List of High Schools in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa

There are many high schools in Krugersdorp serving different purposes and ultimately working towards one goal – bringing children to a place of academic excellence.

And for some parents out there, it is even more stressful to locate a high school that will serve students with special needs, especially, if the child requires extra attention.


In this article, we shall also be exploring the special needs high schools in Krugersdorp so that you have no hard feelings about having a child with disabilities, such as hearing and sight impediments or other behavioral challenges.

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In some of the schools here, you will also find that many parents have little to nothing, at all, to worry even if they do not have the financial strength to send their students to their school of choice.

The reason is that there are high schools in Krugersdorp sponsored by the education boards that have as many facilities, professional hands, and food for children as they would have if they spend a fortune on education.

Just in case you are already making plans for your children to have a tertiary education outside the country, our only advice is that you do not have to prepare them in a place too far away from home.

Here in this article, we will provide you with all the information needed to find a perfect school for your child. Additionally, we will list some of the best day and boarding high schools in Krugersdorp offering programs that will enable the child to study in any world-class university anywhere in the world.

Getting the child equipped with 21st-century skills is as crucial as the air we breathe, but finding a perfect school to send your child to is way more important.

Keep in mind that your youngsters need a proper academic foundation so as to gain the skills that will make them better entrepreneurs and become better people in society.

To help non-English speaking students, we have also included some top high schools in Krugersdorp that use Afrikaans as the language of instruction and still maintain high standards of teaching and learning.

List of High Schools in Krugersdorp, Gauteng

Alma Mater International School0-12
Krugersdorp High School8-12
Pro-Practicum School0-12
Monument High School8-12
Bastion High School8-12
Ahmed Timol Secondary School0-12
St Ursula’s School8-12
Mandisa Shiceka High School8-12
West Rand School0-12
Noordheuwel High School8-12

High Schools in Krugersdorp, Gauteng

Alma Mater International School (AMIS)

SCHOOL FEER35 400 R94 800 per annum
PHONE+27 11 660 7567
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS1 Coronation Street, Krugersdorp

Alma Mater International School is a Cambridge day and boarding co-educational school driven by the passion to use its facilities to provide students with that formula that makes for flawless academic success both at the secondary and tertiary levels.

The Cambridge Pathway And Why Your Child Need It

The school offers the Cambridge programs beginning at the Cambridge primary, Cambridge lower secondary way up to the Cambridge IGCSE, the Cambridge International AS, and A level exams.

Taking the various Cambridge programs keeps the child on a higher pedestal for preference when it comes to getting admission into any of the world’s top higher institutions.

And that is because the child is already part of students from over 160 countries around the world who have taken the Cambridge program and can access schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford University.

Alma Mater affiliates with Shibaura Institute Of Technology in Tokyo and often takes its students there on internships for scientific research in several fields of science, including control engineering, bioscience, mathematical sciences, architectural engineering, etc.

The benefits of these are immense. It practically put the students on their toes to learn sciences on a deeper level and do so at a very early stage.

Boarding System And School Facilities

The school boarding system provides every student with comfort. And with the school’s facilities available, the student finds it easier to explore a variety of things from sports, performing arts, visual arts, and even take tours for competitions like the olympiad and many others.

Krugersdorp High School

PHONE+27 11 954 1009
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSPlot 59 11th St, Randfontein, 1759

Krugersdorp High School, commonly abbreviated as KHS, is a high school that boasts of consistency in producing the best of students year on year. With a strategic curriculum and class sizes that continue to miniaturize as the student goes higher to ensure that each person gets a detailed understanding of every class.

Its students have been listed severally as best performers in Gauteng in recent years.

Krugersdorp is arguably the best place for early university preparatory as students pick from subject areas that they will study at the university.

In addition, the school ensures that each child is in touch with the most recent developments in their field and with the school’s facilities. Every student must participate in practicals areas of their course.

So, irrespective of the learner’s field of study, professional educators are always ready to help them achieve their full potential.

International Tours And Competitions

KHS is a trophy-winning community as it has been recognized as one of the top schools in Gauteng, participating in competitions like FDDCSMA, and its students acing their game and get the opportunity to travel to Poland plus other countries for tours.

Pass-out Rate

Over the years, KHS has not graduated any less than 95% of students whose results prove they are university-ready.

The aim of every parent remains to see the child successful, and in this regard, KHS has given its past students flawless matriculation results.

