List of Private Schools in Sydney, NSW, Australia

There are over a dozen of affordable and very expensive private schools in Sydney. However, here in this article, you will find the list of the fifteen private primary and high schools in Sydney including their fees.

The schools on this list are all reputable and did not just make it up here by any coincidence. It can only be by proof of their hard work or obvious excellence in their performance which continues to repeat itself over the past years.


Matter of factly, the school boards, associations, and exam bodies such as the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, Higher School Certificate, and others have recognized these schools to have an exceptional ability to bring their students to the limelight almost every year on the leaderboards.

As a plus for you in this article, we shall also help your wards place their feet in the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) and see the schools that will best suit that purpose, to avoid them having poor performances after enrollment.

Meanwhile, that won’t be all, you will also be able to choose responsibly for your child, which school exactly will best be the environment for them to begin an academic journey, depending on if what you need is character building, impart of entrepreneurship, good academic feat or both.

Imagine driving from one school to another in Sydney to check which exactly has state-of-the-art facilities and programs that will prepare your child for the course or passion he or she has, how much more stress can that be?

That is why I have gone through the rigors of compiling this list for you to easily peep into the right one and make the right choice in a couple of minutes.

It can be very difficult to handle a student having health challenges especially when the school that is attended has little or no health facilities to ease the anxiety of how children are doing at the moment in school.

List of Private Schools in Sydney, Australia

1International Grammar SchoolK-12
2AbbotsleighPre K-12
3Reddam House SydneyK-12
4Ravenswood School for GirlsP-12
5Saint Maroun’s CollegeK-12
6Kambala School for GirlsK-12
7St Spyridon CollegeK-12
8St Scholastica’s College7-12
9Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview5-12
10St Andrew’s Cathedral SchoolK-12
11Ascham SchoolP-12
12Georges River GrammarK-12
13St Vincent’s College Sydney7-12
14Amity CollegeK-12
15DanebankPre K-12

List of Private Schools in Sydney, NSW, Australia

1. International Grammar School Sydney

FEES$20,067 – $28,245 per annum
PHONE+61 2 9219 6700
ADDRESS4-8 Kelly Street, Ultimo NSW, 2007
Private Schools in Sydney
International Grammar School Sydney

International Grammar School Sydney, or IGS, is an independent coeducational school (early learning to Year 12) that aims to build every child to be equipped with the skills that make for success both in academics and in the secular world.

IGS is popularly known for its special curriculum where each child is taught high-tech skills in their various fields of interest and as you will be seeing in a few seconds, your child shall have to choose from anyone that catches his or her interest.

Child Protection Policy

IGS values the well-being of every child within its fences. This is why under the child protection policy, your child is not allowed to be maltreated, sexually assaulted, physically or emotionally abused, or treated in any way that will impair the well-being of the child.

Multilingual Education

One of the core values of the school is to ensure that from preschool, every student begins to learn a new international language ( either French, Japanese, German, Spanish, or more) This increases the student’s love for other cultures and promotes better relationships.

Music Ensembles

Beginning from year 4, the student begins to handle a musical instrument he or she loves and will later join the school ensemble. IGS has nine music rooms and performance spaces.


One thing your ward(s) must have is the ability to use technology to their advantage and to do so with the technology of the current age. This is why IGS trains your ward early in basic knowledge of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Students interested in the arts also have access to the film studies room and enjoy the drama performance space, your ward could also be among others who have a placement at the National Institute Of Dramatic Arts(NIDA).

2. Abbotsleigh

TUITION FEES$22,200 – $35,500 per annum
PHONE+61 2 9473 7744
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS22 Woonona Ave, Wahroonga NSW 2076
Independent Schools in Sydney

Abbotsleigh is an independent, Anglican girls’ day and boarding school that has been in the business of raising responsible girls that will later be women that contribute massively to society.

How The School’s New Technology Assists The Student

At Abbotsleigh, every student from year 7 to year 12 has access to the Bring Your Device (BYOD) program, where every student can bring a laptop from his home to use for the tech classes.

Meanwhile, the school still provides iPads, the school supplied devices, specialist tech labs for its classes in music, design technology, and the arts, rich classes in robotics and coding, access to the expertise of personnel offering training in video Conferences, etc.

Abbotsleigh belongs to the Australian boarding Schools Association and does best practices in boarding houses. Every year 7 student is attached to a year 11 student who helps her settle into the boarding house, while the coordinators are always there to assist the students in every possible way as well as communicate with the parents when necessary.

