Top 10 Best State High Schools in Brisbane

Brisbane offers an exceptional educational experience to students who enroll in their institutions. Here we are going to evaluate the best state high schools in Brisbane.

We also give you a microscopic view of how lovely studying in one of the best public high schools in Brisbane can be.


Brisbane is the city with the highest population in the Australian state of Queensland. It is also the third most visited place for tourism aside from Sydney and Melbourne.

If you want to find out more about the policies, the code of conduct, and the methods of admission of the best state high schools in Brisbane, then read on.

The tourist attractions include the Brisbane river walk and the wheel of Brisbane among many others.


Many state high schools in Brisbane are co-educational (admit both males and females).

Research has proven that students who attend the co-educational school systems tend to be more confident adults as they can express themselves better in society.

Like every other well-meaning state, the high schools in Brisbane share a common vision of making sure that through the implementation of policies students get all the support they need to succeed.

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The student’s code of conduct in Brisbane is not to restrict them from expressing themselves or make them shrink into their shells as the policies foster students’ academic growth and create a better learning environment.

Some of the policies include a well-planned curriculum that is directed at making learning flow in a sequence that creates a better chance for everyone to understand, irrespective of their learning pace.

Students also have the right to seek support from the appropriate staff as at when due. As time and again youngsters have a lot of questions to ask.

The well-being of every student is of maximum importance to every one of these schools. Therefore, when it is realized that some students tend to display behaviors that are challenging, then individualized, function-based behavior assessment and support plans are provided.

This is to the benefit of every student as they can make the most of their time in high school.

The principals under constitutional authority reserve the right to implement disciplinary measures were required to ensure that each of their schools is at their best.

Below is an overview of the best public high schools in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia.



GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS Cnr Cordelia and Glenelg Streets South Brisbane QLD 4101
PHONE (07) 3291 4111

First on our list is the prestigious Brisbane high. It is the oldest state high school that was established in Brisbane.

With over 100 years of positive impact, the school stands for its motto “knowledge is power.”

The school believes that no matter what, every student can learn and succeed. With the level of expectations on it, the school has proven an unparalleled record of excellence.

One of the most interesting experiences is taking a tour through the schools’ football pitch and tennis court.

Both indoor and outdoor games are done by the students as there are facilities for this.

The music gallery offers a fun time for students to learn their favorite musical instruments. Guitar, piano, drums among others.

The business innovation center is not something one can just shrug off in a hurry. Students of Brisbane have time and again built their elementary tech skills at the innovation center

It is imperative to note that Brisbane high is a partially selective state high school with minimal requirements. Some of which are selections based on merit.

Students are also selected based on their lovely performance or achievement in sports.

There are students with lovely arts skills or those who demonstrate exceptional ability in a musical audition who could gain admission through the selective entry mode.

It is the executive principal that makes decisions on who gains admission through the selective entry mode.

The students have continued to give mind-blowing records of excellence which makes the school continue to be at the zenith In many ways.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS Ward Street Indooroopilly QLD 4068
PHONE (07) 3327 8333

Beautifully situated on the southwest of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The school is home for both genders (co-educational).

Suppose you need a mixture of fun and education then Indooroopilly is the school that can guarantee you that.

Fun in the sense that learning in this institution is never a boring experience. The school offers what is known as the “EQI holiday program”, students get to travel around Australia and have some fun time out.

The school maintains that it is a supportive, caring, and loving community where many students who reportedly came as shy people who couldn’t express themselves have come to find themselves.

Such students can now express themselves in public, express themselves in music and arts, and In various other forms.

The school happily admits International students. These students have expressed their satisfaction in the fact that they have the luxury of learning the second language option. Such International students have subsequently become fluent at it.

Indooroopilly high students do not wear a uniform. This is also very appealing to many of the youngsters.

The school also offers “programs of excellence” these programs are used to create accelerated learning for students.

The programs include aerospace and aviation, Spanish immersion, Chinese acceleration, music acceleration, mathematics, and engineering among others.

Students who have taken the programs of excellence tend to learn at a faster rate than other students of their age. They also gain the chance to get preliminary specialized training.
Indooroopilly runs a six-year program (Year 7 to Year 12) and the admission is done with no gender-based disparities.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS Corner Broadwater and Ham Road, Mansfield QLD 4122
PHONE (07) 3452 5333

This is one of the most outstanding public high schools in the South of Queensland.

As an independent state high school, Mansfield high has so improved the student learning experience by creating platforms that make learning more technology-focused.

Consequently, every student has access to a laptop device provided by the school or brought by the student following the school policies.

Mansfield students have grown to be record breakers. With an overwhelming performance of gaining an average score of 602 under the NAPLAN assessment system.

The school has also gained credit for bringing home the trophy for the Queensland music festival.

