Best 10 Primary Schools In London

If you are seeking information on the best primary schools in London, we’ve got the right information for you. Every parent wishes to offer their child the greatest start possible in life by enrolling them in the top elementary school. It’s interesting that Londoners enjoy the good fortune of residing close to several of the nation’s top universities.

Our analysis of many ranking metrics has identified London’s top primary schools. The ranking of these institutions is based on a number of variables, including current test scores.

Best Primary Schools in London

We have compiled a list of the top 10 elementary schools in the city of London based on these reports. Because of their continued performance, these schools are among the best in the UK. We’ll explore them below.

10 Best Primary Schools In London

In order to assist you in selecting a junior school that will better match your children’s needs, we have put together a list of some of the top primary schools in London.

1. Fox Primary School

Children aged 4 to 11 attend Fox Primary School, a primary school in London. The Royal Borough of Kensington Place and Chelsea is where the school is situated. Hon. Caroline Fox established it as a charitable institution in 1842.

Fox Primary School strives to establish a healthy, secure, and long-lasting learning atmosphere where students are appreciated and content.

Fox School works hard to achieve their goals while pursuing an outstanding education. Their goal is to produce children who are joyful, healthy, self-assured, autonomous, and enthusiastic students. Their students have a solid bedrock of values to draw on when making decisions for the local and global communities. Additionally, these kids grow to love learning and are inspired by education. In the end, they grow as people and are appreciated for their variety of abilities, ethnic origins, talents, and ambitions.

2. Barnes Primary School

South-west of the Thames, in London, is the location of Barnes Primary School, a community primary school. You can find things at the primary school. Regardless of whether you are a potential parent, a person who may be enthusiastic in joining at Barnes School, or a current member of the school community.

The aim at Barnes Primary School is for students to develop as independent, self-driven learners. They possess a broad range of general study abilities that will be helpful to them all of their life. The school gives them the chance to have fun and relish their youth while they are working through this process.

By giving the students the tools they will need for prosperity, the school hopes to significantly improve the lives of the students. These abilities are beneficial both now, when we are young, and in the future. Their preparation for work and life in the twenty-first century is the goal of the curriculum Barnes School offers.

Barnes Primary School can be reached at 020-8876-7358 or online at

3. North London Collegiate School

North London Collegiate School, a premier autonomous day school for girls, was established in 1850. The school is situated in Edgware, a district of London called Harrow. It has one sister school in Dubai and two on the South Korean island of Jeju. Both schools offer a British curriculum and are mixed gender day and residential institutions.

The Girls’ Schools Association includes North London Collegiate School as a member.

The school’s main goal is to give each student an objective college experience so she can maximize her intelligence and skills.

4. Westmister School

One of the top universities in London and among the top in the UK is Westminster. The institution is the only historic school in London to still be located there.

The school Westminster accepts both day and boarding students. It is a bustling, enthusiastic, and purposeful environment where original thought is promoted and success is fostered. Some of the most influential people in the world have attended Westminster for centuries as students.

The address of Westminster School is Little Dean’s Yard, London SW1P 3PF. You can contact them by phone at +44 (0)20 7963 1000 or online at

5. Akiva School

Akiva was the first Jewish elementary school founded by the Progressive Jewish movement in the United Kingdom. Members of the Reform and Liberal groups as well as the New North London synagogue were receiving special support from the establishment. It received the designation of two-form entrance school in 2006. This was done in advance of the London Borough of Barnet’s transition to the public sector.

Children are taught at Akiva School to be joyful, self-assured, informed citizens who love Israel and all of Judaism. The world, others, and oneself are all taught to and respected by Akiva students.

6. St Andrew’s Church of England (VA) Primary School

For students in the London Borough of Barnet and the Diocese of St Albans, St Andrew’s is a one-form entry, optionally aided C of E school.

The school’s daily operations are guided by Christian and British principles. This is done to make sure that kids are secure, content, and respectful to one another.

The Green, Totteridge, London, N20 8NX is where you can find St Andrew’s Church School. Their phone number is 0208 445 6157, and their website address is

7. Curwen Primary School

A very excellent school located in Plaistow in the London borough of Newham is called Curwen Primary and Nursery School. They routinely rank in the top 10 percent of schools in the nation and offer children from 3 to 11 years old an exceptional education.

The curriculum at Curwen Primary School emphasizes nurturing the kid. Additionally, they make sure that kids acquire critical abilities and information in math, reading, and writing.


We understand how crucial it is to choose the top primary school in London for your youngster. We wrote this article as a result in order to give you some important information.

If you intend to enroll your children in some of the top primary schools in London, you should definitely read this post. You can learn more about London’s top private elementary schools right here. It also covers other parts of the city and some of the best primary schools in London. We sincerely hope that this has given you the knowledge you need.

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