List of 100 Registered Charities in New Zealand

You are probably here because you are questing for the list of NGOs and registered charities in New Zealand that are transforming the lives of millions of people.

These organizations offer world-class training, treating heart diseases of kiwi children, giving hope to cancer patients, training individuals for sports and psychological first aid, providing homes for the homeless, and carrying out thousands of other volunteering tasks to put a smile on people’s faces.


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Of course, we know that you have a beautiful heart. The type that loves to provide value to others. That is probably the reason why you are checking this out in the first place.

In this article, we promise to unravel what you need to know about these charity organizations in New Zealand, what each is doing, and you may ultimately want to be part of a couple of them.

Charity Organizations in New Zealand

With over 27,000 charities resident in Aotearoa, the ones we have listed here are registered on the Charities list according to the Charities Act in 2005, which necessitated the registration of charities, consistent annual reports, transparency, and accountability of each of the organizations.

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It is no strange news that disasters do happen. You can also witness how many children are born with life-threatening diseases, including infants that have been infected with HIV/AIDS from birth, and many such aberrations.

However, these disasters may go beyond our control sometimes, in any case, you can still have a way of lending a helping hand to those affected.

We will also show you how some of the charities listed here have helped many children by identifying these diseases on time and giving every child the relevant care every that he or she deserves to prevent complications.

While so many issues ravage the lives of kids and adults so many of us are un are of the support systems that lie around us daily. Here we shall enumerate in no particular order the top charities in New Zealand.

List of Registered Charities in New Zealand

1. New Zealand Red Cross Society

Here comes the big question, what exactly are you supposed to do in the event of a disaster and how do you help yourself and others around you?

The new Zealand Red Cross Society teaches how you should look after yourself and others before during and after disaster and crisis.

Apart from this, the organization also offers relief to regions that happen to face any disasters and supports the victims through its agencies.

Do you know the exciting thing about it? The Civil Defence Emergency Groups are always available to respond to distress calls and have created a system using a ‘hazard app’ to locate and salvage any emergencies.

What this helps you to do is easily identify, prepare for and call for necessary assistance during disasters.

It also keeps you in the safest possible state so that things do not take you unawares.

You could also take a course in first aid and get the necessary skills to be the reason why someone in an emergency loses his life.

The organization has also has been responsible for sending delegates to offer first aid services to regions where it is required both within and outside New Zealand. 

It has over a century of good work done in many parts of the world and has not been able to do this much without the assistance of its partners and individuals that donate readily to the organization.

2. UNICEF Aotearoa

The United Nations Children’s Fund has established its branches in at least 190 countries all over the world and Aotearoa is not an exception.

The organization continues to look out for the right of the child and makes the possible effort to have every child grow up with lovely childhood memories.

The organization trains parents on how best to raise children, teach the child how to choose the right set of friends, and affect their well-being without abusing them.

UNICEF also helps parents connect with their children by recommending the best-proven ways to influence their children through conversations.

Through UNICEF, adolescents are also taught how to handle the challenges that come with the age and how to harness its power to become more profitable for themselves.

UNICEF provides advocacy against ill traditional practices like child marriages and female genital mutilation.

The organization has realized the rate of child abuse is alarming and has done notable work in reducing it in every form it comes.

Child abuse may not just be attributed to physical violence. There are many things involved. Such as being degraded, feeling fearful at home, or homeless.

In addition, failing to receive necessary medical attention when due could pose a problem; being left alone unsupervised or receiving too much child discipline.

UNICEF also puts on its priority list, children with disabilities and works towards creating a safe and enabling environment for them wherever they are found in New Zealand.

It is also very specific about creating the most healthy environment for child growth as it affects them in many ways.

Considering how exposed children are to gender inequality, UNICEF inculcates in every child that they can all pursue their dreams irrespective of gender and achieve them to their fullest.

The organization enlightens children and adults about the right of the child, makes them know how to protect themselves from abuse, and what to do when eventually any child becomes a victim.

3. Heart Kids New Zealand

Did you know that for every 100 children born here in New Zealand, one is born with a congenital cardiovascular disease?

Heart Kids has a trained team of workers both at Aukland City Hospital and all over Zealand that are working with the families of infants and young adults with heart challenges to give them the necessary support to deal with heart problems.

If a child is diagnosed with any heart issues, the organization once contacted gives professional support and information that will help the child and the family know how to deal with it.

For over ten years the organization has been providing kits that are used to help kids that are receiving coagulant medication to conduct their blood tests at home. 

