List of Primary Schools in Singapore

Finding a list of primary schools in Singapore couldn’t be made any easier! So, whether you are planning to relocate to a Southeast Asia country, or are already a citizen there but you are unsure how to find an ideal elementary school for your child; you are in luck!

This post will help you uncover the list of primary schools in Singapore for local and international students.


Singapore isn’t as big as some of its Asian neighbors, population-wise. In fact, it’s one of the least populous countries on the continent.

However, this small country of about 5.7 million residents is known as one of Asia’s education hubs; and, over the past years, has always been a go-to destination for many international students from Asia and beyond.

With that said, we will make this page as informative as it possibly can. And, you should be able to find the information you need.

Education in Singapore

Also, it’s worth the mention that education in Singapore takes place in three levels, stages if you like: primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. Of these three stages of education in the country, only primary level education is mandatory.

In Singapore, primary school education lasts for up to six years. These comprise a four-year foundation course and a two-year orientation level.

However, due to efforts of the State to shape the national policies in education, the Primary level curriculum focuses on the development of English, mathematics, science, and the mother tongue.

In terms of funding, the vast majority of primary schools in Singapore are funded and administered by the state government. This is why there are more public primary schools in Singapore compared to private.

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English is the first choice in Singapore primary schools

English is the first language in all primary schools in Singapore, and all subjects and courses are taught in English except for the “mother tongue” language course.

However, to graduate from any primary school in the country after the first successful six years of education, students are required to write, and pass the compulsory Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), to qualify for secondary level education.

Having said that, if you are contemplating which school would best develop your child; here are a few reasons why you should send your child to one of these top primary schools in Singapore. And just as we mentioned earlier, English is the medium of instruction, and students are strongly encouraged to prepare themselves.

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TIPS: Please note that this list of Singapore primary schools is not arranged in any special order. So, don’t feel bad if your desired school wasn’t found at the very top.

List of Primary Schools in Singapore

SJI Junior SchoolCo-ed6255 2700
Rulang Primary SchoolCo-ed6565 7771
Maha Bodhi Primary SchoolCo-ed67442115
Bukit Timah Primary SchoolCo-ed6466 2863
Farrer Park Primary SchoolCo-ed62952272
Nanyang Primary SchoolCo-ed6467 2677
Rosyth SchoolCo-ed6481 2273
Tao Nan SchoolCo-ed6442 8307
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)Co-ed6733 7911
Raffles Girls’ Primary SchoolGirls6468 4377
Henry Park Primary SchoolCo-ed6466 3600
Singapore Chinese Girls’ School PrimaryGirls6252 7966
Methodist Girls’ School PrimaryGirls6469 4800
St Margaret Primary SchoolCo-ed6339 4247
St Hilda’s Primary SchoolCo-ed6435 0211
Catholic High School PrimaryCo-ed6458 2177
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School PrimaryGirls6454 9698
Nan Hua Primary SchoolCo-ed6778 8050
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary SchoolCo-ed6466 3787
Ai Tong Primary SchoolCo-ed6454 7672

Primary Schools in Singapore

SJI Junior School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6255 2700
ADDRESS3 Essex Road, Singapore 309331

SJI is an abbreviation for the St. Joseph’s International Junior—a public boys’ primary school located at Essex Road, Singapore. The school was founded in 1954 and was named St. Michael’s.

However, fifty-two years later, St. Michael’s School was renamed St. Joseph’s Institution Junior to reflect its shared identity with its Brother School, St. Joseph’s Institution (Independent).

Since its inception, SJI has seen steady improvement in the academic excellence of its pupils. Because of this, the schools’ Choir was awarded SYF Gold status, during the Singapore Youth Festival; while its Tennis team was also crowned National Champions.

To be the best at St. Joseph’s, however, students are required to prepare themselves for core subject areas of English, Mathematics, and Science.

Jurong West Primary Schools

Rulang Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6565 7771
ADDRESS6, Jurong West St 52 Singapore (649295)

If your definition of a good school is one whose focus is geared towards developing a child and bringing out the best in him/her; then you might be right.

