List of Top 15 Registered Charities in Canada

The Non-Governmental Organizations, NGOs, in Canada are now well over 170,000 and still counting. Meanwhile, only about 85,000 are registered.

Statistics show that over 13 million Canadians are doing a lot to provide health care, education, poverty alleviation programs, including volunteerism to NGOs and Charities.

With 10% of the Canadian population working in the NGO sector, it is easier to spot that being part of a charity organization in Canada can add a lot of value to the life of the participants, and they will, in turn, add value to the life of those they assist.

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Here in this article, we shall be writing extensively on the 15 top NGOs and charities in Canada, all of which are registered.

What Charities Should I Donate To In Canada?

You may want to donate to charity, and you are not sure whether or not that charity is authentic or whether your donation will work out your intent.

In verifying if a charity is registered, you have to put a few things in mind.

First, you need to check the Canada Revenue Agency portal using this link.

A registered charity would show in plain terms its history, structure, its address, finished and ongoing projects, methods of accepting payments, and so on.

It is important to note that the information you shall access on the portal is as much as the charity has supplied.

Going directly to the website of the charity will give you a lot more information about it.

For clarity, we will include the websites of the charity organizations in Canada in the post.

We will also shed more light on whether churches are part of the registered charities in Canada. Plus how you can register a charity in the country. Or if you have one that is not registered yet.

But before then, let’s take you through the list of 15 leading registered charities in Canada.

List of Top 15 Registered Charities in Canada

1. Penny Appeal Canada

Penny Appeal Canada believes that your small change can make a big difference. This is why it offers a wide range of humanitarian services with a long-term solution and a sustainable approach.

After a long time of observing the needs of the community, the organization realized the rising need for mental support.

Hence, it partners with the Islamic community of London to ensure that everyone receives emotional support from full-time expert counselors to take many out of trauma and threat to suicide.

Whether you are a Muslim or not, Penny Appeal provides support to people of all religions, races, gender, and ages.

Penny Appeal programs include:

  • Feed our World
  • Education First
  • Orphan Kind
  • Thirst Relief

Wells are been built in many remote communities; education is provided for orphans and vulnerable children and many others have received healthy and free meals through Penny Appeal.

The goodwill of Penny Appeal goes beyond Canada but also reaches Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Africa.

Beyond donations to the organization, you could also secure a career and serve the community with your skills and expertise.

2. Wounded Warriors Canada

Wounded Warriors is a charity that is dedicated to giving honor and care to veterans and service members who have worked in the military from September 11, 2001, and upwards who may have been victims of illness(es) physical or psychological injury.

The organization helps every Veteran to have an easy and well-deserved transition to civilian life as it is a different journey for veterans.

The negative effects trauma has on children especially those with parents who have post-traumatic stress disorder is alarming and is unhealthy for the growth of wards.

The WWC kids program is designed to help kids identify and use trauma-informed practices and resilience theory to thrive and cope with the conditions while having healthy relationships with their peers.

Other of its programs include:

  • Trauma-Informed Workplace Training
  • OSI Group Based Program
  • k9 Assisted Therapy
  • Individual Support Training (for Ontario Only)

Wounded Warriors Canada has invested up to $400,000 to enhance research towards the veteran and military community.

As the need for more research-driven towards the improvement of the mental, health and social well-being of Veterans continues to be of priority, the organization is poised to fund interested individuals who have this at heart.

The research funding is available to individuals who are registered as full-time doctoral students in any Canadian University and is conducting research that is focused on improving the physical, mental and social health of veterans.

3. The War Amps

In 1918 some veteran war amputees made a decision that has helped other amputees today. It was to cater to the needs of war amputees.

The organization is poised both to provide financial and psychological support to those who have been amputated or who have lost their eyesight while serving in the military or who may not be in the military but face similar challenges in the Canadian community.

Its CHAMP Program was designed to help children who are amputees get financial support while giving them peer support and seminars.
Its key tag program has helped retrieve keys to so many people across Canada

This system has returned more than 1.5 million lost keys and is one of the programs with which amputees have been able to add value to society and get jobs.

The War Amps also provides advocacy and gives a voice to the rights of amputees in Canada.