Heart Kids also makes provision for training aid in cardiovascular pulmonary resuscitation.

Every year, Heart Kids organize campaigns that bring awareness of what advances are made in the medical field to help people with heart diseases and also give them psychotherapy to handle every emotional challenge that comes with having any cardiovascular disease.

4. Koru Care New Zealand

Koru Care has been creating the most memorable moments for Children, making these children spend time outside the confines of their homes.

The organization organizes trips to pleasure parks and Disneyland, where children get to have their fantasies fulfilled as they spend time getting all the fun available to them.

The trips are specifically organized for children with deformities or diseases like cancer, heart disease, amputees, and other similar issues.

Being in the hospital can be much of a down moment for children and their parents or caregivers as they spend so much time all wearied with their thoughts. 

The essence of the organization is to put a lasting smile on the faces of the kids by getting them out of those moments to have moments of fun.

You do not need to pay for your child’s trip as Koru care foots the bills and prepares all the necessary documents and travel insurance which is compulsory for a child to purchase before he or she is taken for a trip.

The trips are enjoyed in the suburbs of Disneyland and others at Surfers’ Paradise with the children, two nurses, and caregivers appointed by the organization.

These trips have proven over time to take away a lot of psychological trauma from childhood and allow them to express themselves without feeling ‘ill’. 

If you want your child or any child you know enrolled for the trip all you need to do is obtain a form from the organization, fill it and send it to Koru Kids, when it is processed the organization shall determine without any form of bias if your child is eligible for the trip and after processing all the documents, the trip is initiated.

5. Variety: The Children’s Charity

For more than 90 years, the Charity has been established in more than 15 countries around the world. Variety was established to provide for the basic needs of children and bring childhood poverty to the most minimal level in New Zealand.

Imagine the hope that comes to children when you give them clothes, bedding materials, food items, and a chance to express themselves in the things they enjoy doing.

When a child comes to variety, some of them stay in their Shells, But over time their talents are uncovered and they are given the encouragement to do more with them. Whether it is music, arts, dance, or sports. 

The organization achieves this with experts who have been working both locally and internationally in the education sector and has done a lot with children over the years to foster children and apply proven methods to give children the best care.

As of 2020, Variety had given out over 190 bikes, 45 mobility support, 190 digital devices to enhance learning outcomes,120 scholarship and extracurricular grants through the kiwi kid’s scholarship to Zealanders.

During the covid 19 pandemic Variety helped over 5,491 kiwi kids to cope with the challenges it came with, as they were provided meals and bedding sets.  

 As an NGO, it gives scholarships to children with severe health challenges are also offers medical grants that purchase medical equipment and medical devices like inhalers to save young lives.

All these are achieved through the support from the partners of the charity and individuals who continue to render their support to the organization.

6. Ronald McDonald House Charity New Zealand

The charity was established to provide for the accommodation needs of families who have their ward admitted to a hospital and must travel away from home to take care of them.

The accommodation spaces provide a home away from home for families where you can lodge and have a good level of comfort as you do in your home.

Whether your child is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or Pediatric High Dependency Unit.

The intent is to keep your family close enough to your ward to have you give them the care they need throughout the period the child is in the hospital without having to move back to your home.

The accommodation spaces provided by the charity can accommodate up to five persons per house, while a family is allocated to a house.

The family is only eligible to access the accommodation space when the child taken care of is less than 18 years.

The Ronald McDonald House Charity Retreat program provides accommodation for families during holidays or for families too who may want a peaceful place for recreation after suffering from a chronic disease, illness, or serious injuries.

The accommodation spaces are large enough to take over 80 families. RMHC provides gadgets in the room that make staying in the house very comfortable. This includes:

  • Kitchen equipment
  • TV, Xbox, and DVD players
  • Xbox games and board games
  • Free wifi
  • Porta cot, high chair, and change mat
  • Big TV and bikes

7. Oxfam Aotearoa

Oxfam Aotearoa is a charity organization with a passion to eliminate poverty in the many vulnerable communities within and outside New Zealand.

The organization has extended its impact to countries like the Pacific countries of, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste Tonga, and Bangladesh.

For more than 70 years, it has worked in more than 90 countries and has partners with 3,624 organizations to provide humanitarian service and eliminate poverty.

The objectives of the organization are carried out by using systematic methods to generate wealth for individuals especially families in remote areas. 

This Is done by connecting them in groups where they save money and loan them to others who need to pay for medical bills, small-scale businesses, and academic expenses.