Entrepreneurship And Sports

Abbotsleigh offers the girls training in photographic and digital media, textile technology, industrial technology, etc.

As a school with award-winning sports facilities, students enjoy every moment on the field either playing basketball, swimming and diving, or doing one sports activity.

3. Reddam House Sydney

TUITION FEES$23,500 – $37,625 per annum
PHONE(02) 9369 4096
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS70 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW 2025
Private Schools in Sydney for Girls
Reddam House Sydney

The famous Reddam House has achieved top ranking in the NSC and HSC exams over five times over the last decade. Reddam house emerged as the 6th on our list.

Exclusive Courses

One of the things that set Reddam house apart is the type of teachings that your ward shall be exposed to early.

Having that we operate in a tech-driven world, the school offers courses like software design and development, legal studies, visual arts, music extension, information processes and technology and so much more.

A grasp of any of these training is not just a good ground for a good plant but also an exposure to many things their counterparts do not have access to.

Birds In The Classroom?

Okay, this has nothing to do with birds at all but with the specialist team of classroom performance, staff, and professionals in the music industry also supported by Berklee that runs the school’s music department.

Music is taken compulsory from year 2 to year 6 and in subsequent years can be taken elective. meanwhile, if it becomes a major interest, the music extension courses can be taken.

PS: The school welcomes International students and if your child(ren) happens to be one then they will have to join others and enjoy the Elicos English course, or request the requirements using the link [email protected]

Private Schools in Sydney for Girls

4. Ravenwood School For Girls

TUITION FEES$21,900 – $35,850 per annum
PHONE+61 2 9498 9898
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS10 Henry Street, Gordon NSW 2072
Private Schools in Sydney, Australia
Ravenswood School for Girls

Driven with the passion to build articulate, compassionate young women, RSG is a day and boarding school for girls, from prep classes to year 12.

RSG offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and has had students achieving an ATAR of 99.95% in the IB exams, and many of its students are at the zenith of the HSC -all-round achiever’s list and we can go on and on to tell you about more of its students usually get listed in the hall of fame.

Ravenwood’s Australian Women Arts Prize

The principal of RSG is the spearhead of the Ravenswood Australian Women Arts Prize, which has become the highest valued professional artist prize for women in Australia and is an initiative that seeks to make women come to the limelight in the world of arts.

Hence students who appreciate arts and are showing good arts practices can enroll for training and also experience first-hand works from other women.

International Baccalaureate Primary (IBP) Program

RSG junior school offers the IB primary program and challenges its students to be innovative and create high analytical skills and take on things that are difficult for their counterparts.

Ravenwood School For Girls runs world-class facilities for technology, arts, music, and sports. These include its aquatic facility, music hall, science laboratory, etc.

5. St Maroun’s College

TUITION FEES$2,967 – $4,875 per annum
PHONE+61 295 592 434
EMAILmail:[email protected]
ADDRESS194 Wardell Road, Marrickville 2204
Private Schools in Sydney Fees
Saint Maroun’s College

St Maroun’s College is a Catholic, independent, coeducational school, especially for those who want a mixture of either of these things; high grades, morality of character, heightened sense of self-worth, and healthy well-being in all ramifications.

The Facilities

Students learn faster given the right environment and the facilities that make for success. That is why Maroun’s college offers two-sided learning.

This is only possible by the availability of the school library, laboratory, music room, multipurpose center, and many other things that the school uses to facilitate the learning process.

Curriculum Structure

At St Maroun’s College, the curriculum is structured such that from year 7 to year 10, students begin to offer additional courses with the compulsory courses. This may include a student’s line of passion either in design and technology, drama, visual arts, and foreign languages (French and Arabic).

But that’s not all, St Maroun’s College raises students that will fit into their respective fields of discipline competently and it does so by laying the foundation for each career path through courses like software engineering, legal studies, business studies, and more, which means students will not have to struggle with the basics.

The Individualistic Approach

Understand that this school treats every student as an individual and to enhance the learning experience, the school uses smaller class sizes so that students’ challenges can easily be identified and treated by the school counselors.

The school also has world-class facilities for sports and takes the students out for competition in sports like soccer, badminton, martial arts, tennis, and volleyball.