That’s exactly what Rulang Primary School stands for. Not to mention their ever-innovative and dedicated staff who are skilled enough, and highly committed to adding value to every child.

This is not because they’re paid to do so; but because they have the interest of all the pupils at heart.

Having said that, for your child to reach his/her maximum potential, now is the right time to inculcate that “I want to be the best” mindset in him/her.

And the only proven way to achieve that is to get him enrolled in one of the best primary schools in Singapore.

That is because, a school with caring, committed, and innovative staff members will always make learning even more fun for your child, and that’s where Rulang comes into play.

Maha Bodhi Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS10, UBI AVENUE 1, Singapore 408931

With the rich history of Maha Bodhi School, you would agree on why the school made the list of primary schools in Singapore.

Like every other school in the country, Maha Bodhi pride itself as one whose focus is to nurture, and develop a child to the fullest.

Even though the growth of the school started slowly at the get-go, with just about 40 pupils on the register; the school continued to strive in both academic as well as non-academic excellence. And today, the enrollment of students has skyrocketed by more than 2,000.

Over the past few years, pupils at the school often proved that they could do well in Chinese and English languages.

Bukit Timah Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6466 2863
ADDRESS111, Lorong Kismis, 598112 Singapore

Founded in 1959, the school has a long history of academic excellence. Despite achieving academic excellence, the school has invariably performed above the National Average in achieving Quality Grades in the Primary School Leaving Examination.

At Bukit Timah, pupils are taught to be self-reliant, and future-ready; through the use of adequate teaching facilities and programs.

The school is known to house some of the best teaching and non-teaching staff.

However, unlike other primary schools in Singapore where English is the first language. Bukit Timah Primary School offers something slightly different, as it offers Chinese, Tamil, and Malay as its Mother tongues Languages.

Farrer Park Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6295 2272
ADDRESS2 Farrer Park Road #01-01 S(217567)

Another primary school worth the mention is Farrer Park Primary School. It is a public, coeducational school located in Farrer Park Road.

The school is unique in its own right, and if you’re talking about factors that makes a great school; then it will interest you to know that this primary school has all that’s needed to develop a child into a future leader.

Since a child’s education is of utmost importance to every parent, then it is important to search through the Singapore primary school ranking to find the top primary schools in the country.

With that said, after a successful stint at Farrer Park, pupils are expected to be well-rounded in areas such as ICT, Maths, English language, and other core subjects. Hence, laying a perfect foundation for secondary-level education.

Nanyang Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6467 2677
ADDRESS52 King’s Road Singapore 268097

Nanyang is a public, coeducational primary school situated on King’s Road. The school strives to develop pupils to reach their full potential, while also nurturing their productive creativity.

More often than not, thousands of children yearly, reach the age for primary level education; hence, finding an ideal school for a child is becoming even harder.

However, every student in Nanyang Primary School is given an equal chance and opportunity to thrive.

In terms of academic performance, results, learning facilities, and sports, Nanyang has a perfect track record in those areas. The reason why it has consistently made it to the list of top primary schools in Singapore.

The school offers a wide variety of subjects to its pupils. Such as Maker Programmes, ICT, Mathematics, Sciences, English, etc.

Rosyth School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6481 2273 / 6483 4020
ADDRESS21 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555855

Children can do exceptionally well if they find themselves in an environment where learning is encouraged and valued.

Rosyth Primary School’s vision resonates with the students, as it opens their minds to accepting new academic challenges as they come, while also preparing them to aspire to use their talents and skills to serve the community.

Rosythians are taught to set goals to pursue their dreams. That is because the school believes that every child has a talent within them, and should be able to harness that talent to achieve great things in life.

Founded in 1956, today, the school is boasting of a steady increase in student enrollment. Currently, there are more than 2,030 students.

Tao Nan School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6442 8307
ADDRESS49 Marine Crescent Singapore 449761

After 114 years of school history, Tao Nan School continues to make the list of the top 20 best primary schools in Singapore.

However, unlike other public primary schools in the country, whose sole aim is to encourage students to achieve success in core subjects such as English language, Mathematics, Sciences, and Mother Tongue.