4. Canada Helps

The organization aims to connect charities and donors to give to causes that are important to them to maximize outcomes in Charities.

No matter the size of a charity, Canada Helps was put in place to help charities use proven fundraising technology to bring about a robust output for themselves.

The organization helps you as a donor by setting up your account to track your giving, decide the interval within which you want to give, and manage your monthly gifts.

Suppose you want to give in honor of someone to a charity, you can easily do so through Canada helps by announcing your gift through an ecard.

You can decide to also give without being followed up by a charity if you love to give privately, this is done by giving anonymously.

Alternatively, you may step up your effort if you wish to conduct a donation yourself for one or more charities via the organization, you could begin a fundraise in a program by setting up and fundraising page through the charity’s platform; you can be sure the donations will serve its purpose.

Donating to Canada helps or raising funds through it, helps you make your impact across Canada with or without you owning a charity and creates a better life for millions of others you reach.

5. Chalice Canada

Chalice aims to help communities come out of poverty to live better lives, the type they always dream of.

Education of children goes a long way to solving the problem of poverty in Canada yet some children are deprived of it as they continue to face life-threatening challenges and try to cope with them, they tend to be left with no option but to discontinue as they are unable to afford it.

With sponsorship assistance, children are given the support that is required to overcome obstacles so they can have education and a continuous one at that.

This also allows families to give nutritional food and better care for their children.

Young children are entitled to sponsorship from the organization based on perceived need and family circumstances, without any discrimination of race, age, capability, gender, or religion.

With its educational support, every child gets a chance to become what he desires to be.

Through the Chalice Children Nutrition Program, the organization improves the nutritional health of children by providing healthy meals from nutritionists to children.

Chalice also provides disaster relief services to communities that are victims of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and many such disasters.

Other services include family funding, Christmas money, critical needs, special needs, and grants to sites.

6. Food Banks Canada

Food Banks Canada was formerly known as the Canadian Association of Food Bank and is a charitable association representing the food bank community across the country.

Founded in 1987, Food Banks Canada’s network is made up of 10 Provincial Associations and over 500 original Food Banks.

The purpose of the organization is to create an effective food bank community that addresses the short-term need for food and longer-term results to reduce hunger in Canada.

A good number of Canadians may not have experienced hunger in a lifetime, but there are also thousands of others who do, and working with Food Banks Canada helps you reach these individuals and families directly or indirectly, plus you get that satisfying feeling of putting food on the table for other children and families.

Food Bank reaches out to many across Canada through programs like

  • the Hunger Awareness Week
  • HungerCount
  • Exploration report on food bank use in Canada
  • Safe Food Handling program for food banks.

7. Indspire

Indspire is one of the charities in Canada that is dedicated to helping indigenous people get a quality education that will make them reach their maximum potential.

Considering the level of impact that Indspire has made, it was rated one of the top ten Charities for about half a decade between 2017 to 2021 by Charity Intelligence Canada and between 2019 and 2020 Indspire was also rated a top charity by Maclean’s.

Well, how has Indspire gained this level of reputation over the years?

The organization, since its inception, is at the service of First Nations and helps Inuit and Métis students both in remote communities and in Urban areas get an education.

The aim is to increase the number of happy graduating students across Canada by:

  • Continuously improving its programs and initiatives to produce outstanding Indigenous education and positive socioeconomic outcomes (program)
  • Increasing investment in people, technology, and other resources to achieve its vision and mission and to enhance its impact (capacity)
  • Continuing as a catalyst for Indigenous people achieving their potential by forging meaningful partnerships (collaboration).
  • Enhancing recognition of an innovative leader in Indigenous education and achievement (awareness).
  • Continuing to build financial sustainability as the organization of choice for funders of Indigenous education and achievement towards reconciliation (resources).

Over $115 million has been spent to ensure maximum impact through the partners and the government of Canada and many students have received their scholarship awards from the organization and you can see for yourself that Indspire deserves its name.

8. The Mississauga Food Bank

The Mississauga Food Bank has been distributing food in Mississauga through its network of over 50 agencies which includes local food banks, pantries, meal and snack programs, and other emergency food programs.

