List of Top 10 NGOs in Tanzania

A go-to destination for all-things NGOs in Tanzania. This page provides complete information about the list of Domestic and International Non-Governmental Organizations—NGOs—in Tanzania.

Working in the Non-Government Organization (NGO) sector is a dream many Tanzanians—young and old, men and women—could hardly get enough of in times to come.

The reason for this disparity between the NGOs and the mainstream sector could stem from the enormous benefits and opportunities these organizations offer to their prospective members.

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Apart from providing hundreds of various career opportunities to people seeking employment, the non-governmental organizations in Tanzania are particularly helpful in defending human rights and helping the needy in times of crisis.

Since the inception of activities by the Non-Governmental Organizations in Tanzania, they have been working alongside different communities and other partner organizations to quell poverty, human rights abuses, and other life-threatening crises.

NGOs in Tanzania

With an estimated GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) of $3,574 per capita and a Nominal GDP of $1,172 per capita – as of 2020. Tanzania is considered one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa.

The recent boost in the economy has seen the country bouncing back into shape. However, only the very few benefits from this good news, while the larger populace still ravaged by hunger.

Over the past decade, Tanzania’s Global Hunger Index (GHI) has not been quite impressive to start with, as the vast majority of the population is battling it out with malnutrition, hunger, and extreme poverty.

In addition, Tanzania has one of the highest rates of human rights violations in the continent.

However, to bring a halt to violations of human rights and bring the perpetrators to justice, various non-governmental organizations have been established throughout the country to protect the rights of the citizens, especially the vulnerable people.

Benefits of Joining NGOs in Tanzania?

Becoming a member of any of the numerous Non-Governmental Organizations in Tanzania can be very rewarding.

Apart from building a career and honing your skills in the process, you are certainly going to learn a plethora of new things, meet with great and like-minded individuals, and above all, HELP people!

That said, you may wish to join any of these organizations if you are seeking employment, volunteering opportunities, or internships.

Victims of abuses, humanitarian, or environmental crises can also reach out to these organizations for help should the need arises.

List of Top 10 NGOs in Tanzania

1. Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC)

TELEPHONE+255 (0)-222-701-095
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDar es Salaam, Tanzania
NGOs in Dar Es Salaam

Tanzania Youth Coalition, colloquially known as TYC, is a non-governmental organization that aims to advocate for the rights of the people and raise awareness.

The history of the Tanzania Youth Coalition could be trace to 2002. Since its inception by youths and activists, TYC has provided a plethora of Non-Government Organization (NGO) functions that focus on youth development and empowerment.

As one of the leading NGOs in Tanzania, its advocates for the rights of the youths and often adheres to its core values of empowerment, reliability, and voluntarism.

TYC aims to proffer a sustainable solution to youths’ development and ensure that the voice of the people, especially the young people, is heard across decision-making platforms.

To get involved and join other individuals who are advocating the rights of the youths. Visit the website to know more about how you can help.

2. Tanzania Development Trust (TDT)

EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDar es Salaam, Tanzania
NGO in Tanzania

The Tanzania Development Trust, commonly abbreviated as TDT, is a registered UK charity organization with a vivid presence in Tanzania.

Since its inception in 1975, TDT—with charity number 270462—has been hugely involved in hundreds of development projects within Tanzania.

The Tanzania Development Trust (TDT) emerged consequently to its parent organization, The Britain Tanzania Society (BTS), to establish close ties between the Tanzanians and the British.

The parent organization, BTS, was established in the mid-70s to increase mutual knowledge, understanding, and respect between the Tanzanians and the British. And to promotes strong ties through regular events including, seminars and publications.

TDT is—almost entirely—run by volunteers. And as such, open up a wide door to the application from every individual across the country.

Since 1975, The Tanzania Development Trust has been working with rural communities to help underprivileged people overcome some of the most pressing needs of life by empowering them.

Akin to the vast majority of non-governmental organizations in Tanzania, a great deal of priority is place on Tanzania’s poorest regions. And that is one of many reasons why this organization stands out.

NGOs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


TELEPHONE+255 (0) 69 999 0001
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDar es Salaam, Tanzania
Non-Government Organizations in Tanzania

CCBRT, the acronym for Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania, is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in Tanzania.

Having operated for over a decade, it is one of the top NGOs in Dar es Salaam.

