Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Dublin, Ireland

The best secondary schools in Dublin, Ireland, are, more often than not, run for 5 or 6 years. The journey for the Leaving Certificate starts at the age of 12 through 17 or 18, as the case may be. In addition, the minimum school leaving age is 16 years or the completion of 3 years of pre-tertiary education.

In the world today, every parent has a role to play; catering to the needs and wants of the family, washing the dishes, and even taking the children to school. These are just a handful of typical tasks parents are expected to carry out.


How about sending the children to school? That is a crucial one. It is still the parent’s sole responsibility to ensure that the children’s education is well taken care of, like it or not.

That said, children’s education usually comes at a cost, depending on the location and whether the school in question is a public or private institution.

However, while some parents are most likely going to opt for public schools, for some reason, many others may find private schools to be an ideal option.

Ultimately, it all boils down to which school would serve your child well, in terms of academics, and sports to say the least.

For this reason, parents, as always, are advised to ensure that their children attend the best school possible.

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That said, let’s have a quick run-through of the city of Dublin before delving into the list of best secondary schools in Dublin.

About the city of Dublin

Dublin, being the largest city in Ireland, does not only boasts of its population; however, the city also prides itself as the center of education in the country, with a wide range of highly-rated post-secondary and pre-tertiary institutions.

Also, the city of Dublin is home to Ireland’s four top post-secondary institutions, including the University of Dublin—the oldest standing university in the country, with a history dating from the 16th century.

Ireland, like many European countries, holds education in high esteem. Therefore, every child living in Ireland, whether as a refugee, asylum seeker, or child of migrant workers, has the right to a quality education.

In addition to having access to quality schools, children who fall within any of the statuses aforementioned also are entitled to free preschool, elementary, and secondary education. However, they usually will have to pay for the uniform, books, stationery, and school trips.

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Dublin, Ireland

1. St. Andrew’s College

EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+353-1-288 2785
ADDRESSBooterstown Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
ENROLMENTApprox. 1,300 students

St. Andrew’s College is a co-educational junior and senior high school situated in Dublin. As a reinvigorated day and boarding Christian school, St.

Andrew houses over 1,300 students plus academic and non-academic staff, all drawn from the Republic of Ireland and 30 other countries.

Ideally, success in academic pursuit requires both global and national outlook hence, the school, without any doubt gives its students the best of foreign and domestic curricula with varieties of subjects and extra-curricular options to enhance academics, vocational and entrepreneur breadth.

However, St. Andrew’s College provides excellent domestic education with international involvement via the promotion of value and high academic standards.

2. International School of Dublin

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE(+353) 087 329 1417
ADDRESSSynge St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin, D08 PW64, Ireland
TUITION€1,175 €9,850 per annum

The International School of Dublin was established in 2007 and ever since then, the school had grown into one of the best in the country.

Being an international school, ISD is the first among its peers to be accredited as an International Baccalaureate (World Primary School) in Ireland.

The school is a co-educational, non-denominational, culturally diverse, not for profit and private school with small classrooms that are heavily guided by experienced and international staff.

Upon a visit to the International School of Dublin (ISD), you will find a lively learning environment characterized by purposeful and collaborative activities.

There, students benefit from a broad education and innovative form of engagement that promotes “how to think” and not “what to think.”

3. Loreto College

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE(01) 6618179
ADDRESS53/55 st. stephen’s green, Dublin 2

Loreto College (St. Stephen Green’s) is a Catholic School founded by Mary Ward in 1645. It is one of the global chains of schools managed by the Institute of the Holy Virgin Mary (popularly known as the Loreto tradition).

The exclusive environment of the college is aimed at encouraging gospel values, sporting, and cultural endeavors.

In this school, students are often challenged to realize their full potentials, to develop a wide range of leadership opportunities as well as to balance their disciplined work routine in accordance with an enjoyable life outside the four walls of the classroom.

Thus, Loreto College is located at 53/55 ST. Stephen’s Green, Republic of Ireland, Dublin 2.

4. The King’s Hospital School

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+353 1 643 6500
ADDRESSPalmerstown, Dublin 20, D20 V256, Ireland
TUITION€7,475 €21,844 per annum

The King’s Hospital School is yet another co-educational junior and high school for day and boarding students, which provides a wide range of academic curriculum coupled with an extracurricular activity.

In conjunction with world-class teachers and experienced coaches, the King’s Hospital School ensures that its students are inspired, resilient, confident, and prepared against any challenges in this ever-changing world.

The school also has unrivaled amenities and accommodation that are within reach of motorways and easy transport links.

What’s more, being culturally diverse and non-denominational, the school welcomes any young mind to its beautiful learning environment without giving recourse to any faith or nationality.

