Top 10 NGOs In Ghana

Nationally, NGOs are an important legal entity in Ghana. The NGO supports the needs of a population that is often left out and overlooked. In their work for the public good, these organisations create life-changing opportunities for those who need it most. There are a variety of ways in which NGOs affect the lives of Ghanaians.

They provide education for children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school, and also provide health care and other services to those with resources and those without. There are even NGOs that work to reduce the negative effects of corruption in Ghana.

Most NGOs in Ghana support local causes. Volunteers and employees of Ghana based non-profits work tirelessly to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunities they need to lead a decent and happy life.

Some of these causes are the creation of schools and hospitals, the promotion of development, and the efforts to reduce negative effects of corruption. These causes are so important to people who don’t always have access to the opportunity provided by education or health care.

NGOs in Ghana

Most NGOs in Ghana are small organisations. They rely on volunteers and donations to support their projects and programs. Many of these organisations work with other NGOs around the world to provide assistance in places that may be too expensive for them to reach on their own.

Some of the small local NGOs may be supported by larger international organisations. They may also receive grants from individuals who are looking to support their charitable causes.

Top 10 NGOs In Ghana

1. World Vision International

This organisation was first founded in 1950 and has since grown to become one of the largest international NGOs operating in Ghana. They work with people in poverty to provide them with food, water and other basic necessities such as housing and education. The main areas they focus on are education, sanitation and nutrition.

The organisation was founded with the prioritisation of shared Christian values while focusing on working with people in poverty by providing them with food, water, and other basic necessities such as housing and education.

They help children and youth to reach their potential through education and empowerment. They work in schools to provide support for children and youth to overcome poverty, injustice and oppression through community development programs and global advocacy campaigns.

World Vision works with children and families in need by providing them with water, sanitation, nutrition and education. The organisation also interacts with communities to find solutions to the problems they face through advocacy campaigns and assistance.

One major attribute of this organisation is that, they serve all people regardless of their religion, race or gender to ensure the continuity of the education for children, work closely with different communities to overcome poverty.

2. Childlink Foundation

This NGO is a non-governmental organisation that cares for children’s rights and their social welfare. It works to help children who need assistance and support them in different activities to promote development.

Some of its initiatives include providing children with basic goods and services such as education, nutrition, health, and water. It also employs a number of programmes that seeks to support the improvement in children’s well-being and quality of life.

The organisation also works to support children in need by fighting against the negative effects caused by poverty and its effects on people, including the children. They seek to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities in Africa through advocacy programmes, awareness creation, sensitisation campaigns and other initiatives.

The youth empowerment which is the main goal of this organisation is to provide support for young people aged thirteen years and above. They offer them with a variety of training and support to help them learn new skills in life.

3. ACRO Ghana

ACRO Ghana works to minimize the negative effects of poverty on the population by assisting communities with re-integration programmes. The organisation also seeks to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS by providing assistance to those who are in need and empowering them through restoring their potential through positive and constructive actions.

The main objectives of ACRO Ghana are to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, support the education and training of vulnerable youth, assist in reintegration programmes, support the development and well-being of communities and partner with other organisations to provide solutions to problems faced by those that need assistance.

The organisation also works to support the development of community and livelihoods through training.

The main target group for ACRO Ghana is vulnerable youth in the society that suffers from HIV/AIDS and other social problems due to poverty and has no options of employment or income generation.

4. FYSSO Ghana

FYSSO is an NGO that works to promote the socio-economic welfare of women and children by providing support through its programmes. The main aim is to ensure the rights of women and children by promoting values in society. The organisation also seeks to provide information to the community which can be of use to them and their families.

The main activities of FYSSO are: poverty alleviation, health promotion and education; gender equality, child protection and conservation of natural resources. The organisation also works to provide social security and welfare facilities to women, youth and children in the community.

FYSSO Ghana also works to improve the socio-economic welfare of the community by providing them with sustainable economic activities that can help them achieve improved quality of life. They promote projects that are beneficial to the community through the improvement of their living standards and provide them with training on financial literacy and enterprise development.

5. Compassion For Humanity Foundation

The mission of the organisation is to foster social change and to increase opportunities for growth and development for people in need by promoting education, health, economic development and community development in Ghana and Africa.

This organisation promotes social change and aims to encourage individuals to be responsible citizens and improve the quality of life in their communities. They encourage individuals to be responsible citizens and to improve the quality of life in their communities.

The main initiatives of the organisation are educational support, community empowerment, women and children, conservation of natural resources and civic education. The organisation provides children with educational tools such as books, computers and other material and academic assistance.

The centre provides education services to schools. It also conducts training programmes for teachers, community educators and policy makers. This organisations promotes the respect of human rights and equal opportunities for all people to participate in decision making processes so that their priorities are taken into account. The organisation works towards the advancement of social justice and the provision of a just and fair society.

The main activities of the organisation are: community mobilisation, information dissemination, capacity building, advocacy and legal aid . The organisation also seeks to ensure that environmental issues and sustainable development is integrated into political, economic and social decision-making at all levels.

6. Better Life Organisation – BELO

BELO Ghana works to improve the living standards of their communities by providing training that helps them develop their potential through the provision of advice, knowledge and skills. It also seeks to improve their economic situation by promoting sustainable development.