College Psychologist, Wellbeing Team, and Career Advice

The school has employed the services of professionals to give students guidance on how to channel their passion to career, to provide health support as when due, to provide legal services as well as to assist international students to settle in easily with the ESL program and to settle into the new environment.

6. Kambala School For Girls

PHONE+61 2 9388 6777
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS794 New South Head Rd, Rose Bay, NSW 2029
Cheap Private Schools in Sydney
Kambala School for Girls

Kambala School for girls is an independent, Anglican day and boarding school for girls that have been on the scene for more than 132 years, giving out world-class education to girls in New South Wales.

You will seldom mention private girls’ schools in Sydney without a reference to Kambala school for girls. Over time, the school has retained a large number of top-performing staff in Sydney and hence the students can’t help but be excellent academically.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program For Girls

Kambala School for Girls offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, which in our opinion, is a good place to position the child and put them on their toes to be well prepared for what lies ahead in the high institution.

The school is proudly the highest-ranked school offering both the IB program and the HSC at the same time with its student’s continuous excellent grades in both exams.

State-Of-The-Art Boarding Facilities

Housing a large number of students may mean a lot of inconvenience for schools that do not have the staff competence to handle the challenges that come with it.

But at Kambala School For Girls, it is an even greater advantage because the school facilities like the library, the swimming pool, the sports field, and many others bring both focused learning and healthy wellbeing.

Additional Courses

To ensure that student gets a touch of life applications of what they learn, the school offers special courses like legal studies, design and technology, visual arts, music extension, and many more.

7. St Spyridon College

TUITION FEES$9,440 – $11,850 per annum
PHONE(02) 9311 3340
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS1130 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035
Top Private Schools in Sydney
St Spyridon College

St Spyridon College is an inclusive community of students from many cultural backgrounds. Learners at the school are well nurtured to be the best among their peers.

St Spyridon College takes the comprehensive ability of its students seriously. It is no surprise that the school provides children with the ability to work with their hands in the laboratory, in the information and communication technology labs, and in the visual arts workshops under the close supervision of professionals.

Additionally, the College is situated in an environment with proximity to museums, universities, and galleries, such that the students can see firsthand what they are taught.

St Spyridon College boasts of a 90% pass-out rate for all its HSC students and continues to do even better every year. Moving into the universities for students of the school happens as easily as you breathe.


St Spyridon College offers scholarships to its students at different levels but ultimately awards university scholarships to its students who prove excellent academic performance in the HSC exams.

The College runs a co-educational system starting from kindergarten to year 12 and has two campuses: Kingsford and Maroubra for the primary and secondary sections respectively.

8. St Ignatius College Riverview

TUITION FEES$28,335 – $32,955 per annum
PHONE+61 2 9882 8222
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSTambourine Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Private Schools for Boys in Sydney
Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview

Whether or not you are used to the academic method of the Society of Jesuit in establishing world-class schools or not; one thing worthy of note is that the College has produced over 2.5 million successful students all over the world.

The school runs under the board of Jesuit-owned schools and is built on the tenets of morality while nurturing responsible and well-meaning boys in society.

St Ignatius is a single-gender school catering to boys’ from Year 5 to Year 12.

Riverview, as it is popularly known has produced well-meaning people in all sectors like the prime minister of South Wales, the chief justice of South Wales, the deputy prime minister of South Wales, and many others.

The Facilities, The Co-curricular Activities, And The Student

The school aims to produce well-rounded students in every aspect of life. Therefore, has instituted a program that covers the areas that make for excellence in handling 21st-century technology.

Riverview has 23 music rooms, 2 indoor basketball courts, a gymnasium, facilities for water polo, swimming pools, a primary health center, Brennan Libraries, the boathouse, and more classic facilities for sports.


Virtually every student of Riverview is a young entrepreneur. This is evident in the skillset they possess, such as digital media, photography, public speaking, and visual arts.

9. St Andrew’s Cathedral School

FEES$20,572 – $35,373 per annum
PHONE+61 2 9286 9500
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSGadigal Country, Sydney NSW 2000
Top Independent Schools Sydney
St Andrew’s Cathedral School

Ninth on the list is St Andrew’s Cathedral School, also known as SACS, one of the renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) private schools in Sydney.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School is the hub of world-class facilities and a detailed curriculum that has brought the success you always hear about.

The school teaches using the IB approaches to learning skills which keeps the students on the cutting edge, and up-to-date.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School lets youngsters choose between the IB program and the HSC in Year 12 as well as offering the IB Middle Years Program (MYP).