5. Wesley College

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE01 298 7066
ADDRESSBallinteer, Dublin 16, Ireland. D16 NX73
TUITION€7,600 €18,400 per annum

Wesley College was founded in 1845 (majorly for the Methodist tradition) in Ireland. The College is a co-educational, non-denominational day and boarding school nurturing over 900 students.

At Wesley, priority is usually given to students that are from the main Protestant tradition, and yet, the school prides itself on the efficacy of inclusive community spirit by welcoming students from other faiths and traditions.

In terms of providing an ideal learning environment for students, Wesley College boasts state-of-the-art facilities in a large area at the foot of the Dublin city mountain.

In fact, student life at Wesley wouldn’t be completed without participating in any of the school extracurricular activities options.

That is to say, the school provides its student with a broad opportunity that aids the academic curriculum and as such, allowing students to seize all the available opportunities against their unknown future.

Top Private Secondary Schools in Dublin

6. Gonzaga College

EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE(01) 497 2931
ADDRESSSandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin D06 KF95

Gonzaga College is purely a day school for the boys’ folks only and it is under the watch and care of the Jesuit tradition (Society of Jesus). The College is an independent one with a strong pastoral tradition and academic excellence.

At present, there are 560 students or thereabouts on the College rolls, and the same tradition that was envisaged by the founders since 1950 is still taught. Gonzaga races innovation that best prepares their boys for any future challenges.

That being said, Gonzaga College is arguably one of the best for boys-only colleges in Dublin as of today.

And, looking at the caliber of great old students the college has churned out, they are in fact achieving laudable goals in their respective chosen careers.

7. Castle Park School

EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+353 1 280 3037
ADDRESSCastlepark Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin, A96 DP48

Castle Park School is an independent primary school with over 100 years of proud history nurturing boys and girls of age 3 12.

The school provides a day schooling experience with efficient efforts towards making young lives extraordinary.

Castle Park School has a rigorous academic curriculum, coupled with a firm focus on numeracy and literacy.

While the school has a broader curriculum in subjects like science, art, IT, music, sport, drama, and modern languages, the vast majority of them are taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

Similarly, swimming education is another aspect of extra-curricular and lifesaving skills option that the school is offering its pupils on the “Pay As You Go” ground.

8. Castleknock College

EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+353 1 8213051
ADDRESSCollege Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15 D15 PD95

Castleknock College is another top school in Dublin you might consider for your child’s excellent academic pursuit.

Their students are well known for excellent academic performance most especially in science-related subjects.

The school provides a conducive learning environment for its students and derives pleasure in assisting them to discover their potentials in the classroom, during sports, and in some other personal development.

In Castleknock, it is compulsory for all students to do a transition (4th) year and some of the subjects they write are equivalent to Leaving Certificate with extra-curricular options like swimming, martial arts, media study, driver awareness, public speaking, photography, environmental studies, enterprise, etc.

9. Blackrock College

EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+353 1 288 8681
ADDRESSRock Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

The Blackrock College is a boy-only, not for a profit day and boarding Christian school in Dublin, Ireland.

Just like any other religion-based school, Blackrock provides interesting pastoral counsel and quality education to its students.

The College was opened in 1860 by a group of Holy Ghost Fathers and occupied 56 acres of large and attractive rolling parkland on Dublin Bay.

The Blackrock College affairs are managed by the Congregation in co-operation with a group of dedicated lay personnel. The school is situated on Rock Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

10. Belvedere College SJ

EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+353 1 858 6600
ADDRESS6 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

Belvedere College SJ is a learning community that is committed to providing academic excellence and nurturing a child to their utmost potential in a serene and safe environment.

While Belvedere gives priority to their student’s academic performance, it also gives pastoral care and other personal development skills and abilities that will be useful to them outside the four walls of the classroom.

In the same vein, the school also runs a Social Diversity Programme (SDP) where bursary will be given to students from socially and financially deprived backgrounds.

Many past students that have benefited from this program had gone to become leaders in law, medicine, politics, finance, academia, drama, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a school and enrolling your child can be very challenging. Especially, in a densely populated city like Dublin with several dozen high schools.

However, before embarking on the quest for a good high school, it is often recommended to compare the schools side-by-side in order to gather as much information as possible about the schools before concluding on whether or not to opt-in.

Also, take into consideration the diversity of each of these schools, and how they operate; plus, whether the school is public, independent, denominational, or non-denominational. Some schools offer European languages and practical skills, while others do not.

That said, to be qualified for a post-secondary institution, your child must score enough points in their Leaving Certificate exams.

In the end, irrespective of what school you choose for your child, you will certainly have to pay for school books, school uniforms, and extra-curricular activities.


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