Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Mississauga, Canada

As a parent, you must have thought of sending your youngsters to study in one of the best secondary schools in Mississauga before you grabbed that phone to search the internet.

Without any disparities, whether it was in one of the best private high schools in Mississauga, you thought of, or it was in one of the best Catholic high schools in Mississauga or any of the high schools in the city that is on your mind right now, we’ve got you covered.

By that we mean you are going to get the information you need about the schools, what is it they have got to be rated among the best, and how you can get enrolled, or get your wards enrolled in one of these schools, that is if you are a parent reading this.

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Apparently, a large pool of parents reading this are from the International communities and may have probably planned to migrate to the city at the river mouth with its countless thrills and ultimately get their wards enrolled into one of these schools.

If that little piece up there describes your intention, then you are on the right page!

About the city of Mississauga

Mississauga is one of the best places you can be in Canada. It is located at the river mouth of Lake Ontario. With a large population, the reasons being the vast commercial activities carried out in it from within and from its sister cities.

The city of Mississauga is home to many prestigious institutions. Therefore, the schools listed here have proven over time that their position as one of the best high schools in Mississauga is well worth it.

Taking a tour through any one of these schools will surely give you a glimpse of why they are rated so much, like the ones you are about to have an overview of, you would discover that each of these institutions is solely after the entire well-being of their students.

We want all young people to get the best education they possibly can. And we are taking the time out to compile a list of best-performing high schools in Mississauga. It will help you find a suitable school for your child.

List of the Top 10 Secondary Schools in Mississauga

1Mississauga Secondary AcademyCo-ed9-12
2St Jude’s AcademyCo-ed1-12
3Bronte CollegeCo-ed9-12
4John Fraser Secondary SchoolCo-ed9-12
5St Francis Xavier Secondary SchoolCo-ed9-12
6Iona Catholic SchoolsCo-ed9-12
7Mississauga Secondary SchoolCo-ed9-12
8Port Credit Secondary SchoolCo-ed9-12
9St Joseph Secondary SchoolCo-ed9-12
10Glenforest Secondary SchoolCo-ed9-12

Top 10 Best High Schools in Mississauga, Canada

1. Mississauga Secondary Academy

GRADES9 – 12
ADDRESS 33 City Centre Drive, Suite 240, Mississauga

Testimonials keep rolling in each time from students who have been part of this great community about what it means to them.

With deliberate intentions to make learning an easy process and to create all the support systems to achieve the same, the institution is known for its up-to-date facilities.

Mississauga Secondary Academy offers a wide range of programs; its students receive standard programs and courses, which prepare them academically and career-wise.

The students also have access to customized programs. These programs are intentional platforms aimed to cater to the many interests of numerous students to help them meet and pursue their goals and dreams in the area they enjoy most.

The school uses an up-to-date curriculum to provide its students with the requisite approach to every class and every subject.

Class sizes are small to suit the individual needs of all the students to create an atmosphere where everyone is carried along during classes.

More of what the students will enjoy is the e-learning programs in courses like ENG4U, which improves students’ communication skills, critical thinking skills, literacy, and HHSC4U; to bring an understanding in anthropology and psychology, and several others.

The school admits both males and females, beginning from Gade 9 to Grade 12.

2. St Jude’s Academy

GRADES1 – 12
TUITION FEE$9,565 – $13,995
PHONE+1 905-814-0202
ADDRESS2150 Torquay Mews, Mississauga, ON L5N 2M6

St Jude’s Academy is one of a few schools that does not focus only on academic performance at a general level but also on maximizing better individual outcomes.

The school was founded in 2006 by Aaron Sawasky as a private institution, and since then, it has not relented its effort to make itself outstanding among others.

Over the years, it has consistently been rated among the best university preparatory for high schools students.

The school uses modern teaching methods to maximize the output of every class that the students get engaged in, with more focus on individual understanding.

It also offers the International Baccalaureate program. It is one of the first to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary year’s program in Mississauga.

There is such a close-knit community of student-teacher relationships, where the teachers know all the students individually and hence can form a bond that will make learning easier.

Students and teachers are together appreciated when an effort is put into what they do; hence, there is always something to motivate everyone to do better.

The students will, sometimes, have to take the pressure off and have fun. The school’s state-of-the-art sports facilities are always in place to give them the pleasure they desire, and talents are discovered along the line.

St Jude’s Academy is co-educational and offers admission to students from junior kindergarten to year 12.

