List of NGOs and Charity Organizations in Qatar

Are you looking for a list of NGOs and charities in Qatar? Do you care to help the less privileged but don’t know the right channel to go? If yes, kindly read this piece to the end.

As the old cliché “all fingers are not equal” so is our comfortability and standard of living too. Millions of children, men, and women in Qatar and around the world are in despair as they are faced with an uncertain future.


Some of them have no shelter, no food, no clothes, no adequate education, no medication and there is little or no hope and guarantee for the protection of their dear lives.

Sadly, what can a man do about the uncertain future of the impoverished and the less privileged? Nothing.

Nevertheless, there are certain ways and means by which one can live an impact on the lives of these unprivileged fellows.

Throughout the past years, people have tried different ways and opportunities just to give back — even tokens — to humankind because giving and donating have proven to be the best means of bringing out the humane side of people.

And of course, the best and ideal way, however, remains through charitable donations. So if you are ready to impact life but don’t know how or where to start, then this article will show you the right way.

With that said, several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and charities in Qatar are ready and willing to do a very good job in reducing the poverty rate, tackling destitution, strengthening, protecting, and fighting for human rights across the globe.

While these non-profit charitable foundations are physically and financially fighting against all these odds, we will be writing also about the extent to which some of these charities in Qatar have gone in their sojourn to eradicate poverty; cloth the ragged, feed the hunger, help the sick and provide shelter for the homeless.

That said, your token will count and go a long way too.

There are many charities in Qatar. These include some well-known names, such as Qatar Charity, Eid Charity, Afif Charity, Education Above All, Qatar Red Crescent, Zakat Fund, and more.

Having said that, you can join the liberation train, and donate to the cause of righteousness.

Without mincing words, below are the list of charities in Qatar that are reliable and trustworthy. They are liberators and they make sure that everyone’s donation gets to the right and perfect persons.

List of Charities in Qatar

1. Qatar Charity

PHONE+974 4466 7711
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

Qatar Charity is, without doubt, one of the most recognized and registered charity organizations in Qatar. It is a Doha-based non-profit organization and it was officially launched in 1992.

The foundation was formed with the sole aim of serving the international solidarity chain as well as participating in curbing the most crucial development and humanitarian challenges that most vulnerable communities across the globe are facing.

This desire and willingness were inherited from the State of Qatari principles, society’s values, and cultural heritage.

While there are millions of children, men, and women in Qatar yarning for help, the Qatar Charity was introduced by people of better minds as the perfect solution to cater to them.

2. Education Above All Foundation

PHONE+974 4454 5868
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

The Education Above All (EAA) charity organization was founded by Sheikha Moza binti Nasser in 2012.

The foundation’s aims and objectives were to contribute immensely to the economic and social development of humans via the provision of sound and quality education.

Plus, to equip them to enjoy sustainable development and have a sense of the environment of peace, security, justice, and prosperity.

Equally, this foundation was also established with a primary focus on providing quality education and other welfare programs to the people that are impoverished, and internally displaced by conflict and disaster.

Thus, ever since the Education Above All charity organization has come into the limelight, hundreds of men, women, and children have benefited from its program.

3. Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs

PHONE+974 4466 3232
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

The Qatar Society for rehabilitation of people with special needs is an outstanding charity foundation in Qatar working in a bid to help and care for people with special disabilities in all spheres of life.

This Non-profit organization has objectives that are not only tied to motivating people with different kinds of disabilities but also fighting for their entitlements, and ensuring that they take the opportunities or positions available to them.

While caring and loving the people with special disabilities is, without doubt, part of the benevolence, common sense, and the principle that the society was built, providing an institutional system that respects this ideology is all that this organization is asking for.

Charities in Doha, Qatar

4. Eid Charity

EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

The Eid Charitable Foundation, Qatar is owned by the Sheikh and it is one of the many humanitarian organizations in the country that provides relief aid, health facilities, quality education, and food to the poor, those affected by famine, drought, and disasters.

The Eid Charity organization also contributes immensely to alleviating the financial struggle of many poor Qatari families via monthly salaries and annual aid.

What’s more, over the last 22 years, this charity organization has sponsored over 70,000 families and orphans built 1,120 schools for the less privileged and drilled over 22,000 well — among many other things — for several communities both locally and internationally.