The organisation provides advice, information and support that promotes self-development of their communities through programmes that they run and funds they receive.

The main objective of this organisation is to improve the living situation of villagers in rural Ghana by providing support through community development and research. Their main activities are: community development, research and empowerment.

This organisation provides training to its beneficiaries so that the skills and knowledge they gain are effectively used. The organisation works with local leaders and beneficiaries to plan community development projects which can help them overcome poverty and develop their communities.

The organisation also promotes the implementation of projects within the communities. The main activities of the organisation are community mobilisation, advocacy, training and skills development.

7. Slum Aid Foundation

The organisation works towards improving the living standards of slum dwellers by providing training, counselling and advice to them. They also provide training to entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas that have the potential to benefit the community, leading to sustainable development.

They also offer advice to clients who are interested in starting their own businesses and they offer training to help them develop their skills. The organisation works towards empowering women by providing training and support services to them.

The organisation also provides assistance to those who need it through its various programmes it runs. Some of the services it provides include: counselling, advocacy and training. The organisation also conducts health and housing seminars for slum dwellers, which are aimed to improve their living conditions by helping people develop new skills to tackle their daily problems like sanitation and water provision.

They also conduct research to help them identify the problems that the community and they can find a solution to the problem. They advocate for and with slum communities to improve their lives, especially on issues that affect their livelihoods and quality of life.

8. Globalsearch And Support Humanitarian Aid Foundation

This organisation aims to encourage individuals to be responsible citizens and improve the quality of life in their communities. They encourage individuals to be responsible citizens and to improve the quality of life in their communities through the provision of educational support, community empowerment and civic education.

This organisation’s main objective is to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development in Ghana’s townships and rural areas. They provide training, advisory services and specialised research so that communities can become self-sufficient so that they can take care of their own well being.

They also conduct civic education services, which are aimed to educate citizens and the public in the three main elements of governance – government, justice and economics.

The organisation also provides research that helps communities understand their development and challenges. They also provide capacity-building through training and research services to communities so that they can develop their own projects.

9. Youth Advocates Ghana – YAG

YAG works to strengthen the capacity of Ghana’s Youth through education, health initiatives, gender equity and environmental sustainability. The organisation works towards enhancing the capacity of young people in their communities so that they can take care of their own well being and live with dignity.

YAG works with young people to understand the issues affecting their lives and communities. They work to develop their skills through training and education so that they can make a positive impact on their lives and communities.

They provide training to young people through various programmes that they run. Some of their programmes are: HIV/AIDS, entrepreneurship, health, gender equity and environmental improvement programme.

They also work with young people to develop projects that address the challenges that they face in their communities. Their health programme focuses on issues such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, maternal and child nutrition and gender equity.

They also focus on the empowerment of women and girls through their projects. This is done by creating initiatives for women to live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

10. Eminent-Citizens Foundation – ECAF

ECAF works towards promoting leadership skills, by encouraging and supporting young people and adults to do their best in all aspect of life. The organisation works to promote leadership skills and knowledge in the country, focusing on the education of young people so that they can enjoy a better future.

The NGO also works to educate the youth about their dynamic leadership potentials in the upliftment of the vulnerable in society and promoting development and peace in society. This includes the promotion of leadership in all its forms, including gender-based leadership, democratic and civic engagement (including peace building) and economic development (including microfinance).

The organisation also works to help communities and individuals in Ghana manage their resources effectively through training and capacity-building.

ECAF also works to develop and strengthen communities in relationships that enhance their economic and social well-being. This is done by working with the community through various programmes and initiatives. They also work to improve their environment so that they can live in a better environment.

11. 21st Century Initiatives

21st Century Initiatives uses Drama as a tool to educate the public on issues that affect their community and their daily lives. The organisation’s main objective is to empower and create awareness in the society through theatre and the arts. They aim to raise awareness on issues that affect the lives of people in Ghana.

The NGO has designed programmes to meet this objective. These include the community drama, Life Skills Dramas and Radio dramas that help to educate people on social issues like health, religion and crime. The organisation also promotes the use of radio in order to educate people on issues in the country.

They also provide training, advisory services and specialised research on issues that affect communities. They also provide capacity-building through training and research services to communities so that they can develop their own projects.


Ghana is a developing country. The fact that the Ghanaian government has included poverty and growing inequality in their agenda shows the importance they are placing on these issues. The policies that have been implemented by the government are encouraging both cohesion and increased economic opportunity, as well as reducing social inequalities.

However, the country still faces difficulties in fighting poverty and inequality. The organisation of NGOs and civil organisations in the country has made significant strides to addressing these issues. NGOs play a major role in promoting development and peace, as well as ensuring that communities are empowered to live with dignity.

The Ghanaian government has made steady strides in addressing poverty and inequality in the country. The policies and programmes that have been implemented show the commitment that has been put into fighting these issues.

Despite the issues that Ghana faces, NGOs in the country continue to play a major role in promoting development and peace.

The NGO sector in Ghana has made considerable progress in improving the lives of citizens through various projects. They have been able to improve lives in the areas that they target, including education, health and economic development. Their projects are guaranteeing a better future for these communities.

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