Through its network, the organization provides food for 5 million healthy meals to Canadians every year.

Its mission is to end hunger in Mississauga by providing and promoting access to healthy and appropriate food for people in need.

The organization achieves this by strategically growing and diversifying sources of revenue thereby creating financial security and increasing its investment in practices that shall strengthen its food distribution.

You may not walk to every doorstep in Mississauga but your contribution to society can, and the organization has made available programs through which one can be part of its heartbeats. These programs include:

  • Neighbourhood Food banks
  • Agency Network
  • Reclaim Fresh
  • Food Bank To Home
  • Community Grow Market
  • Income Tax Filing Clinics

9. United Way Of Calgary

Market Basket Measure is used to measure how a family can be said to be below or above poverty based on the cost of certain goods and services such as food, clothing, shelter, clothing, transportation, footwear, and other expenses that represent a modest standard of living.

So you may ask, how does this connect to United Way Of Calgary?

Fact is, When this analysis is applied, poverty in Calgary can be said to have reduced in the last 7 years and research holds that United Way Of Calgary is one major contributor to making it so.

United Way Of Calgary has invested over $56,484,544 in changing lives both in Calgary and its neighboring communities.

Are you between 20 and 30 years of age? Then the Gen Next program helps to make your influence and impact your community as a young professional when you become a part of it.

Through volunteer opportunities, networking with business leaders, and public speaking, young professionals are made to do all they wish for the maximum benefit of society.

Every year, two young professionals are presented with the Culbert Family Award worth $2000 for their outstanding effort towards the community.

The organization partners with agencies on community-based initiatives to promote and intervene in mental health through early identification and support.

United Way Of Calgary also focuses on other community issues such as social isolation/stigmatization, domestic violence, intergenerational trauma, school and career success, financial stability, and many others.

10. United Way Of The Alberta Capital Region

Beginning with the children, poverty and its psychological effects must be taken care of at its most infant stages.

This is why we have included in this article one of the charities in Canada that has made a notable effort in fighting poverty through child-centered strategies.

The organization through contributions from individuals gives vulnerable children support up to the completion of high school education.

The child support offered by organizations has yielded problem-solving and coping skills for children and young adults.

For the organization to maximize its effort, 100% of its activities are localized.

This has proven to be a good decision as you know it, many children on the streets have been rescued and given the support they deserve.

While doing this, each child is given the necessary skills to grow their self-esteem and be able to express themselves anywhere.

Its effort has helped;

  • 3,993 individuals received early learning and parenting supports.
  • 27,044 students to participate in healthy development programs
  • 4,399 children participate in nurturing after-school programs.
  • 1,158 at-risk youth to receive support to stay in school.

Best Non-Profit Organizations in Canada

11. United Way East Ontario

One in five people in Canada has secretly struggled with mental health. The truth is, it is difficult for such people to talk about it to anyone for fear of being stigmatized.

United Way East Ontario, Canada, has been helping people through your support find the peace to say how they feel and know what to do without being ridiculed.

Seniors can suffer loneliness and require support many times which they may not get; and single women with low income, newcomers to Canada, and especially those with one or more disabilities tend to be victims of social isolation in many cases, and this is one of the ways that United Way East Ontario has been helpful to the society.

The organization has assisted so many in this category and many have been reached out to.

The 2SLGBTQ persons are many times the most isolated people in Canada who face stigma and psychological issues hence, continue to live lonely lives due to belief.

The organization extends its hands of care to this set of people and gives the requisite counsel and advice needed.

As an organization that is concerned with poverty at every age group, the organization helps youths who face homelessness from either emotional trauma, abuse, or other similar reasons to get good homes and education.

12. Victoria Hospice And Palliative Care Foundation

Through its 18-bed Inpatient Unit at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, the organization has given care and hospitality to a large majority.

The organization offers special touches like its 24-hour unrestricted family and friends visiting policy (including pets), a family lounge area, an open kitchen, and private meditation rooms.

It is undeniably one of the top community care groups in Victoria, Canada. Through its Palliative Response Team (PRT) the organization provides short-term crisis consultation and treatment, round the clock.