Oxfam provides relief in the event of a crisis and renders all the necessary support to help victims cope with such situations in New Zealand.

Apart from this, Oxfam also gives a voice of advocacy to the weak and vulnerable, especially when it relates to gender-based harassment, gender equality, and fundamental human rights.

Oxfam’s shops are used to sell off the items that are donated to the charity while the income generated is used to further achieve the objectives of the charity.

8. Tearfund

Tearfund has created a lasting reputation for creating lasting solutions that alleviate poverty here in New Zealand.

The organization’s main objective is to change people who could not afford good meals to become investors and have self-owned enterprises.

The organization merges individuals and advises such individuals to contribute their savings, to form a cooperative society. Such groups can seek more resources from financial institutions.

Tearfund gives farmers better platforms to sell their proceeds at a good value.

The organization does not just stop at that, it goes ahead to train individuals on budget and decision-making strategies to use their resources to generate wealth.

In modern times, slavery has taken different forms, from child abuse to child/women trafficking and several other forms.

The Charity frowns at the trafficking of any sort and has been organizing campaigns that enlighten Zealanders in the methods of dealing with trafficking of any kind while providing advocacy for the victims. 

Many victims who suffered from the psychological effects of human trafficking have been helped by Tearfund members through the emotional support that Tearfund gives its members.

Tearfund has also helped provide disaster relief during and after many crises in New Zealand.

9. KidsCan

Since education is important to every kiwi kid, it will be an unpleasant experience for kids to pursue their academic dreams when in want fundamental assets like clothes, books, food items, or even a home to achieve their dreams.

KidsCan is a partner to over 829 schools in Zealand. The purpose of doing this is to identify kids that require assistance and make provisions for their food, clothes, and health products.

Early Childhood Education schools are also a choice place for KidsCan as this happens to be their environment of greatest influence.

Early Childhood Education Schools affect to a very large extent, the mentality and behavioral outcomes of kids and how they respond to things in society.

Apart from these, KidsCan runs a Health For Kids Initiative, where many items are distributed to Kiwi Kids including nit combs, hand sanitizers, band-aids, and many more items.

In its programs, the organization partners with schools and employs the service of experts to conduct medical check-ups for kids while prescriptions are given. These also include free dental examinations and care. 

10. Spark Foundation

The Foundation’s charge is to give accelerated effort towards digital equity.

Its objectives are hinged on three pillars, which are improving digital skills & Pathways, digital access, and Digital Wellbeing.

Spark Foundation finances people, associations, and enterprises that are working towards digital equity.

In many cases, its programs focus on the youths that can will serve to encourage the coming generation of digital leaders.

The Foundation’s mission is to accelerate toward digital equity. It is focused on three pillars: Digital Access, Digital Skills & Pathways, and Digital Wellbeing.

Spark Foundation funds people, organizations, and initiatives that are working towards digital equity. Most, but not all, are youth-focused programs that serve and support the next generation of digital leaders.

One of its most loved programs is the Skinny Jump. The purpose is to give everyone access to the digital space with ease.

This is done by bringing subsidized home broadband to tons of New Zealanders at risk of digital exclusion. 

Skinny Jump has been made affordable enough with a low rate of $5 per 30GB with no credit card checks and a free modem.

Via its partnership with the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA), the foundation delivers Skinny Jump as part of the national Stepping UP digital literacy program.

11. Catalytic Foundation

The Catalytic Foundation has been doing acts of philanthropy and business all over New Zealand communities that need assistance.

The Catalytic Foundation helps you as a partner to maximize your social impact through its wealth of knowledge and relationships with the communities all over New Zealand and hence can concentrate on greater effort in other areas where more support is required.

Charities and non-governmental organizations do their best to render help on many social issues.

Unfortunately, the requisite resources to help them with the problems they seek to solve sometimes are inadequate.

What Catalytic foundation does is to pull together the resources through its partnerships, to provide advocacy and capacity building, and research.

The Catalytic Foundation helps benefactors maximize their social impact. With its wealth of knowledge and connections with the community and does its best to wisely invest back into regions that require more support.

Catalytic Foundation has helped hundreds of Zealanders begin small and medium scale businesses through the grant it offers.

Its major areas of priority include:

  • Whanau/Family
  • Early years support
  • Youth development
  • Accommodation/housing
  • Food security
  • Community services
  • Maori and Pacifica communities
  • Refugee, migrant and multi-cultural communities
  • Skill development / financial literacy

12. Philanthropy New Zealand

Philanthropy New Zealand combines the effort of individuals, groups, businesses, investors, and the local government to bring change through giving.