Tao Nan, however, emphasizes more on promoting the Chinese culture, and ethics. That is why Hokkien has long been replaced by the Chinese language as the medium of instruction.

Having said that, Tao Nan School has all it takes to transform your child into the next generation of leaders, who’d have a sincere heart to respect and care for others, and the society at large.

It’s also worth mentioning that Tao Nan is one of the leading co-educational primary schools in Singapore that offers the Gifted Education Programme. A program aimed at identifying the most talented students with outstanding intellectual ability.

Tau Nan School currently has approximately 2,500 students.

Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6733 7911
ADDRESS16 Winstedt Road, Singapore 227988

The Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), usually abbreviated as “ACS” is a boys’ and mixed primary school located on Winstedt Road, Singapore.

The school’s history could be traced back to 1886 when it was founded by the then Bishop, William Fitzjames Oldham. ACS is administered by the Methodist Church and overseen by the Ministry of Education.

ACS, however, does not only cater to primary school pupils. They have other Grades such as Secondary (1-4), Junior College (1-2), International Baccalaureate (IB): 1-2; and Pre-IB (1-4).

Apart from its rich history, the school is a household name and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious primary schools in Singapore.

ACS pride itself as one of the most reputable schools in the country, where students with a strong background in the English language are being made.

Raffles Girls’ Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6468 4377
ADDRESS21, Hillcrest Road, Singapore (289072)

The Raffles Girls’ Primary School, abbreviated as “RGPS”, is an all-girls primary school situated on Hillcrest Road.

The school was established in 1844 and had risen from humble origins (six boarders, five pupils) to accomodating close to 2,000 pupils. RGPS continues to take huge strides in transforming the philosophy of primary education in the country.

In 1984—roughly 140 after its establishment; RGPS became one of the first primary schools selected for the Gifted Education Programme, and was one of the first primary schools in Singapore to be awarded the Singapore Quality Class Award.

The year 2005 and 2006 saw the school awarded the People Developer Standard and the School Distinction Award.

Henry Park Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6466 3600
ADDRESS1 Holland Grove Road Singapore 278790

Henry Park Primary school, usually abbreviated as “HPPS”, is a coeducational primary school located on Holland Grove Road, Singapore.

At HPPS, gymnastics are being taught to Primary 1 and 2 pupils. With the introduction of the Overseas Chinese Immersion Programme, pupils are provided with a bi-cultural experience.

HPPS believes that every child matters and every child can succeed. Hence, the reasons why the programs and policies are being made resonate with the students’ interests; to foster their growth and help them maximize their true potential.

Over the past few years, HPPS has continued to increase in popularity; and the school enrollment has skyrocketed.

The school has been awarded several accolades by the Ministry of Education, including awards in Sports, Physical Fitness, and Aesthetics.

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Primary

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6252 7966
ADDRESS190 Dunearn Rd, Singapore 309437

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, abbreviated as “SCGS”, is a private school for girls situated in Bukit Timah in the Central Region of Singapore.

It is one of the oldest schools in the country. Apart from being the oldest, it is one of the best primary schools in Singapore.

SCGS has both primary and secondary sections, and only girls between the ages of 6 and 16 are admitted. Entry into the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School is known to be competitive, and only the best of the bests are selected.

However, at SCGS, pupils are taught to be creative thinkers, value-based learners, and lifelong learners.

Today, there are more than 2,400 learners enrolled.

Primary Schools in Punggol, Singapore

Methodist Girls’ School Primary

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6469 4800
ADDRESSBlackmore Drive Singapore 599986

Methodist Girls’ School, usually abbreviated as “MGS”, is a private school for girls. The school is located at Blackmore Drive, Bukit Timah, Singapore. MGS has consistently ranked in the top 20 best primary schools in Singapore.

Founded in 1887, MGS is a renowned primary school in the region. Over the past few years, it has had a perfect history of academic excellence.

Having said that, there are two sections in the Methodist Girls’ School, the Primary School, and the Secondary School.

However, to qualify for the Secondary school, pupils from the Primary section are required to obtain a minimum of 220 points, after sitting for the PSLE.