The Music School

Initially, the school was established as a choir school. This is why the school is excellent at training students in the art of giving out what is known as ‘good music’.

It possesses large spaces for the sole purpose of Drama, music ensembles, and a black box theatre.

Learners who are into music will get the opportunity of performing at the National and international music tours in Europe, the U.S, and Asia as well as performing with the school’s music production team.

The school is a co-educational school serving pupils from kindergarten to Year 12 and only ‘real’ contact with the school’s world-class facilities will make a difference.

10. Ascham School

FEES$24,430 – $39,900 per annum
PHONE+61 2 8356 7000
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS188 New South Head Road Edgecliff, NSW, 2027
Independent Schools Sydney
Ascham School

Ascham School is an independent girls’ day and boarding school running from kindergarten to Year 12.

As a private school for girls, it is using the Dalton plan (assignment, lesson, and study) to bring about independent learning skills in girls.

Beyond The Four Walls

Apart from the desire for your girl to make good grades, it is important to spot her passion and grow it within and outside the academic universe.

That is why Ascham Schools provides a plethora of opportunities for students in areas such as robotics, computer graphics, public speaking, spacecraft, etc.

Ascham School takes its students on international musical and language tours to China, sports tours to Canada, and History tours in Europe.

Exchange Program

The school also runs an exchange program where learners experience a different life and culture by living in a boarding environment or a home in another part of the world.

This is one of the leading schools for the girls as they get the opportunity to travel either to France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA, or South Africa.

World Class Boarding Health Center

The reason why many parents and caregivers choose Ascham School is that it takes good care of the health needs of its borders through providing primary health care, medical and dental appointment, flu vaccinations for both staff and boarders, and promotion of assistance in health education.

11. Georges River Grammer

TUITION FEES$6,148 – $18,822 per annum
PHONE02 9725 7566
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS53 Georges Crescent, Georges Hall NSW 2198
Sydney Private Schools
Georges River Grammar

Georges River Grammer is a co-educational school running from kindergarten to Year 12. The school is built around the passion to make the child’s continuous daydreams of success come to fruition.

That said, the works on developing the children’s skills in the fields that interest them.

The standard trade and skills center is used to grow the student’s aptitude and applications of things taught in the classroom.

Getting the child fully exposed to useful technological information on time is the best decision one can make in the 21st century. And, the school makes this possible through its large information and communication technology classroom.

State Emergency Service And Other Co-curricular Programs

GRG teaches its students the basic forms of safety, emergency management, and basic first aid. This gives students the confidence to take on more challenges and do way more for the community.

Out Of School Hours Care (OSHC)

GRG also offers out-of-school hours care for its students in junior school. This program involves before-school care, after-school care, and vacation care.

Georges River Grammar is a high performer in dramatic and performance arts, music, and sports and takes care of the mental and physical health of every student using its health center and through sports and wellness programs.

12. St Vincent College

FEES$19,216 – $22,332 per annum
PHONE(02) 9368 1611
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSRockwall Crescent, Potts Point NSW 2011
Best Private Schools in Sydney
St Vincent College

Imagine your child in the oldest Catholic girl’s school in all of Australia, it means a lot of character building and balance in academic feat.

Vinnies has made up to 99.85 ATAR points and has gotten over 6 NESA nominations. St Vincent College comes as a first choice in the heart of parents because the school has a positive predictable success in its students’ pass-out rate. It also trains its girls in ways that boost their social confidence.

Technology And Applied Arts Center

The College believes that technology is the driving force of every working economy. Hence, learners are trained in various ways to possess skills that are viable in the 21st-century labor market.

Students are trained in ICT and applied arts, including textile, food, wood, and design technology.

Visual Arts Center

While the students chase their aspirations, the facilities for it must be available.

Vinnies visual arts center is a world-class edifice that has the space, the equipment, and the trainers that enhance the student’s ability to express herself via arts.

Best Boarding Facilities

Vinnies provides a twin-shared space for accommodation large enough to make every girl have a high level of comfort.

The school gives special classrooms per subject area, five laboratories, drama and dance rooms, aquatic facilities, and its multipurpose outdoor courts for various sports. St Vincent College takes girls only from year 7 to year 12.