Pro-Practicum School

PHONE+27 11 953 1998
ADDRESS1739 Krugersdorp

Do you have a child who may require special attention or who does not adapt to the traditional whiteboard environment, maybe due to health challenges, disabilities, or learning challenges?

If your answer is YES, there is absolutely nothing to be emotional about.

Having a child enrolled at Pro-Practicum School will be a noble decision as it will bring out the passion in the child that they have always wanted to express.

As the name implies, Pro-Practicum School is the perfect representation of the power of applied knowledge and how it can make a youngster more independent, drawing this confidence from the skills possessed in a school like Pro-Practicum.

Pro-Practicum School gives the child mixture of vocational, theoretical, scientific, and artistic skills. No student does not grasp a skill or two from this training at the end of these programs.

Ultimately, the child may be skillful in catering, building, home nursing, motor mechanics, hairdressing, welding, woodwork, computer literacy, and technology or spray painting technology.

Pro-Practicum, a co-educational high school in Krugersdorp, is popularly known as a special needs school, and it is practical about what it represents.

The school also hosts annual festivals where its students show off their musical skills from training in the school clubs over the years, including rap battles, Gumboots, speech choir, and the school band.

Monument High School

SCHOOL FEER33 000 per annum
PHONE+27 11 953 1165
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSKrugersdorp, 1740

Monument High School has been on the scene for more than 100 years and has made a name from its continuous success in delivering world-class education.

As a school with top performance in various subjects, including Physical Sciences in all of Gauteng West, and its 99.63% excellence in final exams with 88% of its students achieving results above the entry requirements for admission into any university, it deserves the accolades and recognition it is getting.

The School Facilities

Monument High School is a co-educational day school with boarding facilities catering to nearly a thousand learners. Its boarding facilities include comfortable apartments that create the habitat for focused study and engagement in cultural activities like its swimming facility, the hockey pitch, tennis courts, and more.

In addition, a lot of its facilities usually host national competitions.

International Music Bodies And The School

The school’s music center goes beyond normal classroom subjects as the students have the privilege of sitting on professional music exams like the Associated Board Of Royal Schools Of Music (ABRSM).

The National Youth Symphony Orchestra and the school’s affiliation with Johannesburg Orchestra Company are just some of the platforms that the child will use to continue to build a professional grounding.

Monument High School is known to have teachers who are professionals in their fields and have made significant success in their respective paths while treating every student individually, watching out for their challenges, and giving an ear to their young hearts.

Bastion High School

PHONE+27 11 568 7500
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSTrezonalaan, Mindalore, 1739, Krugersdorp

Bastion High School, the only Comprehensive pure Afrikaans high school on the West Rand, is sincerely proud of its excellent achievements at all levels since it started on 22 April 1981.

The school started on 22 April 1981 as Mindalore High School with 13 teachers and 207 learners in grades 8 and 9. The school’s name changed to Bastion High School due to the street names in the area.

A bastion is a castle, a fortress, a fort, a reminder of the castle built after the genocide to protect against dangers. From the castle, where the precious things were first secured, the plantation moved out, into the interior.

The school wishes that its environment would be a stronghold for every learner for his identity, culture, and knowledge.

At the school, each child’s future is progressively built forward, while the learner’s will is cultivated to have a share in building his / her future hence the inspiring motto: Bastion Build!

As the motto “Bastion Bou” was established, the school sincerely believe that they as an Afrikaans school, which is focused on the education and teaching of learners according to biblical values, Gal 5: 22-23 and supported by an excellent disciplinary system, discipline all learners in such a way that the focus can be on academia, within a safe environment.

At the beginning of 2021, the school purchased a full CCTV network with cameras in each class and more than 20 cameras on-site, to monitor all activities.

As a “Comprehensive” school, this implies that Bastion is not only a purely academic school, like the surrounding high schools, but is the only Afrikaans high school on the West Rand, which offers learners 4 different fields of study in Afrikaans with 26 subjects per grade ( Gr 10 to 12), from which learners can make choices for the future.

Bastion High School’s fields of study and subjects are determined together with the term of the Governing Body in order to ensure that they adapt to the needs of learners for the future.

The school currently offers the following fields of study from which learners can choose:

  • Academic
  • Technical
  • Arts

Hospitality Studies and Tourism

Bastion High School is sincerely proud of its Matric results in recent years where they achieved a 98.2% pass rate year on year, which speaks of successes due to dedicated education and management.

