10 Best High Schools In Centurion, South Africa

Centurion is an important town and a major economic hub with a densely populated area with many schools, but not all are equal, so to find out the best schools in Centurion we asked a cross section of teachers and parents. The list has been compiled to include schools from different regions, so that all readers are able to find a school their child might attend nearest to them.

But before we proceed, let’s share more information on how the educational setup. South Africa’s education system is one of the best in the world and its constitution guarantees free primary and secondary education for every citizen. However, it doesn’t guarantee free tertiary education or even affordable tertiary education to everyone who wants it. The school system in South Africa is divided into basic education and higher education.

Under the basic education system, the schools are further divided into three stages (or grades), namely primary school, junior secondary school and senior secondary school. The junior secondary schools are further sub-divided into fervent grades known as high school and that is our focus.

Grade 12 is the end of senior secondary schooling and the students have to write a final examination to get their final grade, which is an important decision in the life of every student who wants to further his or her education.

Best High Schools in Centurion

We picked top 10 high schools, but we also tried to find out the public and private high school nearest to an individual. We used Google and MapQuest to plan our route for one day. We also took many pictures along the way so that you will be able to see what we found on our trip.

The schools in this article cover 10 high schools for you. They have been ranked based on a number of factors, but most importantly they have been ranked according to the research that our team of research conducted to identify and share the best schools in Centurion, South Africa.

Selection Factors For The Best High Schools In Centurion

  1. Serene and safe environment: for many parents, the location of a school is important because it affects the safety of their child and also has an effect on their child’s performance in the classroom. So we chose to include all schools that offer top-class education and a safe learning environment for all children.
  2. Affordability: The schools have been ranked based on affordability, meaning parents will not have to pay any additional fees other than what they are already paying and we also considered the cost of living in that region.
  3. The level of education offered by different schools and the teachers/professors who work there. We took into account the number of teachers who are from overseas and also their teaching skills.
  4. The Economic development of a school: we have included schools that have continued to grow economically over the years, thus providing more facilities for students to achieve their academic goals and these schools support the local economy by employing people in their school zone (and the surrounding areas).
  5. The reputation of schools in that region: we took into account the number of awards a school has won and their participation in debate competitions, thus taking into consideration the level of education they offer.
  6. The student performance at public examinations: We have taken into account the pass rate for public examinations and also considered schools who perform better than the national average for their region.

10 Best High Schools In Centurion, South Africa

  1. Amberfield College:

GRADES RRR to Grade 12
FEES R57, 900 to R59, 900 per annum
EMAIL info@amberfieldcollege.co.za
PHONE +27(0) 12 534 3344
ADDRESS 4810 Amampondo Street
Rooihuiskraal North x 46
Centurion, South Africa.
WEBSITE https://www.amberfieldcollege.co.za/

This is one of the leading a co-educational private school with a difference in Centurion. The school offers world class private education from Grade RRR to Grade 12 at an affordable fee, and also boasts of standard facilities: computer lab, auditorium, sports field, swimming pool and also sports and cultural activities – table tennis, chess, rugby, swimming, dance, music club, choir, drama and debate.

Amberfield College has become many family’s choice of affordable private high school in Centurion as it offers well-rounded learning that helps the students to develop their true potential, so that they can make the best of their lives, whether it be at school, university or anywhere else in the world.

With hundreds of students enrolled in the school, Amberfield College is one of the leading private schools in Centurion.

Amberfield College is an inclusive school that welcomes all learners, irrespective of race, gender, culture and socio-economic background. The school also offers flexible timetables to accommodate learners who would like to make changes or add modules.

  1. Abbotts College Centurion:

One special feature about Abbotts College is its extra-curricular activities. The school offers sport and cultural activities among other clubs that enhance student development. Some notable clubs include cultural club, drama club, astronomy club and soccer club for both boys and girls.

In terms of sport, the school offers soccer and netball among other sporting activities. Learners are also encouraged to join the debating club as well as chess club. For cultural activities, learners can join the choir and get involved in drama productions, so as to develop their personal development as well as their interpersonal skills.

The school offers life sciences, design and visual arts to all learners in the lead-up to end of year exams and final year examinations.