13. Amity College

TUITION FEES$5,030 – $6,860 per annum
PHONE(02) 8784 3111
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS163 Kurrajong Rd, Prestons NSW 2170
Sydney Independent Schools
Amity College

Amity college has more than one campus: The Illawarra campus, the boy’s high school, and the girl’s high school.

The Illawarra campus is a co-educational school reaching out to youngsters in the Illawarra community and has continued its good work in building powerful academic capacity for students within the community.

Amity College has produced students emerging top 1 in advanced mathematics and also has produced students with over 97.50 ATAR points.

Every year its students perform well over the state average and continue to pass out 97% percent of its matric students successfully to the universities equipped with the necessary skills.

Music Ensembles And Music Scholarship

At Amity college, as a student of music becomes better and better, they are assigned to a music ensemble and at such have the opportunity to perform at festivals, carnivals, and under bigger spotlights.

The Facilities

To inculcate the knowledge from every lesson into the students successfully, the school’s facilities are used in practical explanation and for students to give expression to the things they’ve been taught.

The school facilities include computer labs, a music room, a technology lab, a gymnasium, and a science lab.

14. Danebank, Anglican Girls’ School

FEES$8,240 – $23,475 per annum
PHONE+61 2 9580 1415
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS80 – 98 Park Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220
List of Independent Schools in Sydney
Danebank Anglican School For Girls

Danebank is inarguably one of the top-performing girl’s schools in New South Wales not just because of the consistency in her excellent performance in the pass-out exams, but because the good performance cuts across all its students.

Danebank girls featured as all-rounders in one of the most challenging years, with its students having scores that place them in the top 10% in Sydney and over 51 of its students listed on the 2021 honor roll.

According to the morning herald, Danebank has been rated the best performing school in Georges river and the Sutherland shares.

Robotics Coding And Other Technology

Beginning from junior school, every girl in Danebank is exposed to studying real-time robotics and the fundamentals of coding.

Learning becomes a lot easier at Danebank because the school is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

This includes the aquatic center, the performing arts center, the study and resource center, the gymnasium, and many more. Students therefore can research and delve deeper into an understanding of what they have learned.

As a necessary part of the school community, the student’s health and wellness are taken into account, hence the school also provides facilities for gymnastics and has the students engaging in sports activities.

Extra Opportunities Outside The School Walls

It is now an integral part of the school to take its students on trips to festivals, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, musical performances, creative and performing arts competitions, and Christian club activities.

This does not just ease girls of academic stress but also exposes them to the platforms where their talents can be appreciated as well as learn new languages and cultures.

15. St Scholastica’s College

TUITION FEES$9,130 – $10,590 per annum
PHONE+61 2 9660 2622
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS4 Avenue Road, Glebe NSW 2037
Private Schools Sydney
St Scholastica’s College

Schols is a representation of a system that produces women who contribute both their expertise and their good works to society.

St Scholastica’s has been producing 10-15 girls who have top performance per subject in the state. In 2021, the College students emerged with the top 3 ATARS scores with others having excellent scores in the HSC exams.

FINCH company and Affiliation With Schols

Unlike many other private schools in Sydney that offer the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs, Schols is affiliated with FINCH company in Sydney—a filmmaker, engineering, arts, and entertainment company—with professionals in engineering, science, and arts to educate the girls on the practical application and approach to what they are taught in the classroom.

More so, the school uses the Bring Your Own Device program (BYOD) to allow students to bring their personal computers and iPads to school to engage in practical assessments.

The Music Ensemble For Ladies

As an integral part of the school, ‘Schols’ has several kinds of musical ensembles with professional teachers that have grown the musical career of many of the girls and produced professional performers.

Careers And Vocational Education Training

To make the children useful to society, the College gives an option for learners to take elective courses offered by the Institute of TAFE NSW in vocational training.

The student is added to a cluster of other students from other top high schools and trained in the vocation of choice as well as receive extra certifications.

Quick Notice for International Students

  • Foreign students must have made at least 5.5 points on the IELTS test
  • The student must enroll and complete an NSW English program in a secondary school except the student is from The United States, The United Kingdom, South Africa, England, Britain, or a few other selected countries.
  • The student must complete his or her year 10 or have something equivalent to it in this country or overseas
  • International students must have examination results of academic history two years before the time of application
  • The student must have certification of the translated format of his her result if not recorded in English as well as the certificate of birth

You can see for yourself that attending a school that makes the list of private schools in Sydney will do a child a world of good.

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