Victoria Hospice And Palliative Care Foundation works with a nurse and counselor that sees to the needs of the patients and their families, with on-call access to a palliative care physician.

Regardless of any prior access to the organization, if you or someone happens to lose a loved one, the organization offers support and helps you get through its counseling team.

Little wonder, hundreds of supporters help accelerate these programs both by donations and volunteerism to enhance its fundraising events, rooftop garden, and administrative activities.

By engaging in training, research, and education, the organization has developed evidence-based clinical practices and advanced the field of palliative care across Canada and in many parts of the world.

13. Wesley Urban Ministries

Are Churches Registered Charities In Canada?

You may have asked yourself “are churches registered charities in Canada”? Just before you checked on this article.

If this is your question; Wesley urban ministries are the charity extension of the Wesley United Church, Canada; and yes! Some churches in Canada are registered as charities.

What this does is that it permits them to provide tax receipts for their donations received.

Wesley, as the organization is fondly called is a multi-service organization that has affected the length and breadth of Hamilton, Halton, and Brantford.

For over 50 years the organization has made significant efforts in providing homes, eradicating poverty, and helping newcomers into the community to find some level of comfort.

For the youth, you receive education support, social and recreational opportunities nutrition and wellness services, and focus on health.

Through its evidence-based model, the organization provides support for mental health, and support for men and women who have addictions and other serious health challenges like Autism, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, and Schizoaffective.

Such individuals are provided with proper living arrangements and are taken care of.

14. Youth Without Shelter

For someone who does not have a home, being told to stay at home may sound like an intention to remind one of his situations especially when it has to do with youngsters.

We know you understand that it calls for concern and this is the primary area of interest of Youth Without Shelter.

Youth Without Shelter is a charity offering shelter and support for youth facing homelessness in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada.

The organization makes this provision for youths between the ages of 16 – 24.

While providing shelter it provides one-on-one guidance, mental health and wellness supports, and training, through its wrap-around model of programming.

All the operations of the organization are trauma-informed and designed to build self-esteem and resilience while focusing on personal strengths in youths.

Youngsters are taught to live lives beyond the present reality of homelessness and become responsible in society.

On the strength of the Accessibility For Ontarians With Disabilities Act in 2005, the organization has been providing support for individuals with special needs through its wheelchair ramp, wheelchair-accessible bedrooms, and many other support systems that enable youths with peculiar challenges to still access the homes.

15. Calgary Food Bank

The Calgary Food Bank has made so much impact in and around its community and is the first line of emergency food support for families and individuals facing a crisis.

Once the organization can address a food emergency, food bank clients are referred to its proven partner agencies and programs.

Calgary Food Bank has deep collaboration and food support with hundreds of other charitable organizations that address the root causes of food insecurity and together fight food insecurity in Calgary.

Calgary food bank is the City’s main charitable food hub and the most accessible food bank in Calgary serving families, individuals, and organizations.

Over the years, this charity has dedicated itself to ensuring that hunger and its root causes are fought and subdued as no one ought to go hungry.

With a client-centered strategy, Calgary Food Bank ensures that its services to the community are carried out with extreme respect, dignity, and efficiency at all times.

Accountability and transparency are core values of the organization as it ensures that efforts and food donations are maximally utilized to the benefit of society.

You and every other person who donate their time and resources voluntarily to the organization makes a great impact to facilitate the objective of the organization which is a hunger-free Calgary community.

Summary – Registered NGOs in Canada

All registered charities in Canada have RR0001 at the end of their business number.

So, while you check the charities portal or check up the website of the charity you should see this as an important detail.

We have also stated earlier in this article that some churches, owing to their philanthropic activities have decided to focus a good number of its officials to offer sustainable development, focus their impact on society, and are also registered as charities.

The activities performed in the charity section of a church are purely community-centered.

To become a registered charity in Canada, you need to have your organization set up in the first place. Also, you need to set a clear and achievable goal for the organization.

The third thing you need to do is fill up the T2030 form on the Canadian Revenue Agency portal or a phone call via 1-888-892-5667.

For more assistance in filling out the form, you could check the CRA guide and checklist on the CRA portal.

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