The school has a computer laboratory that allows learners access to internet facilities, photocopying and laser printing among other features. Furthermore, the school allows students to access the library at all times to facilitate learning.

  1. The Way Christian School:

FEES R35,200 – R51,920 per annum
EMAIL admissions@theway.co.za
PHONE +27 12 656 9228
ADDRESS 229 Erasmus Ave, Raslouw, Centurion, 0157
WEBSITE theway.co.za

This is one of the prestigious and affordable private school that was established to make the students to come to school with a briIt offers all the extracurricular activities such as soccer, netball and athletics that may help the students to be competitive in sports and also be the best in their field.

The WAY Christian School offers both academic and sporting excellence for all learners. The school is known to be one of the prestigious and affordable private schools that are available in Centurion. This is a school for learners who love to learn and have dreams.

The Way Christian School is a private school located in Centurion around Raslouw. This is a co-educational school that strives to provide opportunity and good education for the learners. The school also provides small class size so that parents can easily get their child attention.

In addition, The WAY Christian School offers quality education where students can maintain the pace of study and learn new things all the time during their study at the school.

It is one of the affordable private schools in Centurion that students can get an education with a good quality.

  1. Centurion Christian School

FEES R31,900 – R53,460 per annum
EMAIL [email protected]
PHONE (012) 656 7004
ADDRESS Witpensstekelstert St, Celtisdal, Centurion, 0157
WEBSITE ccschool.co.za

This is one of the best schools in Centurion with an excellent academic record, fine facilities, caring staff and a well disciplined environment that supports the development of Christian values and beliefs to bring about Christian character among the learners.

Centurion Christian School is a co-educational private Christian school providing quality affordable private education through Biblical Education to be good citizen in the society and pursue their dream goals. They are the most affordable private school in Centurion and offers an attractive package to the learners, including a tuition fee, study materials, ICT facilities and much more.

The school prides itself in inculcating the right values and religious doctrines in its students and offers a wide variety of courses including English language, mathematics , science , computer studies , social sciences , art and music.

The students are encouraged to participate actively in international activities through live involvement in related activities and sessions and this has helped the students to build relationship with culturally diverse children from different countries and societies.

The school offers computer skills lab facilities and also offers swimming lessons during the vacations and also football for both genders for extra curricular activities.

The school is approved and registered with the Department of Education and Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA).

  1. Southdowns College:

This college was established primarily to cater for boarding and day students, who are interested in studying relevant subjects and make better use of their time. The school has been very successful in this endeavor, with excellent academic results and high standards of behaviour.

The college currently hosts learners and has a staff complement of over 50 educators, who offer excellent teaching. They are all dedicated professionals and take great pride in their skills and talents, which they bring to their work to ensure the students are well cared for and nurtured.

The college also has an extensive sporting programme, which includes netball, hockey, rugby and tennis. The school has a swimming pool and state of the art gym with music and dance rooms.

There are currently about 300 learners at Southdowns College and the school provides a strong academic and co-curricular program for the learners to ensure that they reach their full potential in every region of learning.

In addition, the school aims to develop the full potential of each learner and to create lifelong learners who are confident, compassionate and multi-skilled.

The college is also well known for its excellent social activities and sports events with an extensive sporting programme, which includes netball, hockey, rugby and tennis. The college is also well known for its excellent social activities and sports events.

  1. Empro Academy:

FEES R3 400 – R5 000 (monthly x 12)
PHONE +27 12 767 7980
EMAIL  info@empro.co.za
ADDRESS 66 Erasmus Avenue, Raslouw, Centurion 0157
WEBSITE empro.co.za

If you want your child to be trained with standard educational facilities and enjoy the benefits of co-educational environment and opportunities to join sports, art, culture and many more, then learning at Empro Academy is your best choice. It is a private school with its own campus in Centurion.

The school was established in 2010. The high school focuses on students’ academic achievement to pursue their dreams with the ever-growing expectations in the 21st century, so that all learners can be equipped with skills and knowledge to face the challenges of future. The school offers quality education to hundreds of learners from within the city and throughout the Eastern Cape.

They offer holistic education including sport, drama, art and culture for your child’s holistic development. With a vibrant and dynamic curriculum and dedicated teachers who are committed to the success of learners, Empro Academy offers the very best in school education.

