List of High Schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Having your children enrolled in one of the best high schools in Johannesburg is not only a way of positioning them to build a solid academic foundation.

It is, however, an opportunity for them to learn new skills that will better prepare them for the real world going forward.


Here in this article, you will find some of the top boarding, public, and private high schools in Johannesburg, many of which you will be able to decipher why they have made a name for themselves.

Have you ever wondered why some students make verticals in the IEB exams and the rest of the exams?

The reason is just so simple for just anyone to comprehend.

The truth is that it doesn’t always boil down to the students being more intelligent than the others; it is also because caregivers take the time to position their kids in the right environment to give them a good start.

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That said, this article will cover the best independent and government high schools in Johannesburg, which not only provide state-of-the-art infrastructures for educational purposes but facilities including hostel, sporting, etc., that create a comfortable atmosphere for your child throughout their time at the school.

To ease the stress of searching for top secondary schools in Johannesburg, we have taken an inventory of the feeder schools of the top universities in South Africa and included them in our list to give you a better list of schools to choose from for your child.

Many of the schools here in the list of high schools in Johannesburg will provide a good lift for your child, and it is a good place for every youngster to begin their academic journey.

Whether you have been looking to have your child learn coding, robotics, or make a leap in technology but do not know which school, exactly, will support that dream, this article will provide a list of schools that offer these subjects and more.

Also, you will find schools that offer world-class visual arts and performing arts that will better prepare your child for what the tertiary institutions hold.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of high schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng region, South Africa.

List of High Schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng

St John’s CollegeBoysR 61 834 p.t.
Roedean School (SA)GirlsR 56 169 p.t.
St Mary’s School, WaverleyGirlsR 51 600 p.t.
Parktown Boys’High SchoolBoysR 59 900 p.a.
Northcliff High SchoolCo-edR 46 700 p.t.
Jeppe High School for GirlsGirlsR 39 600 p.t.
St Andrew’s School for GirlsGirlsR 48 085 p.t.
Roosevelt High SchoolCo-edR 36 000 p.a.
Jeppe High School for BoysBoysR 55 800 p.a.
St Peter’s SchoolsCo-edR 46,683 p.t.
King Edward VII SchoolBoysR 61,300 p.a.
Greenside High SchoolCo-edR 41 950 p.a.
Parktown High School for GirlsGirlsR 51 650 p.a.

High Schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng

St John’s College

TUITION FEESR 61 834 per term
PHONE010 492 0300
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSSt David Road Houghton, 2198 Johannesburg

St John’s College is among the 730 schools in the Independent Schools Association Of Southern Africa (ISASA).

There are six stages to education at the College: The Bridge Nursery School (for children 3 to 5 years old), the pre-preparatory, the preparatory school, the college, and the sixth form.

The all-boys school is run between Grade 0, or pre-preparatory, to Grade 12, while co-education is from the Bridge nursery school level and the sixth form, therefore, enhancing the ease of concentration, resulting in excellent results that keep rolling in year after year.

Admission into the College is at the discretion of the heads of each of the schools.

Enrollment also depends on whether the caregiver of a prospective student properly follows the procedures.

Growth in all ramifications is the ultimate goal of the school; that is why students can gladly pursue their area of interest in either performing arts, music, or visual arts.

St John’s College is one of the best high schools in Johannesburg that spells out clearly that its name speaks for itself.

Roedean School (SA)

TUITION FEESR 56 169 per term
PHONE+27 11 647 3200
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSPrincess of Wales Terrace, Parktown, 2193

For over 118 years, Roedean schools have been a center where potential has been identified, harnessed, and nurtured.

Roedean Schools is a day and boarding girls school catering to young girls from Johannesburg and the Gauteng region.

Like other institutions where you find expertise in the delivery of academics, the school has made all the facilities required to facilitate positive learning outcomes available and at the reach of every student.

Boarding Facility

Staying in the boarding house provides a home away from home, and the school provides accommodation for its students.

The hostel contains spacious (single and double) rooms and matrons, also referred to as ‘surrogate mothers,’ a registered nurse that is always available, and school psychologists that are always on standby to take care of the emotional wellbeing of every girl.

Advance Programme Mathematics

The field of mathematics has always been male-dominated for a long time; however, that is drastically changing as the school encourages female students to embrace the subject.

That said, the Advance Programme Mathematics has been put in place to equip every girl to have the ability to handle all kinds of mathematical problems that they will encounter in their IEB exams and at the university level.

