Roy Rogers Drink Recipe


Roy Rogers drink is arguably one of the best non-alcoholic beverages you can lay your hands on. The drink is delicious and it is a combination of the greatest ingredients which include grenadine, cola, and maraschino cherry.

This drink is good for adults as well as kids. If you are the kind that does not like alcoholic drinks, this product is great for you. This is the best mocktail option for people who cherish fancy drinks.

The ingredients combination is perfect and it is not surprising that everybody is going to enjoy it. Furthermore, this is so easy to make and it is highly nutritional.

The product is also tasty. Over the years it has been served in the bar. Because of its popularity, you can get this unique formulation from most bars.


Some users can sometimes refer to it as cherry cola even though it is not cherry flavored. One of the major ingredients in the preparation of this non-alcoholic drink is Grenadine.

This is a product of pomegranate and this means that it is not a cherry product. This drink offers great taste and that is because of the fruity syrup which is added to it to make it sweet.

Why the name Roy Rogers?

The drink got the name, Roy Rogers. Roy was popular for his cowboy role. He was globally recognized as a cowboy and he will always go with his cowgirl Dale Evans whom he later married in the year 1947. He uses a horse which is called Trigger.

This horse was as popular as the cowboy himself. This cowboy was very popular in television and movies and that is because of his majestic voice. He was the charm and good. This made him become associated with good things. He was involved in a lot of shows starting from the year 1935. Throughout his life, he made more than one hundred films, and he died in the year 1998.

The man was globally loved and the drink was made in his name. there is no doubt that this contributed to the popularity of that drink.

Roy Rogers drink, as popular as it is not complicated. It is very simple. To make one does not demand a lot of ingredients. A combination of a few things can get this product done.

This drink came into being in the 1940s and that was the time Roy Rogers was very popular in the western movies of the time.

This drink was named Roy Rogers, there is no indication that he was the one behind the emergence of the drink. It came into existence in 1894. It was assumed that it transformed from Rob Roy.

Roy Rogers Drink Ingredients

Roy Rogers Drink consists of three important ingredients:

  1. Cola
  2. Grenadine
  3. Maraschino Cherry

These ingredients are mixed in different proportions to make this non-alcoholic drink.

Some people can prefer to combine ΒΌ ounce grenadine, 8 ounces cola as well as maraschino cherry for garnishing. If you combine these ingredients in the right proportion you can make this age-long popular drink. The steps to take in preparing the drink is as follows:

The most important thing you must do if you want to make the Roy Rogers Drink is to assemble all the necessary ingredients.

The ingredients are already listed above. You also need a glass. Some prefer to use Collins glass where they can combine ice and grenadine.

After you mix the two in the glass then you have to add the cola. Ensure that you stir that combination very well before you begin to garnish with the maraschino cherry.

Then it is due to be served and you begin to enjoy your non-alcoholic drink. Perhaps one of the most interesting features of this product is the fact that it is easy and very simple to prepare.

These are simple and the ingredients are not difficult to come by. If you mix the ingredients in the correct proportion, you can make a great drink which everybody would like to drink.

1. The Cola

You can see the cola is the major ingredient used in Roy Rogers Drink. Even at that, the cola is not difficult to come by. Coca-cola Coke or Pepsi coke can serve as a cola ingredient here. These are great.

You already know that cola from coca-cola or Pepsi is already sweet. This adds to the sweetness and taste of this drink. The implication is that when you use this kind of cola, then there is no need to add more sweetener to the formulation.

If you do not like to use this kind of cola, you can choose from those available from Q drinks. This one is drier and this means that it is not as sweet as those from coca-cola or Pepsi products. The model is better if you are looking for grenadine enhancement cola.

There is also another option. Some people prefer to use Jones’s kind of Soda. This is also sweet and the taste is that of cane sugar. the reason is that it is sweetened by cane sugar and not fructose corn. Most people prefer this because it is more refreshing compared to the other brands out there.

2. Grenadine

The second most popular ingredient used to manufacture Roy Rogers is the grenadine. This may be red but that does not mean that it originates from the cherry-flavored syrup. It originates from the pomegranate. As you can see from the color, how the taste can be different.

This makes the drink easy. Furthermore, it makes it easier to mix this drink. This is widely available during the winter season.

If you want to make it in a period outside the winter season, then you can get this ingredient from pomegranate juice. If you mix that with sugar, it is easier to make your grenadine which you can use for the preparation of this drink.

You can now see that it is easy to make this recipe drink. Most importantly, it is not difficult to come across the ingredients. For the cola component, you have seen the various sources of getting them.

3. Maraschino Cherry

Another thing to discuss the ingredients includes the maraschino cherries which is one of the key ingredients used to make this drink. Getting this ingredient is also not difficult as they are widely available.

There are different kinds in the market, and if you choose the most affordable one, there is nothing to regret because it gives you all the taste you desire from this kind of drink.

Who Should Drink Roy Rogers?