Empro Academy focuses on academic achievement and long-term learning goals. Teachers at Empro Academy know that every student learns differently and has a unique potential to succeed.

The school follows a standard, independent school curriculum and this made Empro Academy to be many families choice of reputable private high schools in Centurion.

  1. Cornwall Hill College:

This is one of the best schools in Centurion with an independent co-educational English medium school catering to learners from the entry-level through to secondary level, which is the Grade 12 level, so the students potentials will be fully actualised for them to become a problem solver.

Cornwall Hill College offers admission to learners starting from Grade 000 through to Grade 12. The school is an independent co-educational English medium school with a very strong sports, arts and culture programme.

Cornwall Hill College was established in 2008 as an independent co-educational day and boarding school in a serene and safe environment for learners to fully develop their competencies and skills.

The college is an academic-minded school that provides a holistic approach to education using the 21st century educational systems and prides itself on its well-rounded education in all spheres.

Cornwall Hill College is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, and is registered with the department of education as an independent school. The school is also fully accredited by the department of education to deliver state approved curriculum and examination framework.

  1. Veritas Academics:

Veritas Academics is located in a serene environment ideal for fast learning to make the best graduates. The school is located in Rooihuiskraal, a serene area that attracts many learners and families to settle.

Veritas Academics offers a caring yet competitive environment for your child to flourish. The convenient location for travelling is nearby and easy access to other facilities helps learners progress in the most effective way.

They also offers standard educational facilities for students, including a serene classroom with a class size limit of 15 learners to ensure that the teacher and the learners can interact well, giving the students ample opportunity to express their ideas.

All classrooms are equipped with modern and complete set of necessary equipment to deliver quality education and for students to fully utilize their time in class, so they can learn properly.

Veritas Academics also have a sports field that is used for various sporting activities such as soccer, rugby and netball, which the learners enjoy very much. In addition, there is a library for the learners to use for their studies and leisure activities.

  1. Trinityhouse High School:

This is another school that is grounded in excellence and driven to in-still the values in the life and day to day activities of the students, so they can grow up to becoming responsible, loving and caring people.

This school is located in a quiet and safe environment with a number of facilities for the learners to use. The school offers lessons from English as the main language up to high school level.

With the high esteem this school holds in the hearts of the community it is no wonder that it has been able to attract top notch academic staff who are willing to go an extra mile to ensure the success of the learners.

The school offers all learners quality sports facilities that have been designed, built and maintained by the school to provide a safe environment for learners who are keen on participating in sporting activities. Also, this school offers swimming pool where learners can participate in sporting activities.

With the new facilities, quality and caliber of teachers, the school is on its way to become a successful educational institution with a clean track record and reputation of excellence.

The school offers a modern and contemporary approach to education with a holistic view. The school has a friendly atmosphere, and an excellent academic system as well as discipline, security and peace of mind.

  1. Pinnacle College Copperleaf:

This is one of the best private schools in Centurion with a very friendly atmosphere and co-educational structure to create an exceptional learning ambience and a healthy student-teacher relationship.

The emphasis is on creating a school culture that makes a positive contribution to the quality of life of every learner at this private boarding school. Education is the crux, with the vision of creating an environment conducive to learning.

Pinnacle College Copperleaf is committed to providing a place for learners to develop and grow morally, socially, physically and academically. This co-educational private school believes in its students and their potential to achieve greatness.

Pinnacle is an independent school that was founded with the vision of providing a world class education to all children. They value and respect the individual worth of each learner. In days to come, this will be a school which will be known as a leader in its field, whilst every learner at Pinnacle College Copperleaf are equipped to be successful in life.

Placement is at the center of Pinnacle College’s philosophy. Students are placed based on their abilities and potential, which is rarely the case with big named schools. The school is situated in Mnandi, Centurion with easy access to most areas.


Centurion is an upcoming city in the Gauteng Province with all the essential facilities, amenities of life and a booming economy. It is considered to be a safe place to live and, being a vibrant city with ample opportunities for growth and employment, there is a host of private schools for all learners of every age, who wish to pursue their education in Centurion.

As you can see with the list of schools we provide there are many high performing schools in Centurion and its surrounding areas. The above mentioned private schools are known to offer top class facilities, academic support, care and discipline programs.

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