education department of Pretoria, South Africa.

  1. St Alban’s College

St Alban’s College is a private school based in Pretoria with provision for boarding facilities to cater for the majority of their students and was founded to cater for the growing demand in independent education. In 1963 the school opened its doors to a few boarders and has since grown to cater for several students.

Students have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities like rugby, cricket, basketball, swimming and even athletics. The school has achieved great success on the sporting field with many national awards under its belt.

Students are provided with the best facilities in Pretoria, with classrooms that are well equipped, and even have a computer lab to help them with their studies.

The school is affiliated with the Independent Examinations Board for all subjects, and also offers both English and Afrikaans as the medium of instruction.

  1. Saint Mary’s Diocesan Girls School

This school’s mission is to develop students with the competencies to achieve their personal best. The school also believes that all students should be disciplined, regardless of the course or diploma of choice, and ensure that they are able to cope with challenges in the future.The school is noted for its outstanding academic performance, sports achievements, and remarkable cultural programs. A visit to this school is of highly recommend to parents for them to decide whether it is a viable option for their daughters.

Most all-girls schools are known for their academic excellence, and this is the case for Saint Mary’s Diocesan Girls School. As a girls school, the students are taught on how to properly act feminine and to discern when they are becoming to masculine, a trait that is bound to influence their future.

The school was in its early days a boarding school and is currently a day school. The students are taught to be independent and are given the opportunity to take admissions tests prior to their admission into the institution.

  1. Tiger Valley College:

If you want a school that is committed to academic excellence and that is full of fun and activities, then take a look at Tiger Valley College (TVC). It was founded with the vision of providing quality education to all. It also aims to ensure that every child receives a high standard of education and that each child fulfils his/her potential.

Tiger Valley College is a co-educational school that uses English as a medium to teach, but it also has other teachers who use Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa.

The school offers a variety of sport fields, a swimming pool, first class computer facilities and an excellent library. In-school activities include debating and public speaking competitions.

  1. Hatfield Christian School:

This is a co-educational school that is driven to help students develop the right potentials and skills that they need to become a good citizen of this great country. It is a private institution that belongs to the Christian Community. Hatfield is constantly striving to make the school better and more efficient, so as to strive for excellence in the area of teaching and learning.

The school is run from a modern and fully equipped campus with the latest facilities. The school’s mission is to make students realize their full potential and this can only be achieved by bringing out the best in every student in an atmosphere of academic freedom and personal responsibility.

The school aims to imbue in their students the sense of the value and importance of the work that is being done and to motivate them towards excellence. The school offers activities that are designed to meet both the academic and extra-curricular needs of all its students.

  1. Redford House the Hills:

One of the special attribute of this school is that it helps students from different backgrounds and social status to realize their full potential.

The school has a very friendly teachers and strict but kind instructors, who believe in giving each student the best possible tools to succeed, as well as a sense of self-confidence they will need throughout their lives.

The school is located in a beautiful and serene area with trees that provide an abundance of fresh air, yet with its proximity to the city, it is able to maintain a quiet and secluded atmosphere.

  1. Motheong Private School

If you are looking for a school with experienced teachers, a school with a clear focus on quality education, a school which offers specialised education and training and a school which takes pride in the academic achievements of its students, then you should consider Motheong Private School.

Motheong Private School is situated in Atteridgeville Township and easily accessible. If you are looking for a place where you can learn, develop and show your best, then Motheong Private School is the place for your child.

The school offers activities to its students such as a talent show, sports and drama competitions.

  1. SA College Private School

This is one of the leading schools in Pretoria popularly known for its exceptional academic and sports achievements. The school has been a centre for excellence for many years and is a well-known institution for the intake and development of sporting talents.

Many famous personalities have been produced and are currently performing at the highest level of their respective career fields. The school is also renowned for its excellent pre-school and primary sections and has a music department that boasts of many groups and orchestras. They also offer weekend classes to all learners.

Recognized by the government, the school has modern buildings, beautifully landscaped gardens, an excellent library and a large auditorium with state of the art facilities.


With the list of 10 best schools in Pretoria provided above, you can easily choose one that will be a great choice for your children’s education. The above-mentioned schools are different in their operation and structure, so it will be easy to select one that suits your lifestyle and the needs of your child.

The schools have their own unique quality, but all have one thing in common – the opportunity to receive quality education at an affordable price.

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