The organization believes that using philanthropic investments to help vulnerable communities can better reduce crime rates, poverty, and many other social vices.

Putting into consideration the damage humans consistently cause the environment through the emission of greenhouse gases and other such activities.

Philanthropy NZ has a sector that advocates for a healthy environment and practices that reduce to the greatest minimum the damage man causes the environment.

PNZ works with both citizens and New Zealand immigrants as the immigrants use their skillset and ideas to introduce new concepts into its activities, so long as the immigrant has the interest of people at heart.

Protecting and prolonging the arts and culture and creativity of New Zealand, PNZ also directs its investments to individuals that can demonstrate art skills and experience.

Its professional program is popularly known as Grant Making. The program is meant to equip you with knowledge, tools, and the skills to make you an effective grantmaker as a fund manager, grant advisor, or CEO of a not-for-profit organization.

13. Habitat For Humanity New Zealand

With the help of Habitat for Humanity New Zealand, you can give many the ability to build stability, strength, and reliability for themselves by providing good houses for families irrespective of their financial status.

Comfort is a primary asset for families and Habitat for Humanity is poised to make this available by helping you own a home progressively through a rent-to-buy system. Its services include;

  • Home Repair
  • Social Rental
  • Curtain Bank and other housing solutions

Habitat for Humanity will choose your whanau when it identifies an obvious housing need, discusses it with the family, and encourages them to take action towards it and that is done when the family is ready to work in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.
The organization is meant to help low-income families who may not have the ability to purchase a home without some assistance.

Habitat’s Home Repair Programme is affordable and has a no-interest result for modest-income homeowners to achieve critical conservation and repairs specific to your requirements.

The organization offers services that address the challenges associated with keeping your home warm, dry, healthy, and safe. This includes issues related to rainfall, heating and cooling, safety and availability, and insulation.

The organization’s Habitat tradespeople and trusted contractors assess and carry out the work, and homeowners pay back at no interest, within five years. 

The organization works with the Ministry Of Housing and Urban Development to ensure that you get an affordable home. Whether you want a home for your family or you know a family that is facing housing deprivation.

14. Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has a significant part in bringing the public to awareness of this issue and how to avoid it. Every year there are over 3000 New Zealand men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Today, those who access early discovery stand better chances of having better outcomes. men must know all the signs and know how to quickly take necessary actions to avoid complications.

Its program known as Blue September focuses on creating awareness of prostate cancer while the organization encourages businesses and community groups to join in with their promotional conditioning as part of the program.

With its network of over 36 branches that are all over New Zealand, PCF can provide help through its professionals in the medical field to Patients with prostate cancer.

PCF dedicates huge financial input into research every year for prostate cancer as it seeks to help men to have updated information about methods to receiving classic treatment. PCF does not give medical advice but offers relevant information on what to do when diagnosed positive.

15. Mental Health Foundation

Depression is one of the leading causes of suicide all over the world. According to the research by World Health Organization, 5% of adults suffer from depression.

Adding to this, at least 3.5% of the world population is suffering from depression.

Given these dangerous world issues which have led many, especially women attempt or commit suicide, the Mental Health Organisation is given to creating a society that is free of discrimination and stigma of all kinds, where everyone’s worth and well-being is respected.

Its priority is to bring New Zealanders to the knowledge of the things that put people at risk of suicide, what warning signs you should look out for, how you will get help for yourself or someone else, and what you can do to prevent people from becoming suicidal. 

The charity does its bests in making people’s families and whanau feel loved and receive care when needed. The charity creates awareness to let people know that suicide is avoidable and one can live a life void of its thoughts.

It also educates you on what to do if you ever have thoughts of suicide and actions to take after a suicide attempt. It does not matter whether or not you have ever tried suicide, you could help someone who needs support or who is having a hard time. 

16. WWF New Zealand

Imagine the beauty wildlife adds to nature and what life would look like without them. New Zealand still has amazing wildlife, hence WWF aims to keep them from extinction.

This includes all the wild wildlife oceans, the forest, and the birds in their trees especially those that may soon be extinct like the Māui dolphins.

What WWF is doing goes way beyond protecting animals in New Zealand, WWF intends to protect the entire planet from the adverse effects of climate change and other environmental threatening factors.

Tangata Whenua must soon learn to respect the rights of territories, laws, and culture as this will help create sustainable development.