Computer-Aided Learning

With the way our society is developing and becoming more tech-driven, it is necessary, at least to a greater extent, to incorporate science and technology into the school curricula to improve how children learn and think.

St Mary’s School, Waverley

TUITION FEESR 51 600 per term
PHONE+27 11 531 1800
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS55 Athol Street, Waverley 2090

Not only is St Mary’s one of the oldest high schools in Johannesburg, but it also has a track record of producing a large number of well-meaning people in virtually every sector of society.

As an independent school, many of its graduating students achieve loads of academic milestones, plus outstanding results to crown their efforts.

St Mary’s generally boasts students that constantly possess myriads of distinctions.

As an Anglican girl’s school, the tenets of respect, discipline, and everything that upholds morality are taken as a priority.

The school community is an environment that promotes care and has a passion to make each student be of relevance to the community in every way.

That is why the school runs programs like the Ikusasa Lethu Program for high school students in and around Alexandria and the surrounding communities.

The school recruits teachers for the facilities and makes beverages and food available for the students.

With its influence, the school gives training in rhythmic gymnastics, first aid, arts, dance, and tennis classes to students from other neighboring schools.

St Mary’s School looks beyond its fences and always ensures that its teachers and teachers from other neighboring schools receive the requisite training to achieve the needed level of competence.

Parktown Boys’High School

TUITION FEESR 59 900 per annum
PHONE(011) 642 4531
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS20 Wellington Rd, Parktown, 2193

The one thing that makes Parktown Boys High School gain its reputation apart from its outstanding academic results is the development of students’ entrepreneurial skills.

Students of the all-boys school learn photography, public speaking, and performing arts and pay visits to museums often.

The boarding house incorporates sports facilities focused on producing reputable students in sports, academic and cultural activities, enhances supervised study sessions, and brings about positive socialization skills.

That is not all about the school, because if it was you would probably think the school does not deserve its place on this list.

Parktown Boys’ boasts many modern-day facilities and equipment, including a computer Centre, gym, and more.

At the Computer Centre, children get to meet professionals who keep them abreast of the developments in technology. And, whether or not that will be the student’s area of specialization, the child will soon begin to find its relevance in his chosen field.

Children need attention, and much of it; that is why the school has a trained guidance counselor to look out for the personal welfare of the students.

So at any point in time and when deemed necessary, the child is well cared for by professionals.

Lastly, the number of Sportsmen and Springboks that are products of Parktown Boys High School at the national level is enough proof that the school has made itself a name in water polo, hockey, tennis rugby, and many other sports that crosses your mind.

Just as its name, Parktown Boys is an all-boys secondary school and takes students through Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Northcliff High School

TUITION FEESR 46 700 per term
PHONE+27 (0) 11 476 1544
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSMountainview Drive, Blackheath Ext3, Johannesburg

If you are looking for one of those high schools in Johannesburg that have continuously maintained its status as a feeder of the universities, then look no further.

Northcliff High School has been doing that for the past decades and has been very successful due to the highly successful pass-out rate is Northcliff High.

Northcliff High is a co-educational school serving learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

The school is always on the leaderboard for its academic performance in cultural and sporting activities.

These various achievements can be attributed to the high standard of education for the teachers and students.

Northcliff high is a 22 consecutive times winner of the A-league and owns a hockey pitch and many other sports facilities.

Learners have the opportunity to begin their musical careers through the school’s music production team.

The music program sets a platform on which many children have overcome a lack of confidence and self-discovering their inner potential.

Northcliff High School offers a mixture of theoretical and practical approaches in engineering, graphics and design, computer applications, and the arts.

There is a time for academic work, and there is also a time in the school’s calendar when students go on adventure camps, leadership camps, and science tours.

These not only make learning exciting but also exposes the students to experience real-life applications of classroom teachings, create community and make the most memorable moments in high school.

Jeppe High School for Girls

PHONE011 616 5090/1
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS160 Roberts Avenue, Kensington, 2094

I won’t be wrong for referring to the sixth on our list as a university preparatory school.

Practically speaking, every girl who finishes this school has all it takes to walk straight into the university.

Jeppe High School for Girls can rightly boast a 100 percent successful Matric rate for 21 consecutive years.

In addition to that impressive numbers, all its students have the necessary preparation for higher education.

Since its inception, the school has, in its syllabus, various technical subjects, including research techniques; hence, equipping the girls with research skills, referencing, and computer skills.

Jeppe Girls has emerged among the top ten winners at the maths and science competition over the years.