Furthermore, Bastion High School is the only Afrikaans high school in the country, which is supported by the Department of Education as a FULL “ITC” school, which implies the following:

  • Each learner receives a free “Tablet” from the state to obtain online tuition;
  • Each tablet receives free internet (once activated by the Department) to work from home for free as well. For your reference, the Governing Body has decided to include “Cloud School” once the tablets have been activated;
  • All classes are equipped with a new generation of “interactive” whiteboards in each class (10 are already in classes); and
  • Teachers receive laptops with lessons that include the syllabus.

Secondary Schools in Krugersdorp


SCHOOL FEER52 460 per annum
PHONE+27 11 955 5326
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS17 Clew Str, Monument 1739 Krugersdorp

Unihigh has been rated among the best high schools in Krugersdorp for some time now. It is a go-to pre-tertiary institution for students who desire to excel academically and otherwise.

Unihigh uses the open door philosophy where each child is given enough attention individually and made to discover their true potential. This allows the child to be well-groomed and nurtured.

As the saying goes: information is power, so it is, especially for students who set out on a mission for academic success.

Children who uncover academic-related information, at an early stage, in life tend to blossom and perform exceedingly.

That is why Unihigh has established a well-equipped research center for children. With all the books, materials, and the advantage of the internet research facility, each child will have no difficulty sorting for the information required to realize their academic dreams.

Unihigh is equipped with air-conditioned classrooms and facilities to conduct experiments in the respective science subjects.

The school also performs practical activities in visual arts while ensuring every student using its philosophy has a personal understanding of what is being taught in and outside the classroom.

Unihigh is among the few high schools in Krugersdorp where student from any school who needs an upgrade in one or a few subjects in the grade 12 exams can apply and sit for only those subjects.

As of this writing, Unihigh boasts a 100 percent pass-out rate for its grade 12 students. Currently, the school serves both males and females students.

Ahmed Timol Secondary School

PHONE+27 11 413 1323
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSAzaadville , Krugersdorp ,1754

Ahmed Timol is a public school that offers Grade 8 to Grade 12. The school currently has an enrollment of approximately 1,000 learners representing a wide variety of cultural and language groups.

Ahmed Timol Secondary School is a co-educational pre-tertiary institution, accepting both boys and girls, and aims to create a caring and purposeful environment to provide every student the opportunity needed to succeed in the 21st-century.

Founded in 1925 as Azaadville Secondary School and later renamed Ahmed Timol in 1999 by the then president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

The school has, since its inception, strive for excellence, especially in academics.

Today, Ahmed Timol Secondary School boasts over a 90 percent pass rate while continuing in its efforts to develop and nurture each student while providing them the support they all need to become successful.

St Ursula’s School

PHONE+27 11 953 1078
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSPremier Str, Krugersdorp North

Boasting a 100 percent pass rate and numerous successes, St Ursula’s has inculcated in its students a lot of entrepreneurial skills over their time at the school.

St Ursula’s school is where failure is never accepted, especially in the pass-out examinations. Students must give their best.

St Ursula’s school uses an all-encompassing curriculum. It cuts across from pupils just knowing the basics to present them with practical classes in various fields that can bring them hands-on experience in their passion.

Students gain the requisite skills in courses like computer applications, engineering graphics, design, and visual arts.

The school community at St Ursula’s is such a vibrant one. Every child receives special attention from the teachers in a way that fosters positive learning outcomes.

The school’s atmosphere feels secure enough for learners to ask questions and do their personal or group research using state-of-the-art facilities.

Affordable Krugersdorp High Schools

Mandisa Shiceka High School

SCHOOL FEER40 000 per annum
PHONE+27 11 410 6319
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSKagiso, 1754, Krugersdorp

It is an uphill climb for some parents to raise their kids in the kind of school their heart envisions. First for financial reasons and maybe for the number of pupils they may have to handle.

The primary mission of Mandisa Shiceka High School is to assist students who have financial or health challenges that do not give them the leverage like their peers to have an education or even access the best facilities.

The School Feeding Programme

The school is a community of love, and one of the ways it communicates this is to provide healthy meals for the students through its food program.

One may likely think that a school like Mandisa Shiceka will have little to no facilities due to its thin history. However, the exact reverse is the case because the school has laboratories, computer labs, a media center, and other sports facilities that make the students share the experiences their counterparts in the private institutions have.

Mandisa Shiceka High School is a public, coeducational secondary school under the Gauteng Department of Education.

