List of Top 10 NGOs in Uganda

So you stumbled here on this page, probably for the first time, because of numerous quests for the list of NGOs in Uganda.

Although we are trying to be assumptive here, if our assumption is anything to go by, chances are you are seeking help or perhaps career opportunities in the non-governmental organizations in Uganda. And that is fine if you ask me.

The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) sphere is where the vast majority of Ugandans want to ply their trade. And this is due to the profitability of working for a nonprofit organization.

That said, the principal objective of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is, more often than not, to proffer a long-term solution to the underprivileged people and, to a greater extent, their society.

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And in a country where the number of internally displaced persons is rapidly increasing, at an estimated 1.4 million, human rights violations become the order of the day.

Since the past decades, Uganda has witnessed a steady increase in terms of human rights abuses.

Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda

According to data by an international watchdog, an average of 41 percent of people in Uganda lives in poverty.

Also, the unemployment rate in Uganda, according to the data released by a German company, is at a staggering 1.92 percent. And this is a great cause for concern for the 34th world’s largest countries.

With that said, depending upon the route which you are taking. The NGO sector, at some point, can transform your life and that of those in your society.

However, when thinking of working for an NGO, it is essential to choose an organization that offers opportunities to the locals. In other words, the organization you are pondering about working for should be more involved and willing to hire/employ people from the local community where they are operating.

NGOs in Uganda to Work for

Although, not all non-governmental organizations, especially International NGOs, offer employment opportunities or take volunteers from the mission community. They can only proffer help and assistance to victims of crises.

To some people, however, that may seem inappropriate and contradictory to the obligation of the Organizations. Because, primarily, the objective of these organizations is about fighting for and improving the livelihood of underprivileged people.

Working for NGOs in Uganda is not a walk in the park and not rocket science either. With nearly a hundred non-governmental organizations serving people from all nook and cranny of the country, only a fraction can be argued not to hire the locals.

In this article, however, we will not include any organization(s), be it domestic or international organizations, that do not offer career opportunities to the locals.

Also, knowing the numbers of fake organizations operating under the umbrella of Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda, we take due diligence to ensure that only the best NGOs are listed here on this page.

List of Top 10 NGOs in Uganda

1. Straight Talk Foundation

ADDRESSKampala, Uganda
EMAIL[email protected]
NGOs in Kampala

Abbreviated as STF, Straight Talk Foundation is a local not-for-profit organization situated in Kololo, Kampala, Uganda. It focuses, especially on the design and management of health and development communication programs.

STF started as a UNICEF-sponsored newspaper – in its early days. A few years later, it grew into a powerful and purposeful organization.

In 1997, it acquired a status of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

Straight Talk Foundation focused solely on preventing young people, age 10-24 years, from HIV infections, coupled with other adolescent-related issues.

In addition to primarily targetting young people in its programs, STF also targets teachers and parents in what appears to be a secondary audience.

Although the organization prioritizes adolescents as its premier target, however, it works for adults has also increased dramatically over the past few years.

STF has technical expertise in various fields, including early childhood development, HIV, Reproductive Health gender, life skills and rights, and most importantly, education.


ADDRESSKampala, Uganda
EMAIL[email protected]
NGOs in Uganda

UNYPA is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to creating a safe and enabling environment for young people living and battling HIV/AIDS infections.

UNYPA, since its inception in 2003, has been hugely involved in trying to bring to a halt the feeling of shame to people infected by HIV/AIDS.

The organization has—over the last decade—launched a couple of outreach and programming efforts to help and create awareness for the young people who are affected by the virus.

Apart from its outreach and advocacy programs, UNYPA also fights stigma and discrimination against young people living with HIV, promotes universal access to HIV prevention, offers treatment, care and support.

Despite proffering supports and care to young people, UNYPA is committed to promoting the greater involvement of young people living with HIV in the national HIV response.

Since its establishment, the organization has reached more than half a hundred thousand young people living with HIV/AIDs.

UNYPA, being one of the premier NGOs in Uganda, has won certificates of recognition by top Government and Non-Government bodies, including the University of Oxford, Public Health Ambassadors (PHAU), Uganda AIDS Commission, and Alliance Uganda, to mention but a few.

3. S.O.U.L. Foundation

ADDRESSEastern Region, Uganda
EMAIL[email protected]
List of NGOs in Uganda

S.O.U.L. Foundation is an American registered 501(c) (3) Non-Governmental Organization accredited in Uganda.