As a health care organization, CCTBRT works to provide affordable medical and rehabilitative services and empower people with disability and their families.

To enhance the prevention of disability, the organization seeks to prevent disability through early detection by strengthening the maternal and newborn health system throughout the city.

CCBRT, over the past few years, focuses primarily on serving the community and the most vulnerable with accessible, specialized services and development programs.

4. Art in Tanzania

TELEPHONE+255 767 777 773
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDar es Salaam, Tanzania
List of Non-Governmental Organizations in Tanzania

Art in Tanzania is a self-sustainable Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) helping communities and the people of Tanzania.

The organization began operations in early 1996 to support the development of Tanzanian artists.

Today, it has grown into a large community supporting a wide range of Non-Government Organization (NGO) functions.

In addition to what started as a group of fewer than five people, it boasts approximately 100 volunteers and interns who collectively strive to achieve its objective.

The mission of Art in Tanzania’s centered on empowering the community members to develop themselves and their capability to manage income-generating activities. While also helping to upgrade the quality and standards of the community institutions.

Operations at Art in Tanzania are base on the assistance of volunteers and interns who bring their skill sets to the implementation of the daily tasks.

5. Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania (FCCT)

EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSMoshi, Tanzania
Top NGOs in Tanzania

FCCT, an acronym for Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania, is a Minnesota-based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

In 2013 FCCT was established to help proffer a long-lasting solution to the overwhelming cancer-related issues in Tanzania.

Cancer remains one of the biggest causes of death in the eastern African country.

According to the cancer statistics published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, Cancer deaths account for over 5.1 percent of all in-hospital deaths in Tanzania.

In other words, the mortality rate due to cancer was an average of 47.8 per 100,000 populations.

FCCT, along with its partners, is making great strides in bringing cutting-edge cancer care to Tanzania.

Its partners are:

  • Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Tanzania)
  • Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre
  • Duke University
  • Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre
  • The East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation

Today, The Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania focuses on four pillars of cancer care. These include Early Detection and Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, and Palliative Care.

6. Tai Tanzania

TELEPHONE+255 743 300 006
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDar es Salaam, Tanzania
Best NGOs in Tanzania

Tai Tanzania, often referred to only as Tai, is a youth-driven Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) situated in Dar Es Salaam.

Established in 2012 and registered in 2013. Tai believes that education is a powerful tool in helping young people to reach their God-given potential.

The organization’s vision is to create social, behavioral change to live in a society where youth are responsible leaders in ensuring sustainable development.

Hence, Tai focuses on creating environments that will foster adolescents’ access to school since education plays a crucial role in children’s and adolescents’ future lives.

Tai is currently implementing two projects: Darubini and Pamoja Projects.

While the former project aims to address the challenges that prevent adolescents from attending school, the latter focuses on using 3D animation to create awareness about issues faced by disabled people in the country.

Tai also provides Education Scholarship Program to potential secondary students who live in underprivileged communities.

At the very least, the scholarship program provides students with all the necessary supports, including school fees, uniforms, and supplies, coupled with medical coverage, meal allowances, sanitary pads, and bicycles for transport.

NGOs in Arusha

7. Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF)

EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSArusha, Tanzania
List of NGOs in Tanzania

Tanzanian Children’s Fund, often referred to as The Rift Valley Children’s Village is unarguably one of the leading Non-Governmental Organizations in Tanzania.

Since its inception in 2003, the organization has been proffering a long-term solution that is based on its ambitious dream to alleviate poverty for a community of 10,000 people.

Tanzanian Children’s Fund is a firm believer that all children are created equal and deserve more than the basics like food and shelter. Hence, it has been working to provide children with proper healthcare, education, and economic opportunity—these include all the systems and tools they need to realize their true potentials.

In addition, the residents also benefit from the Microfinance loans and training the organization provides to people in the community.

Although the organization, however, focuses primarily on children’s welfare, it still provides the villagers hope and employment and scholarships to outstanding students in the local community.

All these would never have been possible without the help of this NGO to improve the lives of marginalized children and communities.

8. Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF)

TELEPHONE+255 747 158 888
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSArusha, Tanzania
NGOs in Arusha

The Tanzania Natural Resource Forum, commonly abbreviated as TNRF, is an independent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in Tanzania. And as such, own membership and governing committee.