It is of priority to the school that all students use evidence-based learning strategies that support them to make meaning and improve their retention and retrieving skills.

Students are taught to build learning strategies that value collaboration and build their independence in the long run.

When the learning strategies are implemented, students’ progress is checked consistently through systematic and continuous inquiry.

Mansfield high school sets high standards for student performance, behavior and ensures that students participate actively in educational, sporting, and musical activities.

Mansfield state high school runs on a co-education system. The school does not accept enrollment of International students as of 2021. Students who fall within the catchment map tend to get more preference for admission.

Proven to have built a positive reputation of, care and support. Each student gets as much attention as they need. The teachers are said to be easy to work with.

The school curriculum is such that makes for a complete grade 8 to grade 12 programs.

Within this period students are taught skills that breaks learning barriers and gives them the tools to apply their knowledge to real-life situations.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS Widdop Street, Hendra QLD 4011
PHONE (07) 3637 0111

One of the best high schools that will satisfy your fantasy is Aviation High School. Unlike many other state high schools in Brisbane, this institution incorporates aviation into almost all its courses.

The school is situated close to the Brisbane International Airport. Hence, students have a first-hand sight of what is taught in the classroom.

The students are taught on a basic level what is required in the aviation industry. As the need for career-focused basic education has been a pressing need.

The school has become an answer to this very need. Prospective students who gain entrance into this institution will have access to a wealth of knowledge as the state’s aviation sector is dedicated to being supportive to the institution in the development of an up-to-date curriculum, creating opportunities in the best ways for developing both staff and students of the school.

The students are at chance of receiving awards and scholarships directly into tertiary education for aviation studies.

The school is an ally with several universities that give specialized training within the aviation sector and grants students quicker chances of employment.

Aviation state high school is a co-education system and admits students from grade 8 to the 12th grade. She offers special courses like Aero skills technology and aerospace studies among others.

This does not in any way imply that the regular courses are treated with less priority. Every course is given maximum attention.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS 1 Moolanda Street Jindalee QLD 4074
PHONE (07) 3373 4555

With over 1,700 students, and a well-defined goal of building a community where quality learning is the pivot of everything.

The school is located around the centenary suburbs of Moolanda in Queensland, Australia.

Centenary State prides itself in its ability to make an obvious difference in the student between the period of enrolment and graduation through the paths of excellence that are created by the school’s intelligent management team.
One of the best ways to learn is to learn with the most modern tools and to know its real-life application.

Bent on giving the best, the school’s facilities are such that have been designed with the latest technology.

Hence, with every teaching comes the opportunity to make a practice of what is taught using the most updated tools and having hands-on experience.

In doing this, students see the relevance of what they learn and have an optimistic approach to learning.

The school inculcates virtues like commitment, responsibility, and care for each other in its students.

Speaking of inferiority complex, many students tend to lack the confidence to be their true selves because some students are given preferential treatment.

Centenary State High School ensures that every student is given the same fair treatment. No student bully’s the other either physically or verbally as they are made to look out for each other.

The school is co-educational and Like many other schools in Brisbane, students in the geographical catchment map are told to provide appropriate documents which may include a utility bill to ascertain their location which is a basic requirement for admission to the school.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS 60 Aberfeldy Street, Kenmore QLD 4069
PHONE (07) 3327 1555

Sitting in the western suburbs of the city of Brisbane. The school was founded in 1972 and since then remains a respected institution in Queensland.

The early stages of youngsters’ life are meant to be a tour of consistent discovery of both things and self. At Kenmore state high school, everything is directed towards making a progressive upgrade of knowledge.

The school admits both genders when they meet its admission criteria. With its aim of giving out socially responsible and well-taught citizens, the school is strict with students who violate its policies of dress code and uniform.

Kenmore High offers the Spanish immersion program as well as the music immersion program.

The former is in which students, aside from sitting in a classroom and working their brains out can take out time to go on a tour to Germany.

The school’s management gives an intensive German program for four years.
Fun times are also derived from the Music immersion program.

Students who had taken music courses in junior high schools are given intensive classes that them some level of musical mastery.

Like we said earlier, Kenmore high is dedicated to progressive learning. At the Zenith program, students of Kenmore are giving an aptitude test from which those who can make their best impressions are taken to National competitions with other schools to contest in problem-solving.

Over time Kenmore high has been giving credit for its outstanding performance at several competitions.

The school is actively involved in several extracurricular activities including performing arts, business, design, and technology.

She offers classes on robotics and basic Arduino programming language. She runs some competitions to test students’ abilities in these areas. This includes the computational and Algorithmic Thinking competition.

Parents and students who have analyzed the suitability of these activities are at will to take the classes in their best interest to engage in the programs or to engage their wards.