Founded by Brooke Stern in early 2010, it strives to provides a long-term solution to extreme poverty in Uganda.

Its original purpose was to close the hunger gap in the poverty-stricken Bujagali Falls, where the people lack necessities such as food and education.

To address the underlying causes of extreme poverty, once and for all, in the community, S.O.U.L. focuses on providing access to quality education.

Today, what started, jokingly, on a backpacking trip in East Africa now works in over 30 villages in the Jinja and Iganga Districts, changing the lives of over 14,000 across the Districts.

As of this time, S.O.U.L. has 38 staff, which comprises 4 Americans working from the U.S. and 34 Ugandans in Uganda.

S.O.U.L. has been growing at a rapid pace. Thanks to supports from the United States-based Board of Directors and the Ugandan board of advisors.

Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda

4. CEHURD Uganda

ADDRESSKampala, Uganda
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+256 414 532283
Top NGOs in Uganda

CEHURD, an acronym for The Center for Health, Human Rights and Development, is a domestic, nonprofit research and advocacy organization working at the forefront of enforcing human rights in Eastern Africa.

The following are some of the organization’s objectives:

  • To strengthen the recognition, protection of health and human rights
  • To promote access to medicines through advocacy
  • To build the field and legacy of health and human rights in East Africa

CEHURD, since its inception in 2007, contributes to ensuring that laws and policies are used as a weapon to protect and promote the human rights of the people in Uganda and the East African region.

The Center for Health, Human Rights, and Development is a goal-driven Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the mission to advance health rights for vulnerable communities through various programs, advocacy, and action research.

5. Ugandan Water Project (UWP)

EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+256 0759037674
Best NGOs in Uganda

The Ugandan Water Project, abbreviated as UWP, is a registered 501(c)3 international nonprofit development organization that funds and implements innovative solutions to the water crisis in Uganda.

Founded in 2008, it connects donors with opportunities to provide clean and safe drinking water to communities across Uganda through industry-leading tools, systems, and training.

UWP strives to establish a lifelong presence in every hard-to-reach community in Uganda and throughout Africa. No matter how rural, no matter how poor, have such abundant access to clean, safe drinking water.

Today, the organization which grew out of a chance encounter in 2008 has become an innovative WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) non-governmental organization that has provided clean and safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of Ugandans.

6. Joy For Children Uganda (JFCU)

ADDRESSKampala, Uganda
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+256 758 133 963
Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda

Established in 2005, Joy For Children Uganda is an independent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with a rich history of creating projects that rely specifically on innovative methods to solving long-standing, economic, and social problems.

Over the last fifteen years since its inception in 2005, JFCU has been striving to protect and promote children’s rights throughout the country.

It is working to help children realize their God-given potentials and the immense benefit of free education it offers.

In addition, the organization provides underprivileged children with access to clean water, good health care, and nutrition.

As an NGO, Joy for Children has served as leaders on societal issues that impact the children and provide ways that benefit and elevate all.

Joy for Children Uganda presently work in four major areas:

  • Ending Child Marriage
  • Promote Education
  • Assist Children with Disabilities
  • Prevent Violence Against Children

JFCU, having proffering support and assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in communities across Uganda and advocating at the international level; the organization acts as a Bridge providing services and project implementations for international organizations who require local knowledge and expertise.

7. Greenwatch Uganda

ADDRESSKampala, Uganda
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+256 (0)39 3236151
List of Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda

Greenwatch is an environmental rights advocacy Non-Government Organisation (NGO). Its primary objective is to promote public participation in the sustainable use, management, and protection of the environment and natural resources.

Greenwatch, found in 1995, advocates for the enforcement of and compliance with environmental laws and principles through advocacy, training, and the promotion of environmental rights, which results in increased environmental awareness.

As an organization driven with a strong emphasis on a clean environment, its ethos underpins Article 39 of the country’s 1995 Constitution, which stipulates the right to a clean and healthy environment.

Therefore, it is the vision of Greenwatch that every Ugandan—young and old, men and women—enjoys that right, and this is why it continues to work through advocacy, training, and promoting the enforcement of environmental rights.

8. TPO Uganda

ADDRESSKampala, Uganda
EMAIL[email protected]
NGO in Uganda

TPO Uganda is a rights-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Since founded in 1994, it has been working in partnership with the civil society, communities, government, and the private sector to empower communities to improve their mental health and socio-economic well-being sustainably.