The Academy has a dedicated team of staff that provides excellent administration. And, for students from the International community, there are systems to ensure that they settle in with the best level of comfort they deserve.

3. Bronte College

GRADES9 – 12
TUITION FEE$18,600 – $21,000
PHONE+1 905-270-7788
ADDRESS88 Bronte College Court, Mississauga

Anyone who has value for quality education would choose Bronte college! That is because “it is up to standard.”

Bronte College offers day and boarding co-education, beginning in Grade 9 up until Grade 12. Learners can be sure to enjoy every moment in the institution.

We know pretty well why you are reading this. You are probably searching for the best secondary schools in Mississauga; well, here it is.

Bronte College is located in one of the picturesque areas of Mississauga, with lots of amazing sights to feed your eyes. The school is highly in demand from students from over 30 countries in the world.

As learning must come by example, its teachers are certified from several universities and programs of high reputation. And educators are continuously challenged to get more certifications every year.

Consequently, the hard work of the staff team reflects in the excellent results that the students always come out with.

The Bronte community is a co-education community that offers the International Baccalaureate program and the Advanced Placement program.

Instead of the usual memory-driven methods, the school offers an inquiry method to keep students on their toes at every process of learning.

It is one of the top six schools that has students successfully getting preference for admission to several universities in and around Mississauga.

The school facilities include the football pitch, fitness room, gymnasium, and the school library.

4. John Fraser Secondary School

GRADES9 – 12
ADDRESS2665 Erin Centre Blvd., Mississauga, L5M5H6

Located in Ontario, John Fraser secondary school provides a solution to the diverse academic needs of high school students at their different levels.

The school is a public high school founded in 1988 for Grade 9 to Grade 12 students. It is a 21s-century institution equipped with modern facilities that aid the students to be up to date with modern technology and see how to apply it to their daily lives.

John Fraser Secondary offers special education for students to get everyone learning. The special programs consist of cooperative and advanced placement programs, plus programs for students with vision and hearing impairment.

The school also caters to students who have an unusual fast learning pace and tend to require differentiated classes apart from those given in the regular classes.

Parents have received satisfaction in watching their children who have disabilities get an education in this school, including those with Fragile X, Fetal alcohol, Williams, and Prader Willi.

Students with autism/pervasive developmental disorder, are unusually slow to comprehend facts and several other behavioral challenges.

That said, every student makes the school community vibrant, comfortable, and loving.

There are various programs to explore at John Fraser Secondary School, and you would want your child to miss any of them.

5. St Francis Xavier Secondary School

GRADES9 – 12
PHONE905 507 6666
ADDRESS50 Bristol Road West Mississauga ON, L5R 3K3

Are you questing for Catholic high schools in Mississauga? Then you want to go for one that is the best among the rest.

Named after St Francis Xavier, the school opened its doors to pupils in September 1990.

It offers one of the best Catholic education in Mississauga, with an inclusive approach to everyone in the classroom.

The school offers the cooperative program option, which enables students to gain skills in their desired fields. The school achieves this by getting the services of industry professionals to give the students quality training while in high school.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program, is also essential for students who are ready to take the challenge and make out better impressions among their colleagues.

Learners also have the luxury of exploring all types of sports. These include table tennis, basketball, rugby, swimming, volleyball, and wrestling.

There is also a place for musically inclined students to make their best expression with music and musical instruments as they engage in music activities.

6. Iona Catholic Schools

GRADES9 – 12
PHONE905 823 0136
ADDRESS2170 South Sheridan Way Mississauga ON, L5J 2M4

Founded in 1993 as a Catholic school, the school has not stopped making waves with its students’ performance, which has set it at its zenith.

It runs a regional arts program for its students where students offer courses in music, dance, or drama. These programs aim to give place for the students to make the most of their potential while in high school.

As a well-deserved winner of trophies in swimming, baseball, and soccer competitions, Iona Catholic has created records in and around Toronto and Mississauga.

The school’s Christian community creates an environment for students to grow spiritually, academically, and otherwise. Therefore, giving the student a balance in the fundamental stages of life.

Iona Catholic School enrolls students beginning from Grade 9 to Grade 12 and admits both male and female students.

7. Mississauga Secondary School

GRADES9 – 12
ADDRESS550 Courtneypark Drive West, Mississauga, L5W1L9

The school takes pride in its acronym, PRIDE, which means productive, respectful, Intelligent, determined, and empathetic.