Students all within grades 7 to 12 participate in the Australian Informatics Olympiad competition. Where students solve problems using programming skills.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS 1020 Waterworks Road The Gap QLD 4061
PHONE (07) 3511 3888

It is no surprise to have a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best high schools in Brisbane for the Gap State high school.

It is situated in the Northwestern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. The Students of this school have reportedly out-weighed the expectation boundaries nationally.

Well reported for serial success, the school represents its motto “ours the future.” Through various academic and extracurricular activities including rock climbing (indoor) and bouldering, students have a lot of fun studying at the institution.

With its 150 capacity performance arts center she brings out the best of talents in youngsters. The school has proven to inculcate leadership skills in students through its leadership program.

For over twenty years the school has been taking International students. This helps to grow the school community through multiculturalism.
As a co-education system, the school fosters learning beyond gender-based or traditional barriers.

The school offers an excellent program in applied positive psychology. This enhances the students’ leadership skills and shapes their confidence both for positive thinking and otherwise.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS 46 Pratten Street Corinda QLD 4075
PHONE (07) 3379 0222

With a proven record of over 60 years of producing a large number of competent students. Corinder high no doubt has a beautiful learning environment.

With its enjoyable sports facilities, the school gives the students time out to develop their talents in no small way.

From the “excellence programs” that it offers students grow fundamental skills in their various fields of interest.

Corinder high offers teachings in various International languages including Japanese, German, French, and Spanish.

There are also options for vocational training that equip students to polish their vocational skills.

Corinder high is a co-educational school system. She offers admission and gives students all it takes to succeed and all it takes to become what they dream to be.

The excellence programs include culinary honors, dance excellence, engineering, design, and technology football excellence among tons of others.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS 754 Samford Road Mitchelton QLD 4053
PHONE (07) 3550 1111

Where individual excellence is needed. Mitchelton offers excellence not just on a statistical level but on an individual level.

Situated at Sanford road, Mitchelton, Australia, the school system is such that students are groomed to be well-rounded, disciplined, accountable, and maximally involved in every activity.

Mitchelton State High is happily engaged in sports activities as it has in it the facilities that make for sports to be an exciting experience.

Mitchelton offers education from year 7 to year 12 and is purely co-educational. With a deliberate application of computerized multimedia facilities, the school uses visual images to enhance the learning experience of students in their various levels of understanding.

The sports facilities also include the tennis court and cricket ground. So it’s clear that learning in this institution is far from boring.

The school welcomes International students from several parts of the world and gives them a feeling of home.

Currently, the school has students from Colombia, South Korea, and Vietnam. They have attested to how it feels lovely to be in an environment that gives them extreme comfort away from home.

Some of the merits of studying at Mitchelton States High include a close relationship with the teachers, an environment to easily make friends, and what’s more, the academia makes it easy to relate with school staff and management.


GRADES 7 – 12
ADDRESS Blackwattle Street, Macgregor QLD 4109
PHONE (07) 3347 3555

Independent public schools in Brisbane reserve some extra rights to make decisions. One of which is not the least but the last we review on our list is MacGregor State High School.

The institution prides itself on the enviable reputation it has created in time. The school is situated in MacGregor, Brisbane, Australia.

It was founded in 1969 to make each student be the best they can be. The school has created an innovative curriculum, that has what it takes to make learning flow in the right sequence.

The school holidays are not wasted out. Students want to create lasting memories from their high school and get to have a lot of reasons to smile at their high school days.

The school, therefore, makes provision for students to set out and to create this memory during their holidays as they enroll in their holiday adventure programs.

Some of the tours include tours to the Fraser Island, Sydney safari, and Melbourne Safari with much more which is yet to come.

“Facts speaking for itself” is the case when it comes to excellent academic performance at MacGregor State High school.

The school upholds a reputable record in Brisbane for its students becoming exceptional among their peers.

Like many other outstanding state high schools in Brisbane, MacGregor State High offers excellent programs in artistic development, dance, and drama, a Chinese immersion program, and an innovative research project.

MacGregor State High is co-educational and provides a curriculum for students within year 8 to year 12 and its level of competence cannot be over-emphasized.


We encourage you to go for the best. We have reviewed the best state high schools in Brisbane because we know you love the best.

You can see from this post that every school in Brisbane is thriving to make a difference among others.

Yet with the competitions amongst all these schools, the ones we have reviewed seem to put more in the line to ensure that they create a comfortable, serene and educative environment for students to be at their best.

Students who go to the best school tend to learn faster because they have confidence in the reputation of their institution.

Research shows that many International students head to Brisbane from China, India, and other parts of the world for education.

This is because the state high schools in Brisbane have time-proven reports of an educational system that is worth the while.

You are welcome to come back for more information on schools and educational content on our page.

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