Since its early days, TPO Uganda has partnered with the government, civil society organizations, and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to empower young people with the right skills and tools they need to address their environmental issues.

TPO Uganda’s goal is to build communities where the people can proffer a solution to their problems.

Today, TPO Uganda works in 35 districts across Uganda. These includes:

Northern Uganda (Arua, Maracha, Yumbe, Koboko, Nebbi, Moyo, Adjumani, Gulu, Kitgum, Lira, Alebtong, and Kiryandongo)

Western and South Western Uganda (Rukungiri, Rubirizi, Buhweju, Bushenyi, Mitooma, Sheema, Isingiro, Kanungu, Kabarole, Kasese, Ntungamo, and Kabale)

Eastern Uganda (Amudat and Katakwi)

TPO Uganda envisions a society where communities enjoy mental health and socio-economic well-being.

9. YES Uganda

ADDRESSFort Portal, Uganda
Types of NGOs in Uganda

Youth Encouragement Services, Inc., popularly known as YES, is a United States (US) registered 503(c)(3) Non-Government Organization (NGO) founded by Carol Adams and located in Fort Portal, Uganda.

YES, along with its dedicated team of professionals, seeks to improve the welfare of orphaned and vulnerable young people, including children born HIV+.

Since its inception in 2004, YES has grown to become one of the leading NGOs in Uganda. The support of the donors, coupled with the partnership with other large internationally recognized organizations, is paying off.

YES, over the past years since its operation has served, and still, serving the needs of orphans and vulnerable children across Uganda and some other parts of Africa.

In addition to providing children with necessities, they need for survival. The organization also supports their education through scholarships. And this covers enrolment, lunch, and boarding fees, as well as school uniforms and healthcare.

At the time of this writing, YES has provided, and still, providing quality education, food, and shelter to thousands of children across Uganda.

10. Uganda Rural Fund (URF)

ADDRESSLwengo, Uganda
EMAIL[email protected]
International NGOs in Uganda

Uganda Rural Fund, traditionally abbreviated as URF, is a registered 501(c)(3) International and Local community-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) empowering women, AIDS orphans, and the youths in the rural-impoverished communities.

Founded in 2005 as part of its mission to fight the circle of poverty in Uganda, its core mission remains to quell poverty and improve the wellbeing of people in the rural communities through sustainable and educational development opportunities.

Uganda Rural Fund belief that a better life is feasible for everyone – young and old, men and women. For that reason, it strives to empower all of its beneficiaries to develop and implement sustainable programs to defeat poverty.

As an NGO established on non-denominational, non-political, and non-sectarian principles, URF focuses on empowering people in the neglected and hard-to-reach rural communities.

Also, education is one key weapon the organization has been utilizing to break the circle of poverty and illiteracy plaguing the communities across Uganda.

Other Top NGOs in Uganda

1Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU)[email protected]
2Ecological Christian Organization[email protected]
3Community Health Alliance Uganda[email protected]
4The National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU)[email protected]
5Action for Rural Women’s Employment Uganda (ARUWE)[email protected]
6The Aged Family Uganda (TAFU)[email protected]
7Climate Action Network Uganda[email protected]
8Refugee Youth Volunteering Uganda[email protected]
9Love Uganda Foundation[email protected]
10Homes of Promise[email protected]
11Humanitarian Platform for Local and National Organisations in Uganda[email protected]
12Somero Uganda[email protected]
13JENGA Community Development Outreach[email protected]
14AWAGO[email protected]
15Foundation for Sustainable Community Based Development (FSD)[email protected]
16Child Restoration Outreach Uganda (CROUG)[email protected]
17Uganda Kolping Society[email protected]
18Organization for Community Action (OCA)[email protected]
19Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organizations (UNASO)[email protected]
20Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN)[email protected]
21Quality Assurance Mechanism (QuAM)[email protected]
22Uganda Hands for Hope[email protected]
23Karin Community Initiatives Uganda (KCIU)[email protected]
24Save the Children Uganda[email protected]

Final Thoughts

To create a go-to destination for all-things NGOs in Uganda. Our article includes only the top non-governmental organizations in Uganda.

However, before concluding, we carefully analyzed all the local and international NGOs operating in the country and eventually reviewed only the best ten.

Please note that all the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) listed on this page are certified by the Ministry of Uganda. They are responsible for issuing the certificate of approval and operation for every NGO in the country.

To find out more information about any of these listed NGOs in Uganda, click on the link above.


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