The truth is that this drink is for everybody. If you are the kind that abstains from alcoholic drinks, then you can always consider this product.

It is good for your body. This drink is perhaps the best mocktail option out for there when you opt for a party. Moreover, the drink is good for the kids. You know kids should not be exposed to alcohol, if you do not want to expose your kids to alcoholic drinks then you can always consider this product.

This is one of the best in the market. There is no doubt that this is the best fancy drink for kids and it is not surprising that they love these above other models out there.

Even if you want to have a cocktail party, without a fun drink like this kind of drink, the party is inconclusive. It is easy and simple for the body. This makes its users smile when you use it.

Is Roy Rogers Drink the Same As Shirley Temple?

This question is very simple because a lot of people can confuse Roy Rogers with Shirley Temple. The fact is that the two have lots in common but that does not mean that they are the same.

These are non-alcoholic drinks but they are not made from the same ingredients. This means that the tastes are not going to be the same.

As you are already aware, Roy Rogers is a product of cola while Shirley Temple is a product of lemon-lime soda or ginger ale. One similar ingredient they both contain is grenadine. These two can be a great complete for any party you want to organize.

The two are great because you can always serve them as a non-alcoholic drink.

You Can Make Roy Rogers Drink Your Way

To make this non-alcoholic your way means that you must vary the ingredients in a way that can suit your taste as well as your lifestyle.

To make it in your way, you are not going to change the ingredients used in making them. You must use them only that they are not going to be the same quantity you are used to. 1/2c of ice cubes is enough.

In the same way, you can vary the quantity of grenadine you want to use, just as you can vary the quantity of cola are the garnishing ingredient which is the maraschino cherry.

The process of making your variation is not different because you must get all the ingredients you need in the correct proportion you need them.

You are going to pour the grenadine in the Collins glass as you used to do. Moreover, you have to add cola to it and stir it very well until you get the taste you want.

Remember that you must garnish with the desired quantity of maraschino cherry. You must stir it very well to ensure that it mixes properly. This is why you can get the proper taste.

Why Roy Rogers Drink Recipe is Different

You can see that this product is a must-serve for all mocktail parties. Even in cocktail parties where you want to serve diversities, this is also very important because you must serve them.

The first thing that makes it different from others out there is that it is very easy to make and easy to serve as well. Easy to make because the ingredients are readily available.

Another thing great about it is that you can customize it and prepare it in a way that serves your purpose very well. Furthermore, it is named after a famous singer and actor who dominated the movie industry in the 1940s and 1950s.

It is believed that anything associated with that star has something to do with success. The drink came into existence in the 1940s and it has dominated the market since then.

Furthermore, the non-alcoholic drink has multipurpose use. It is great for cocktails, mocktails, and any other kind of party you want to serve.

For the weekend, it is a great way to have fun with your family members. It is good for the kids since it is non-alcoholic. If there are members of the family that avoid alcohol, this is a good recipe for them.

It appears that the product has a medicinal value. There is an unconfirmed report that it is useful for those recovering from Flu and similar illnesses.

Where Did Roy Rogers Emanate?

It is not easy to tell where the drink originates, but it emerged in the forties and was named after the most popular television and movie actor of that era Roy Rogers.

No one can tell the involvement of this star in the manufacture of the drink but it is widely assumed that Rogers who does not take alcohol must be drinking this kind of beverage and that could be the reason it was named after him.

Bartenders at the time this star was making serve him a non-alcoholic drink and it could be the reason it was named after him. Naming the product after the man may have helped it to dominate the market. It tactically means that they endorsed the product.

What is the Taste of Roy Rogers Non-Alcoholic Drink?

Another thing that is outstanding about this product is the great taste. Although it is produced from four unique ingredients, the taste is great. The taste can also change and that depends on the type of cola you used to make the product.

It does not taste grenadine and it does not taste salty as well. The taste is mixed. It is not as salty or too sweet as a cola. In making it, there is no need to add sweetener if you are using a Pepsi or Coca-cola product. This is because the cola in these drinks is already sweet, and mixing it with sweetener can change the taste to make it too sweet.

The taste is fantastic. You can take this at home and at parties. It is fancier than other drinks and some other drinks out there. Besides it is simple and easy to whip up. If you like using Shirley Temples, you can use it in the home and other places.

Most importantly, this is good for every member of the family. If you like drinking with your family members. This is super simple to make and it is great for family members. You are your kids would have a wonderful time when you take this. If you like you can make it any time of your choice for the kids and other members of the family.

If you are looking for the healthiest drinks to serve your children, you can always choose this since it is easy and simple to prepare them. It takes only four ingredients to prepare this delicious drink. Kids like it because of the taste.

Is Roy Rogers Drink Healthy to Consume?

Yes, it is one hundred percent healthy to consume. You can see that the ingredients used in making them are one hundred percent natural. There are no dangerous ingredients used to make them. The implication of this is that the product is healthy to consume.