10. West Rand School

SCHOOL FEER 680 per month x 11 months
PHONE+27 11 668 8200
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSWentworth Park, Krugersdorp

West Rand School, established in 1968, is one of a few high schools in Krugersdorp serving the interest of children who require special needs and care.

The school was founded in the late 60s to provide indiscriminate education for learners with any form of disability.

West Rand School has a non-selective policy on its enrollment of students. Thanks to its multi-cultured and multi-racial environment, providing quality education to learners with different special needs.

The school staff members consist of psychologists, educators, and Occupational and Speech physiotherapists.

West Rand is not, in any way, near the status of being the oldest school in the Town. However, it has a proud and rich history of academic excellence over the past years.

As a school dedicated to learners with disabilities, It strives to ensure that students receive the best education possible. Both therapists and teachers work collectively to assist the learners.

In addition to ensuring that student has a solid academic foundation, from the ground up, the school not only focuses on academic progress; it also aims to meet the social, sporting, and cultural needs of the child.

Afrikaans High Schools in Krugersdorp

Noordheuwel High School

PHONE+27 11 954 1032
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSNoordheuwel, 1739 Krugersdorp

Last and not least of the top high schools in Krugersdorp is Nories. The school, since its inception, maintains a healthy balance between academia, sport, and culture.

For the past few years, Nories has been serving the school with pride with the community and achievements are being achieved year after year, far beyond the school’s geographical boundaries.

The achievements of learners in the academic, cultural, and sporting fields, as well as the after-school achievements by alumni, testify to the excellence that characterizes the school and the quality of work delivered.

This success is attributed to excellent teamwork between learners, and staff as well as supportive parent corps.

This excellent school was also named one of the top ten schools in Gauteng after the announcement of the last year’s matric results.

99 percent of Matrics achieve exemption to tertiary institutions, 5 learners with an average above 90 percent, and another 36 with an average above 80%.

One learner has 10 distinctions, one learner has 9 distinctions. Seven learners have 8 distinctions, six learners have 7 distinctions, eight learners have 6 distinctions, twelve learners have 5 distinctions and fourteen learners have achieved 4 distinctions.

Nories ‘staff believes that academia is the learners’ top priority and that is why they work hard and focus on purposeful education in the classrooms.

Every learner is important to Nories and therefore they all must develop their full potential. The academic seriousness is emphasized by the “Nories at Work” facility where learners can do homework, and assignments.

There are internet facilities available as well as a staff member who is happy to help.

Nories sportsmen and women excel in various fields and the school likes to give recognition to outstanding players, especially if it encourages learners to always try harder.

Nories have the opportunity to participate in: rugby, hockey, athletics, netball, rugby, tennis, scuba diving, race leaders, golf, cross country, cycling, squash as well as chess.

The school boasts modern facilities such as a gym, Astro hockey field, and tartan athletics track and is privileged to have provincial and national achievers in its midst. Nories have been winning the PUK series for the past few years.

Nories also offers a wide range of cultural activities, in which learners can live out their lives and develop their talents. The Acapella singing group has already walked away with the laurels at the ATKV regional competition.

Furthermore, the speaking choir made a clean sweep and was wide-chested with many awards at the NEA Young Performers’ performance awards night. The school choir actively participates in festivals and competitions and has also been named ATKV’s national winners in the mixed choir section.

Nories, in collaboration with Aardklop, presented the Pronk Podium Theater Festival for the Top High Schools in Krugersdorp, Gauteng.

Debate, speakers, writing competitions, drama, and talent festivals are other activities where learners can live out their own.

The social calendar at Noordheuwel is packed and many events are arranged on a formal as well as the informal level to suit every Norie’s taste.

Social development is also considered a very important component of the learners’ development and therefore various opportunities and functions are arranged to meet this need in teenagers.

Final Thoughts

Having gone through this article to the very end, you would have realized that there are top high schools in Krugersdorp that can meet every academic need of your child.

Whether your child is disabled in one way or another, or you need a progressive school that will nurture and develop the youngsters to achieve excellent grades in the final exams, you must have found one or more.

For children who have sat for the grade 12 exams and probably happened to have issues in one or more subjects, it may interest you that some schools up on the list have an outright solution.

The list also included some boarding high schools in Krugersdorp that boast standard facilities for learners from Grade 8 through Grade 12 to access well-equipped facilities and provide learners a focused environment to maximize their potential in high school.


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