Top 10 Charities in Qatar

You might choose to support or help one of the several charities in Qatar. We have a comprehensive list of charities and worthy causes in Qatar if you’re wanting to donate to one. You’ll undoubtedly find a wonderful charity here, regardless of wether you wish to offer items, cash, or your attention by volunteering.

Please do feel free to contact any of these charities or causes using the contact information provided below if you would like them to be included here.

Charities in Qatar

Top Charities in Qatar

The following are the top ten charities available in Qatar.

1. Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity is among the country’s most reputable charitable organisations. Whether it’s for significant initiatives or little contributions, they are the top charity in the city. They enable everyone to give back. On their website, which includes a list of all the projects they support, you can opt to donate digitally. A coupon can be purchased at any of their donation desks, which can be found in malls and supermarkets. Even a few riyals might be placed in their donation boxes.

You can quickly donate for a Ramadan basket or morning meal if you’re looking for a Ramadan-related cause. This can be accomplished by making a fast gift through their website’s “Ramadan of Hope” campaign.

2. Qatar Red Crescent Society

Another one of Qatar’s most reliable donation streams is the Qatar Red Crescent Society. You can make a variety of payments through their website, including bank transfers and internet payments.

To make the contribution procedure simpler, they have worked with numerous distribution platforms. Applications like talabat, Carriage, and Snoonu were used to create this. You can complete your payment by simply typing the name of the Qatar Red Crescent into the platform’s search bar. In instance, Al Meera supermarkets sell coupons, which they also provide as an option.

3. Education Above All

You can pick from some of the projects that are a part of their Ramadan campaign if you’re eager to support an educational cause this Ramadan.

You could decide to contribute money toward Qatar’s “Together” programme, which helps pay for students’ educations. As part of their “Educate A Child” programme, you can also help children around the globe. One student’s primary education can be started for as little as 600 QR. You can find all of their campaign information online.

4. Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket is another location in Qatar where charitable giving can be done. This annually offers you a variety of Ramadan promotions that reinforce the giving attitude. They worked together with Qatar Charity this year to make giving as simple as shopping for groceries.

With a proportion allotted to more than 1,000 listed products, buying those things directly extracts a certain portion that is donated to charity. Additionally, you can ask the cashier for a barcode for a Qatar Charity or Education Above All so you can pay for the donation when you check out.

5. Dal Ala Alkheer

A application called Dal Ala Alkheer allows users to exchange various situations online. These examples are taken from the organization’s website, and as a compensation, they receive points. The program’s goal is to make it easier for people to donate to the cause without having to spend any cash.

The program’s name translates to “the one who tells about good.” The phrase was borrowed from a prophet Muhmmed quotation that reads, “God reward the one who teaches others about good the same reward being the one who did make it.”

6. Al Meera

Al Meera is one of the best places in Doha to give or volunteer. This is useful if you want to contribute food and give needy homes essentials for Ramadan. Al Meera has streamlined the process by assembling a “Ramadan Box”. At a cost of QR 99, the box includes oats, dates, tomato paste, flour, rice, and many other products.

The box is available for purchase at any Al Meera location or through online ordering.

7. Tayf Boxes

Tayf Boxes are one way to give or perform acts of charity in Doha. Do you have extra clothing that you might donate to those in need? Dropping them off at the Tayf boxes across the city makes doing your part very simple.

Your clean, packed garments should be placed in the box. You are not restricted to only clothing; you can also include toys, books, and other necessities. This will then be collected by Qatar Charity and given to communities that require them all around the world.

8. Donation Fridges

One method of charitable giving in Doha, Qatar, is through donation refrigerators.

On Muntazah Street, donation fridges have been installed. With this refrigerator, which is located outside in Al Hilal, doing your part will be simpler. The general public is welcome to donate food and drinks in this refrigerator. Anyone in need is welcome to pick up as they see fit.

9. Sheikh Eid Charity

This Ramadan, you may return the favor by providing a fasting person with food through the organisation’s focused program. Any sum can be given to the participating restaurant, which will subsequently serve the Iftar meals in accordance with the sum supplied. The pricing of a single meal begins at QR 12.

10. Shop And Aid

A program called Shop And Aid assists people in making donations for charitable causes in Qatar. This is accomplished by making a number of online purchases, with the proceeds going to Qatar Charity initiatives.


Charity and donations are things the universe can might not have enough of; considering all the necessities around nowadays.

It’s understandable that we occasionally become a little disoriented and unsure about who we can assist and how. This website has compiled a list of simple and respectable methods that you can raise money for charity in Qatar.

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