WWF achieves this through its marine programs by:

  • Establishing Marine Protected Areas
  • Setting up an ocean sanctuary in the Kermadecs
  • Promoting Sustainable Fisheries
  • Legal protection for Hector’s & Māui dolphins
  • Working with fishers to save the seabirds
  • Bringing together diverse ocean voices from Aotearoa.

Its environmental education programs hands teachers with information through the resources it provides on how to become friends with the environment.

The program is intended to make this part of the school curriculum. These programs are also targeted at the communities and families.

It is interesting to know that the organization offers scholarships to student who has an interest in delving into environmental and nature conservation studies for students from remote communities.

17. Community Foundation Of New Zealand

Change many times is thought to be only possible through people in the suburbs of New Zealand. But community Foundation believes and upholds that effecting change can be done by everyone including those in remote communities.

Community Foundation achieves this by employing the services of experts who have been working in the global and commodities markets, Information and technology, banking, and finance sectors, and those who are leading in other notable not-for-profit organizations across the country to make you use your funding to create a better life for yourself and other New Zealanders.

The difference between Community Foundation and other Charities is that no matter how minute your giving is.

It aims to receive it, invest it and create a ripple effect that will make contribution count as it will reach millions of other people who need help.

You can make your givings affect the areas that you care about most and wish to influence.

The foundation can accurately decide that its partnership with many not-for-profit organizations helps you achieve your desired results.

You may decide to give as a group, give to an existing charitable trust, set up your new charitable trust, leave a gift, give one-off donations or contribute in any capacity you can to your community.

18. New Zealand AIDS Foundation

New Zealand has done much in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the NZAF wants to keep it so. NZAF looks up to having an AIDS-free Zealand community.

The Foundation also organizes campaigns that create awareness, telling you all you need to know about AIDS as it guides people on what actions to take when diagnosed and found positive.

Plus, it provides all the required counseling to HIV/AIDS patients and offers a lot of psychological support to prevent people from being traumatized by AIDS.

Its programs help people living with HIV/AIDS to know that they can flourish as it does not imply a death sentence.

The organization also enlightens people to end the act of stigmatization of people living with AIDS and teaches the patients how to handle stigma.

NZAF also offers pre-exposure prophylaxis(PReP) which gives you a medication in your body that reduces your risk of being easily infected just in case you get exposed to unprotected intimacy conduct. 

The impact of the organization in New Zealand is undeniably positive as Zealand realized the lowest number of HIV patients in 2020.

19. Breast Cancer Cure New Zealand

Every day in New Zealand, two women are lost due to breast cancer. An early diagnosis helps a breast cancer patient live longer.

As a cure for breast cancer is yet to be discovered, Breast Cancer Cure New Zealand has professionals who are consistently researching finding a cure for cancer.

The organization has funded lots of research projects in New Zealand which have become beneficial to many of our Universities.

It has spent over $11 million in the last 15 years to ensure that it sees positive outcomes in the projects carried out.

The research has helped in the prescription of specialized antibodies that the growth of cancer cells in women.

Breast cancer can cause adverse effects on both the women and the families of its victims.

That said, each of its patients and families is trained by the organization on how to handle any psychological effects it could come with.

Some of the programs include Fashion for Cure, where the organization’s experts hold meetings with top fashion designers in New Zealand to raise funds for its cause.

Our children ought not to suffer from what some of our women are suffering from today, hence there is an urgent to do what is required to make Breast little to worry about in the next few years.

20. Heart Foundation New Zealand

With one Zealander being lost every 1 hour 30 minutes due to heart disease, it is easy to agree that an organization like Heart Foundation is of high priority for New Zealand.

A huge part of the finances of the organization goes for funding cardiologists and researchers that are involved in providing treatment, cure, and prevention of heart problems.

Heart Foundation continues to go to schools and communities to organize campaigns and awareness programs to educate on prevention methods for heart diseases and also teaches how best you can live healthy eating, exercising, and generally healthy lifestyles to avoid heart diseases.

The organization begins from the fundamental levels and makes resource materials and tools available to teachers with which they shall educate students on food and nutrition to help them make healthy choices about their hearts on time.

In practice, Heart Foundation has spent over $78 million on more than 1,800 research projects and training in the last four decades.

Its research has included a look into the link between heart problems and mental illness and how the use of Polypill reduces the risk of heart disease and even stroke, the use of genetics and DNA to measure the risk of a heart attack, and many more.

If you know someone who needs care and support, then Heart Foundation is the best place to get it. Its medical experts and its State-of-the-art facilities offer the best form of diagnosis and proffer possible solutions to heart issues.

