List of American Schools in Singapore and Fees

There is, currently, a total of five American Schools in Singapore as of this writing. While four are purely the United States (U.S) accredited schools, the other is a Canadian International School serving learners from Nursery to High School.

However, in order not to derail the topic, and to keep the list as concise as possible, we are not going to include the Canadian International School.


The American schools in Singapore in the list below provide students an opportunity to study in some of America’s prestigious institutions without physically stepping on American soil.

Studying in American schools in Singapore comes with some limitations, especially for the citizens, because of the government regulations on International Schools that restrict the number of Singapore citizens that can study in an International institution.

Due to this limitation, however, only a few students from Singapore can enroll to study in American schools in Singapore.

List of American Schools in Singapore

Singapore American School (SAS)Pre-K-12
Stamford American International School (SAIS)Pre-K-12
XCL American AcademyPre-K-12
International Community School (ICS)N-12

List of International Schools in Singapore

International Community School (Singapore)K-12
Nexus International School (Singapore)K-12
Hillside World Academy (HWA)K-12
Canadian International School (CIS)K-12
NPS International SchoolK-12
Dulwich College SingaporeK-12
SJI International School SingaporeK-12
German European School Singapore (GESS)K-12
Australian International School (AIS)K-12
Global Indian International School (GIIS)K-12
Tanglin Trust School (TTS)K-12
Chatsworth International SchoolK-12
ISS International SchoolK-12
Overseas Family School (OFS)K-12

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