Another thing good about the product is the calorie content. The serving glass is 209 calories. If you serve it in the 15 ounces glass, you are not going to get that quantity of calories.

This is also the case if you use the most available cola in the production of this drink. You can get that quantity of calories. This is also great for those who are concerned about carbs intake. It makes for 54.9 g when you take it in just a serving. It contains balanced ingredients and that means that you would get the best health if you consume it.

Something was said about the taste. The taste factor is one of the things that people consider when they are deciding whether to consume a drink or not.

Because of that, the taste is very important. One thing you need to know about it is the taste. You can change the taste of the way that suits your purpose. If you use the usual coca-cola brand of cola in making the product, the taste can be sweet and salty.

The reason is that coca-cola is associated with a salty taste. You are going to have a different kind of coca to make it, the taste is going to be great.

Apart from cola, other useful ingredients are used to make the cola drink and that one of them is the grenadine syrup. The aim here is to improve the taste and this makes it sweet.

Even those it contains these ingredients; the tastes are wonderful. It does not taste like cherry coke. This does not have any cherry juice inside it and it does not taste any cherry. It contains grenadine, which is great for the product.

What is the Grenadine Used in Making Roy Rogers Drink?

The major ingredient which is used in the production process is grenadine. It is made of one hundred percent pomegranate juice.

This means that it is one hundred percent organic. It is natural and safe for consumption. It is one of the best syrups in the industry. This is simple to make. Since it is homemade it is composed of freshly made lemon juice. It can be combined with rose water or in some instances orange flower water.

The greatest thing about grenadine is the fact that it is good for all kinds of users including those suffering allergic to red food dye.

Grenadine is indispensable here and you must learn how to make it.

How to Prepare Grenadine

This requires a 1 to 1 ratio of pomegranate juice and sugar. Use a liquid that the liquid reaches the boiling point and allow it within that temperature for five minutes. The essence is to allow the juice to become thick and become a syrup.

Stop applying heat and allow the solution to cool.

When it has cooled down then you have to add fresh lemon juice to the solution. The aim is to increase the taste. In the same, you have to add either orange blossom water or rose water.

If you want to refrigerate it, you can put it in an airtight jar to ensure that air does not enter and does not escape from the system. With that, you can prefer it as long as you like and you can make use of it for your Roy Rogers Drink recipe anytime you want to prepare one.

What Types of Kitchen Equipment Do You Require?

If you want to prepare this kind of non-alcoholic drink, you must use the correct tools. There are several kitchen tools that you can use for that preparation and here are some of them.

Glassware and the best quality you can use here is the highball product.

Another kitchen tool you require is the bottle opener. You require this if you are using retro glass coca-cola bottles for the preparation.

Furthermore, you require a long handheld spoon and straws. There are two kinds of straws which include white paper and retro red straws.

There are different Roy Rogers variations you can make. Many people would like something different and a twist they can make here is by adding a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. This makes the Roy Rogers float.

Apart from that, there is another garnish idea that you can try today and one of them is simply adding orange or lime to the product. Furthermore, you can add fresh cherry and a stem to it.

Why Roy Rogers Drink is for Everybody

This non-alcoholic is good for everybody. Even those who are allergic to red food dye can have their variation. If you are such, it is easy to prepare your version of grenadine syrup.

All you require is the familiar ingredients which in pomegranate juice as well as lemon juice and orange blossom, or you can choose rose water.

If you want to avoid caffeine. It is possible and you can do that by opting for Coca-Cola that does not contain any caffeine.

Moreover, you do not like diet coke, then you can choose the original coke and the taste is going to be better.

If your kids like this product, you can produce it as much as you like without emptying your bank account. There are cheap cherries in the bar and you can choose any of them and you can prepare them for your kids.

Moreover, when you are preparing the drink, you have to be very cautious about the way you pour the coke over the ice. While you pour that avoid doing it fast because it can overflow after fizzing up.

What Are the Best Tools?

You have seen the important tools you can use. If you want to achieve a perfect result, you must choose the best tools, and here are some of the best tools you can use for this drink.

15-ounce highball glasses are the best for this kind of drink. Over the years it has been valuable for Roy Rogers and the size is also the best. This makes it great.

Furthermore, you require to stir this drink very well and after adding the ingredients, it is good to use long handheld spoons. This can stir the drink very well. Moreover, it is durable because it is designed with the finest quality stainless spoons which make it highly durable.

You have seen that the most important ingredient that can affect the taste is grenadine. The best of such grenadine you can use today is the Rose Grenadine. This brand is great because it is the tastiest and everybody likes the taste.

Final Thoughts

Roy Rogers drink is the best non-alcoholic you can offer to your guests. It is also good for your family members especially your kids.

If you are watching your health and you want to avoid alcoholic drinks completely, you can try this product because it offers you everything you want.

This is simply the best and when you drink this, you have true value for your money. It can serve many purposes and you can serve it for different parties.


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