List of Other NGOs in New Zealand

350 Aotearoa[email protected]South Dunedin
4Good[email protected]Tauranga
African Enterprise[email protected]Auckland
Age Concern New Zealand[email protected]Wellington
Alzheimers New Zealand[email protected]Wellington
Amnesty International NZ[email protected]Auckland
Athritis New Zealand[email protected]Wellington
Aspire Canterbury[email protected]Christchurch
Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ[email protected]Wellington
Asthma New Zealand[email protected]Auckland
Auckland City Mission[email protected]Auckland
Auckland Coastguard[email protected]Auckland
Auckland Medical Research Foundation[email protected]Auckland
Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust(09) 950 7201Auckland
The Champion Centre[email protected]Christchurch
Aviva[email protected]Christchurch
Barnardos New Zealand[email protected]Wellington
Bible Society New Zealand[email protected]Wellington
Big Buddy[email protected]Auckland
BirdCare Aotearoa027 816 9219Auckland
Books in Homes[email protected]Auckland
Bowel Cancer New Zealand[email protected]Auckland
Brackenridge[email protected]Christchurch
Brake New Zealand[email protected]Auckland
Camp Quality[email protected]Christchurch
Cancer Society NZ[email protected]Auckland
CanTeen NZ[email protected]Auckland
CCS Disability Action[email protected]Wellington
Child Cancer Foundation[email protected]Auckland
ChildFund New Zealand[email protected]Auckland
Child Rescue[email protected]Auckland
Children’s Autism Foundation[email protected]Auckland
cbm New Zealand[email protected]Auckland
Cholmondeley Children’s Centre[email protected]Christchurch
Coastguard New Zealand[email protected]Auckland
Cat Coalition[email protected]Auckland
Cure Kids[email protected]Auckland
Cystic Fibrosis NZ[email protected]Auckland
Deaf Aotearoa[email protected]Wellington
Dementia Auckland[email protected]Auckland
Dementia Canterbury[email protected]Christchurch
Dementia Wellington[email protected]Wellington
Fertility New Zealand[email protected]Auckland
Diabetes New Zealand+64 4 499 7145Wellington
Disabled Citizens Society(09)638 8153Auckland
Family Help Trust[email protected]Christchurch
Fountain of Peace NZ[email protected]South Island
Eating Disorders Association NZ[email protected]Auckland
The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ[email protected]Auckland
Family First09 261 2426Auckland
Garden To Table[email protected]Auckland
Girlguiding New Zealand[email protected]Christchurch
Graeme Dingle Foundation[email protected]Auckland
Freemasons New Zealand[email protected]Wellington
The Grief Centre[email protected]Auckland
Hagar New Zealand[email protected]Christchurch
Haemophilia Foundation[email protected]Wellington
Victim Support NZ0800 842 846Wellington
Hearing New Zealand[email protected]Auckland
Hohepa Homes(09) 817 3761Auckland
Hospice West Auckland[email protected]Auckland
International Needs NZ[email protected]Tauranga
IHC New Zealand[email protected]Wellington
J R McKenzie Trust[email protected]Wellington
Kidney Health New Zealand[email protected]Christchurch
Kilmarnock Enterprises[email protected]Christchurch
Leprosy Mission New Zealand+64 9 630 2818Auckland
Malaghan Institute of Medical Research[email protected]Wellington
Land Search and Rescue NZ[email protected]Christchurch
MissioNG[email protected]Auckland
Muscular Dystrophy Association[email protected]Auckland
NFDHH[email protected]Auckland
Neurological Foundation[email protected]Auckland
Rainbow Youth Inc[email protected]Auckland
NZ Riding For The Disabled Association[email protected]Porirua
Save the Children[email protected]Wellington
Stroke Foundation[email protected]Wellington
Transparency International NZ[email protected]Wellington
World Vision New Zealand+64 800 800 776Auckland
West Coast Penguin Trust[email protected]West Coast

All the registered charities in New Zealand we have posted here in this article cover a wide range of fields. From providing homes for the homeless to empowerment programs, including giving medical aids and advice, protecting forests and wide life, and many others.

Giving for sustainable development is pivotal to every thriving community and is the only way to effect the change we so desire to see.

Everything we have examined so far that the charities have achieved had only been successful through the contribution of time, effort, manpower, and the resources of individuals, and like we said every minute effort counts to save a life in New Zealand.

Ultimately, we can all agree that change depends first on the mindset than the money we give to affect it.


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