In 2021 the school was awarded one of the best public high schools in Johannesburg, with 91% of its students making significant academic progress.

That said, honing the talents of every student of the school is of top priority.

Also, the school’s vast cultural activities enable the discovery, nurturing, and display of these gifts.

These students’ dreams are not left in the head as they are to be expressed through public speaking, first aid, music, chess, analytical skills, and drama.

Apart from academics, students also engage in sports like cross country, hockey, golf, football, orienteering, equestrian, and many more.

Jeppe High School for girls runs a day and boarding system from grade 8 to grade 12.

St Andrew’s School for Girls

TUITION FEESR 48 085 per term
PHONE27 (011) 453 9408
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSSenderwood, Bedfordview, 2145 Johannesburg

If what you want for your children is a challenging academic environment where the passion for the top is instilled in every girl and where the facilities and staff expertise can bring out the best in them, then St Andrew’s School For Girls would be your first option.

Here’s why; the school boasts a 100 percent pass-out rate for its matric students, and 100 percent of the students make clean results that make every girl eligible to continue their academic pursuit in a higher institution.

One of the biggest challenges young learners run into is getting over mathematics.

The school is aware of this obvious situation; therefore has provided an option for students to take the Advanced Program Mathematics, plus the Advanced Program English because these are the bedrock for every other subject.

Engaging in these programs allows children the freedom to relate on a deeper level with teachers and get their problems solved.

The school makes sure that every student is up to date with the trends in technology and gives practical sessions in coding, photography, and first aid.

As much as the academic activities of the girls are imperative, the school also rears their dreams in their other areas of interest like music, drawing, sports, and performing arts.

Students of music gain access to sit for professional external music exams from bodies like the Associated Board Of The Royal School Of Music (ABRSM), Trinity College Of Music London(TCL), and others.

St Andrew’s school for girls runs a day and boarding system from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Roosevelt High School

TUITION FEESR 36 000 per annum
PHONE011 782 4937
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS1 Thibault Street, Roosevelt Park, Johannesburg, 1295

You could not possibly mention the best high schools in Johannesburg without listing Roosevelt High School.

The culture of life-long education is what students are imparted within this academic environment.

Roosevelt High School employs the best teachers to educate its students.

To further impact a child and nurture them from the ground up, the school encourages the students to participate in the free extra classes and urges its educators to go to any length to make its students understand the teachings.

Like most of the high schools in Johannesburg, we have listed thus far in this article, Roosevelt High has a reputation for a 100 percent pass-out rate, and 96 percent of its students make their way to any university in and outside the country.

Every student who is an upshoot of Roosevelt high does not have foundational academic issues with the digital evolution after taking courses like engineering graphics and design, computer applications technology, life sciences, and more.

Roosevelt high makes sure every student grows in the body and the mind with the help of the various sporting activities.

The school boasts several sports facilities, including hockey, cricket, rugby, etc.

There’s no moment of boredom at Roosevelt high because the cultural enrichment tours to Asia, Europe, and many other educative adventures bring the students both pleasure and mental profit.

Roosevelt High School runs a co-educational system and serves learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Jeppe High School for Boys

TUITION FEESR 55 800 per annum
PHONE011 614 1938
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSGood Hope Street, Kensington, Johannesburg

Jeppe Boys is one of the best high schools, not only in Johannesburg but in South Africa.

The school has—for the past years—grown to become a leading boys’ school in the area. And, today boasts a student body of more than 1,000 learners on the register.

Every Jeppe Boys have the privilege of sitting for the Gauteng Department of Education preliminarily examinations and the Department of Education, South Africa final examination through the FET (Further Education Training) board.

Civil engineering, economic and management sciences, information technology, Advance Programme Mathematics, and many other advanced subjects will prepare the child for what awaits them in the universities.

Besides that, the school offers many activities, including sports, arts, and cultural events.

Being part of a school that has produced many world-class sportsmen and women indicates Jeppe Boys’ long-term investments in sports such as Hockey, basketball, soccer, mountain biking, and more.

Its extramural classes are enriching moments to develop the students in performing arts, first aid, robotics, photography, and a lot more which you should see for yourself.

As a secondary school, Jeppe High caters only to Boys starting from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

St Peter’s Schools

TUITION FEESR 46,683 per term
PHONE+27 (0)11 807 5315
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSCollege Lane, Sunninghill, Sandton, Johannesburg,

St Peter’s College is a private, boarding co-educational, and Anglican Diocesan family of schools known to uphold the culture of distinction while building students of character and high moral standings in society.