Initially named a Wildlife Working Group (WWG) in 2001. Four years later (2005), the name became Tanzania Natural Resource Forum, in recognition of the fact that the vast majority of issues the WWG was working on were akin to all-natural resources.

The past few years have seen the organization shifting attention to the development and implementation of advocacy strategy that links learning to the transformation of natural resource governance in Tanzania.

The organization, over the years, seeks to improve accountability and governance in the country’s natural resource sector through various development programs that aim to bring about citizen-driven changes in policy and practice for achieving more effective, efficient, and sustainable resource management.

International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Tanzania

9. Save the Children Tanzania

TELEPHONE+255 22 270 1725
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDar es Salaam, Tanzania
International NGOs in Tanzania

Save the Children Tanzania is an independent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that focuses on children’s rights protection, helping children fulfill their true potential, and saving the lives of children.

Since its inception in Tanzania in 1994, the organization has grown to serve all the provinces throughout the country.

Save the Children Tanzania, headquartered in Tanzania’s capital and most populous city, Dar es Salaam, with regional offices in Zanzibar, Lindi, and Shinyanga.

As an organization that focuses primarily on protecting the rights of every child, it works seamlessly to inspire breakthroughs in the way children are getting treated. And also to provide a sustainable change in their lives.

Save the Children, having established a lasting presence in more than 120 countries worldwide, envisions a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development, and participation.

10. Rural Urban Development Initiatives (RUDI)

TELEPHONE+255 222780910
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSDar es Salaam, Tanzania
List of Non-Government Organizations in Tanzania

The Rural-Urban Development Initiatives, often abbreviated as RUDI, is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Tanzania with Registration number ONGO/1933.

RUDI, with a presence in 26 Districts in 14 Regions of Tanzania, supporting over 100,000 farmers organized in 400 groups.

Headquartered in Dar es Salaam, the organization runs over a dozen projects across its operational districts in Tanzania.

Its projects include the following;

  • Improve the competitiveness and Increase post-harvest value chain of smallholder farmers project
  • Creating an Environment for Cooperative Expansion (CECE) project
  • Yield Wise Project
  • Inclusive Business for Maize Inception Project
  • Nafaka Project
  • Commercialization of Rice Farming in Tanzania Project (COMRICE)

Since its inception in the country, RUDI strives to beat unemployment and improve income opportunities for micro-small enterprises(MSEs).

Other NGOs in Tanzania

1Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network (TAWASANET)[email protected]
2SAWA Tanzania[email protected]
3CARE Tanzania[email protected]
4The Good Samaritan Social Service Trust Tanzania (GSSST)[email protected]
5Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS)[email protected]
6Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TENMET)[email protected]
7Helvetas Tanzania[email protected]
8Plan International Canada
9Foundation for Civil Society (FCS)[email protected]
10Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers (TANLAP)[email protected]
11Mama’s Hope Organization For Legal Assistance (MHOLA)[email protected]
12New Light Children Centre Organization (NELICO)[email protected]
13Community Volunteer Services Tanzania (CVS-Tanzania)[email protected]
14NGO Photographers Alliance
15Climate Action Network Tanzania[email protected]
16Environmental Association of Tanzania[email protected]
17Vignan Institute of Science and Technology (VIST)[email protected]
18Karibu Tanzania Organization[email protected]
19JA Tanzania[email protected]
20Tanzania Rural Empowerment Organization (TAREO)[email protected]
21Research, Community and Organizational Development Associates (RECODA)[email protected]
22LEAD Foundation[email protected]
23Tanzania Federation of Disabled People Organizations (SHIVYAWATA)[email protected]
24Standing Voice
25Rafiki Social Development Organization[email protected]
26Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control Organization (EEPCO)[email protected]
27UMOJA Tanzania[email protected]
28Tumaini Children’s Foundation
29Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA)[email protected]
30Help2Kids[email protected]

Final Thoughts

One fascinating thing about joining the NGOs in Tanzania is the freedom and feelings of working for an NGO! Just anyone can be a member or beneficiary of the various Non-Governmental Organizations in Tanzania.

A World Bank report in 2019 showed that in the last decade, poverty in Tanzania has reduced by over 8 percent. It comes as the country—and with the help of Non-Governmental Organizations has made some progress towards reducing extreme poverty and malnutrition throughout the country.

Do you wish to become a member of the Non-Governmental Organization, either as a Worker, Volunteer, or Donor?


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