10 Best Secondary Schools in Dublin


The largest educational hub in Ireland is reputed to be in Dublin. There are several extra higher education institutions there in addition to four of the best universities. Primary and secondary schools in the city are among the best in the country, and there are a considerable number of them.

Dublin was designated as the European Capital of Science in 2012. What institutions have helped the city grow to this level? The top 10 secondary schools in the Irish city of Dublin will be highlighted in this article.

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Dublin

The top 10 high schools in Dublin are listed here, in no particular order.


Best Secondary Schools in Dublin

1. The High School

The High School is a mixed gender, private secondary school in Dublin that is affiliated with the Church of Ireland. The institution was started in 1870. The High School has consistently been rated as Ireland’s top-performing institution. They are a member of the Erasmus Smith Trust and score highly in terms of advancement to higher education. There are now over 750 students registered at the institution.

2. Mount Anville Secondary School

Dublin’s Mount Anville Secondary School is an all-girls, Roman Catholic, post-primary institution. Initially, the school was an all-boarding institution. However, it has changed to a day-school in recent years due to a decline in the need for such institutions. Around 659 pupils are enrolled in Mount Anville Secondary School at the moment.

Dublin 14 D14 A8P3 neighborhood is where the school is situated. They can be reached at 01 288 5313. Their fees and tuition total €6,000. Its URL is

3. Drimnagh Castle Secondary School

In Dublin, Ireland, there is a secondary school run by the Christian Brothers named Drimnagh Castle Secondary School. There are more than 650 students enrolled in the 1954-founded institution.

A top high school in Dublin is Drimnagh Castle Secondary School. They have excellent facilities for giving your child the best high school education possible.

4. Chanel College

Ireland’s Dublin is home to Chanel College, a senior Catholic institution for boys. Over 600 students, ages 13 to 19, now attend the school, which opened its doors in 1955 with just 12 students.

A top secondary school in Dublin is Chanel College. In Dublin, the facility at the school is among the best for secondary school instruction.

5. St Vincent’s Castleknock College

St. Vincent’s Castleknock College is an all-boys, voluntary Vincentian secondary institution. There are now 708 students there, ages 12 to 19, and it was founded in 1835. The institution is among Dublin’s top high schools for high-quality education. The institution enjoys recognition on a global scale.

6. Oatlands College

Oatlands College is a secondary school for males only that is run by the Christian Brothers. The Irish Times newspaper named the institution as County Dublin’s 10th-best non-fee-paying high school in 2013. It now serves 540 students between the ages of 12 and 18.

Oatlands College is located near Mount Merrion, County of Dublin. They can be reached at 01 2888533 and online at

7. Newpark Comprehensive School

Newpark Comprehensive School is a co-educational, Church of Ireland, state comprehensive highschool in Dublin, Ireland. There are 863 pupils enrolled in the institution, which opened its doors in 1972. Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, County Dublin, A94 EV70 is where the school is located. They can be reached via their website,, or by calling +353 1 2883724.

8. Blackrock College

All-boys, coed, Catholic high school Blackrock College offers both day and boarding options. The institution is a top high school for males between the ages of 12 and 19. More than 1,000 day and boarding students are now enrolled at the institution. Here, you can receive the best secondary education possible.

9. Wesley College

Ireland’s Dublin is home to the private, coed Wesley College, which offers both day and boarding programs.

The school serves 912 pupils, ranging in age from 11 to 18. One of Dublin’s top high schools for enrolling your ward is Wesley College.

10. Dominican College Sion Hill

One of the first girls’ secondary schools established in Ireland is Dominican College Sion Hill. There are 444 pupils enrolled at this national school. The school is recognized as one of the top ones in the region and the nation. In this institution, you may give your child the opportunity to attend college.

Final Thoughts

In Ireland’s capital city of Dublin, these are the top secondary schools. Everything from private high schools to the city’s finest secondary schools was covered in this article.

Locating the excellent secondary schools in Dublin is still a top concern for parents and kids, though. Despite the fact that there are certain secondary schools, you wouldn’t want to enroll your kids there. Dublin continues to be home to many highly regarded secondary schools. These would be ideal for any father looking to provide his children with a high-quality education.

What You Should Know About Dublin!

With a population of about 1,347,359, Dublin is both the capital and largest city of Ireland. In comparison to other cities in the area, the city has one of the least crime rates in the entire world. In terms of cost of living, Dublin is the 58th most expensive city in the world and the 13th most expensive city in the European Union.


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