The best outcomes many times lie for those that prepare for it. At St Peter’s College, students prepare for the technological demands of the age through coding classes, basic robotics, and classes in computer applications.

St Peter’s College has provided and is still providing online classes for its students. That is why the pandemic that struck in 2020 couldn’t affect the matric students, as they proved to have even more outstanding success than their counterparts.

As a school popularly known for its feat in sports and wellness, you will always have that there are state-of-the-art facilities with a large expanse enough to give every student a pleasurable moment.

Students who find themselves immersed in visual arts, music, and dramatic arts attest to the encouraging atmosphere of the school community.

Educators at the school have the motivation and zealousness to nurture and develop the student for what is needed to make them have a successful career in any area of their interest.

King Edward VII School

TUITION FEESR 61,300 per annum
PHONE+27 (0)11 551 5800
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS44 St Patrick Road Houghton 2198 Johannesburg

King Edward VII School is one of the leading all-boys public high schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng region South Africa running from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Since its inception in the early 90s, the school has prioritized its mission to include building character, competence, and creativity in every boy. Think of the school that has produced people like William Kentridge, Sir Donald Gordon, and Gary Player.

King Edward VII School offers the general pathway to obtain a National Senior Certificate (NSC).

Making vertical 7, 8, and 9 distinctions in the matric classes in King Edward VII is a frequent yearly result.

Even though good results aren’t easy to come by, they don’t come by chance either. The school employs the most competent hands who take every student as an individual.

Taking inventory of its class of 2021, the school recorded 268 distinctions from 218 students and 97.69% tertiary ready students.

Virtually every student can research because the library and the school’s computer laboratory are ever available for every student, and the teachers are always available to assist them when the need arises.

King Edward VII School facilities include a mathematics center, swimming pool, a modern gym, and boarding house.

For kids who enjoy expressing themselves in print, the school’s dramatic society is the place for him because students write and perform plays of a high standard at King Edward VII school.

King Edward VII has an exceptional record of producing the most successful cricketers in all of South Africa, more than any other school.

Greenside High School

TUITION FEESR 41 950 per annum
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSGeers Avenue, Greenside, Johannesburg, 2193

Greenside High School deserves its awards and the respect it gets from society. In 2007, the school emerged as the best public high school in Gauteng and, in recent times, has not ceased to upgrade its facilities and provide even better delivery to its students.

The school in 2017 was the only public school representing South Africa at the WRO robotics tournament in Costa Rica.

Greenside High School is the hub of scientific development. And if you have intentions to make your child have a positive foundational standing in the world of science which we know you do, making your child part of this community is the best decision you can make.

The school offers a wide range of computer-related subjects in engineering graphics and design (EGD), electrical technology, computer applications, visual arts, and many other entrepreneurial courses.

The school has raised many entrepreneurs since its inception and remains one of the best public high schools in South Africa.

Parktown High School for Girls

TUITION FEESR 51 650 per annum
PHONE011 593-5900
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSTyrone Ave, Parkview Johannesburg

Last but never least on the list of the top 13 best high schools in Johannesburg is Parktown High School for Girls. The school has produced disciplined and renowned women all over South Africa.

Parktown High School for Girls can boast of 437 distinctions in 191 matric students from its class of 2021.

The school is one of the top feeder schools for the University of Witwatersrand. And that is because the school has gained the feat to compete with the leading high schools in Johannesburg.

Parktown aims to build students’ competence in mathematics, science, and analytical skills. Therefore, it takes the girls in Advanced Program Mathematics, engineering graphics and design, information technology, and many others.

Parktown High School for Girls boasts standard facilities for tennis, rugby, soccer, and other sports.

There are three standby psychologists to support girls with academic or psychological challenges.

Final Thoughts

The thought of having a shaky academic foundation for your child can be so frightening.

Every child deserves the best education they can get – that is one wishful thinking by parents to their kids.

After reading through this article to the very end, we hope you must have chosen one of the best high schools in Johannesburg to enroll your child.

That said, whether you want to send your child to a co-educational school or a mixed-gender school that can create focused learning for the child, you can choose from the list above.

These schools have some of the best pass-out rates within Johannesburg and the Gauteng region.

These schools have also proven over time that they have achieved world-class standards both in their facility, technology, arts, and the business sector, many of which have produced most of the notable men you see in society.

Like it is said, the best gift you can give your child is an education, and in this case, a good one is what you need to choose.


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