These are the values that the school community upholds. They strive towards making responsible youngsters. These are what the school prides itself on.

Basics courses are offered at the school, including cosmetology and manufacturing. The school strives to create a calm atmosphere for the learners, thereby equipping them for industrial relevance.

Learning goes beyond the four walls of a classroom, and Mississauga Secondary School makes this possible.

For students with a keen interest in visual arts, dance, drama, and music, the school provides an environment where learners can pursue their obsession fully.

With the aid of professionals in music and arts, students are trained in their favorite musical instruments.

No one is left out, as students with developmental disorders and autism are catered for using customized curriculums and treating every one of them with love and respect.

A larger population of the school community has learned the English language, and hence international students can learn a second language.
The school is co-educational and admits students from grade 9 to grade 12.

8. Port Credit Secondary School

GRADES9 – 12
ADDRESS70 Mineola Road E., Mississauga, L5G2E5

The school offers both day and boarding education in Mississauga. Located in Hurontario street, it was the first secondary school in Peel.

The school has gained its place because of the value it is known to add to its graduated students.

As a matter of emphasis, technology is not the way it has always been, and the school is poised to keep every student up to date with it.

The school offers a Sci-tech program where students explore a world of possibilities in science concepts. These include robotics and other software and hardware science skills.

These concepts are incorporated into the school curriculum, and teachers ensure that students are actively involved in the practical application of what they are taught in class.

Port Credit Secondary School has participated in various tech competitions including, those in robotics, and made impressive outcomes.

Some of the competitions include the skills Canada robotics competition and the first Canada robotics competition, to mention a few.

Males and females are welcome to the institution, and its curriculum provides for students from grade 9 to grade 12.

9. St Joseph Secondary School

GRADES9 – 12
PHONE905 812 1376
ADDRESS5555 Creditview Road Mississauga ON, L5V 2B9

Established in 1994, St Joseph Secondary School goes beyond the natural school curriculum and includes religious values.

In a Catholic secondary school, students are taught to assist each other and create a peaceful and loving environment for the school.

As one of the sports champions in the neighborhood, the school has earned itself many awards, like coming out as a winner at the 2005 Batam Volleyball competition, champions at the 2016 senior boys basketball competition.

You can explore several sports like soccer, hockey, volleyball, cricket, basketball, golf, swimming, cross country, to mention a few.

Students find and make new friends in the course of these sports activities while gaining their knowledge in high school.

Students from other religious and non-religious backgrounds are admitted so long as they shall respect the liturgical and Sacramental practices of the school.

The school also runs Grade 9 to Grade 12 curriculum and admits males and females.

The school has several clubs that run extracurricular activities in leadership and music. Every Christmas, the school organizes talent shows for students to get on stage and show what they have.

10. Glenforest Secondary School

GRADES9 – 12
ADDRESS3575 Fieldgate Drive, Mississauga, L4X2J6

One of the leading secondary schools in Mississauga is the Glenforest Secondary School.

With an enhanced approach to teaching, the school is among the schools that make provisions for the International Baccalaureate and Regional Enhanced Programs.

The school prides itself on its serial success, which reflects in the performance of its students.

Students who may have behavioral and health-related challenges many times opt for the special education programs provided by the school as this helps them enjoy better learning experiences.

The schools club activities include fashion movement, female empowerment club, chess club, the International Baccalaureate student league, among the many activities that keep students relating with people of like minds.

There are numerous sports activities like Badminton, cricket, soccer, and table tennis among others. The school also owns a gymnasium where they can exercise their muscles and keep fit.

Does your youngster like swimming? Then the Glenforest swimming pool is available for students with interests in swimming; to feel the flow and run the tide.

Consistently updating its curriculum, Glenforest curriculum is for students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 and for both genders.

Final Thoughts

Good to know you got this far! We are hopeful this article will help you make the right choice of school for your wards.

Would you mind if we ask which was your favorite among the list of best high schools in Mississauga?

In as much as learning is important, the pace and place where one learns from can make or mar the student at quite a significant level.

Like we said earlier in this article, Mississauga is one of the best places you can be, especially when it comes to making up your mind about good education.

These schools offer a community of caring, innovative, and loving staff teams, and these values are being transferred to every student using the best approach and technology to make the students get a classic and fun-filled academic time.

We do not want you to be under any pressure or make any mistakes when making decisions about your child’s education. Hence, the reason why we have made this post.

We hope you find it helpful.

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