5. Afif Charity

PHONE+974 4444 7717
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

The Al-Asmakh Charitable Foundation popularly known as Afif is also one of the Qatari humanitarian organizations that were established in 2012. Since its breakthrough, the Afif charity foundation has been rendering its charitable services with a unique vision.

While there are plethora numbers of non-profit organizations in Qatar doing humanitarian and charitable work; Afif’s foundation style is different.

The organization focuses on contributing its quota to poor societies by developing them and extending its helping hand to the destitute, needy, and oppressed, in the elementary pillars of life such as education, empowerment, and health.

Lastly, you must note that Afif Charitable Foundation is respectful of all the rules and laws governing charitable services in the independent State of Qatar.

NGOs in Qatar

6. Zakat Fund

PHONE+974 4470 1600
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

The Zakat Fund is an important department at the Qatar Ministry of Endowments. While this is not a private charitable organization or foundation, it’s owned and controlled by the government of the State of Water.

While Islamic Affairs keep on receiving the balance sheets of every private organization and company for the sole aim of calculating the religious-based charity (zakat) they owe, the hope of helping the poor with this money is still alive.

While the Zakat Fund is a compulsory levy on all companies, millions of dollars are being generated through this program.

The money is being used to render financial assistance and treatment assistance for the sick ones whose families can prove their entitlement to the medical expenses generated from the zakat funds.

7. Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation

PHONE+974 4498 1435
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

This charity foundation was formed in Qatar by people of good hearts in other to help and assist the less privileged immigrants.

This charitable organization, like others, focuses on contributing its quota to the internally and externally displaced people by clothing them, sheltering them, and providing empowerment for them where possible.

Al Faisal foundation is, however, mindful of all the rules and laws governing cross-border activities, immigrants, and charitable services in Qatar.

8. Qatar Red Crescent

PHONE+974 4402 7777
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

The Qatar Red Crescent is one of the leading charity foundations in Qatar. It was established in 1978 and maintains its position as the first volunteering charitable organization in Qatar.

The mission of the Red Crescent Society is to help people, the community, and empower vulnerable individuals without any form of partiality or sign of discrimination.

The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has a principal and interesting mandate of providing a huge range of help, relief, and community development services both within and outside Qatar.

That being said, it’s important to note that this charity foundation network with over 190 countries, and it has a long history with the State of Qatar in its humanitarian efforts.

Non-Governmental Organizations in Qatar

9. Qatar Cancer Society

PHONE+974 4484 7777
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

The Cancer Society was founded in 1997 and it was originally and purposely created to create awareness about cancer disease and to help people with cancer fight it together.

While this charity foundation has been in existence for years, it remains one of the leading non-profit organizations in Qatar.

More so, the Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) program envisions a better world, where both old and young people will be free from all forms of cancer diseases; free from pain, and free from suffering.

To be part of this humanitarian movement towards a cancer-free society, endeavor to visit the QCS official webpage to donate to the cause in cash and kind.

10. Jassim & Hamad bin Jassim Charitable Foundation

PHONE+974 4435 2928
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDoha, Qatar

The list of the best charity foundation in Qatar wouldn’t be completed without notably mentioned of the Jassim and Hamad Bin Jassim Charitable Organization.

Being a non-governmental development foundation, the organization is also operating within and outside Qatar, thereby feeding, providing shelter and hospitality to the needy, etc.

Locally, the Jassim and Hamad Jassim foundation is known for its benevolence, majorly, in the payment of the less privileged medical and educational expenses.

All in all, this foundation is on a mission to build 5 gigantic hospitals and health centers in 5 different countries around the world, notably India and Pakistan, all in its bid to provide free medical services to the populace.

Final Thoughts

The State of Qatar is one of the leading nations of the world that sees and treats the less privileged with a pure heart.

In fact, some of the charitable foundations in the country extend their helping hands to some African countries like Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt, and a host of many others by building houses, drilling Wells and boreholes, feeding and clothing the needy, etc.

Thus, it is important to note, at this juncture, that there are over one hundred charity organizations in Qatar that are keeping it real both nationally and internationally, but the above mentioned and listed are the best among the rest.


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