St Margaret Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6339 4247
ADDRESS2 Mattar Rd, Singapore 387724

St. Margaret’s Primary School, abbreviated as “SMPS”, is an all-girls primary school located on Mattar Road, Singapore.

The school was founded in 1842 by Mrs. Maria Dyer, making it the oldest girls’ school in Singapore. At SMPS, pupils are taught to be independent, with an emphasis on leadership skills.

St. Margaret’s offers a plethora of subjects to its students. From English language, Mathematics, Sciences to Aesthetics, Mother Tongue, etc. All are aimed to foster the growth of every learner.

If you’re keen to send your child to St. Margaret’s Primary School, it’s important to note that the submission of the application form does not lead to automatic admission into the school.

Acceptance is purely based on the availability of vacancies.

Tampines Primary Schools

St Hilda’s Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6435 0211
ADDRESS2 Tampines Avenue 3 Singapore 529706

The St Hilda’s community of professionals, staff, and educators are usually exploring ways to provide a caring learning environment for pupils, to bring out the best in them.

This is further backed by a plethora of stimulating programs and platforms that’d help raise the bar, and push the students beyond their limits.

At St Hilda Primary School, providing the child with all the needed skills and competencies to succeed in the real world is held in high esteem.

Hence, the staff strives to inspire the pupils to foster their passion for learning. For this reason, pupils are provided with a complex curriculum. Because they need to learn and prepare their minds for life challenges.

Primary Schools in Singapore

Catholic High School Primary

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6458 2177
ADDRESS9 Bishan Street 22, Singapore 579767

Catholic High School (Primary), often abbreviated as “CHS”, is a Christian (Catholic) School for boys. The School’s history could be traced back to 1935 when it was founded by a French missionary, Rev. Fr. Edward Becheras.

Being one of the most sought-after bilingual schools in the country, CHS offers a six-year primary education to pupils who are fluent in both Chinese and English.

In addition to its bilingualism, it is a Special Assistance Plan school, as well as a Gifted Education Programme center.

Although it is affiliated with the Catholic religion, the school admits non-Catholic students. Presently, there are approximately 1,600 students enrolled in Catholic High School Primary.

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School Primary

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE+65 6454 9698
ADDRESS501 Ang Mo Kio Street 13 Singapore 569405

CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary) is a Catholic primary school for girls. It is located in Ang Mo Kio, in North-East Singapore.

The school was founded in 1933 with an enrolment of 40 pupils in two classes, Primary One and Primary Two.

Currently, it caters to more than 3,000 students in all sections of the schools, including the Primary School and Secondary School.

The Saint Nicholas Girls’ Primary, or SNGSP, as it’s often called, is one of 11 CHIJ schools in the country. And it is one of the top primary schools in Singapore that offer the Special Assistance Plan (SAP).

Nan Hua Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6778 8050
ADDRESS30 Jln Lempeng, Singapore 128806

Nan Hua Primary School, originally known as Nan Hua Girls’ School was founded in 1917 as an all-girls school before it was renamed Nan Hwa Primary School in 1964 and became coeducational.

Today, the school is fully mixed and accepts both boys and girls. The school is a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School.

English is the medium of instruction, but the school offers other mother-tongue languages including Chinese, Tamil, and Malay. However, the primary language used for communication is English.

Like many primary schools in Singapore, Nan Hua Primary School complies with the Ministry of Education policies and ethics; therefore, every child matters.

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE64663787 / 64663797
ADDRESS7 Pei Wah Avenue Singapore 597610

Founded in 1889 by Joseph Koh, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, abbreviated as “PHPPS” was established to provide free education to pupils around Bukit Timah, and its suburbs.

As a Special Assistance Plan (SAP), the school focuses on promoting Chinese culture, tradition, and values.

To foster pupils’ appreciation and understanding of the Chinese culture, values, and Language; students are offered a Bi-Cultural Enrichment Program and the Chinese Arts Program (CAP).

Apart from the promotion of Chinese culture, and values. Students are also taught in a way that deepens their knowledge of appreciation for one another, irrespective of their background or ethnicity.

Ai Tong Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE6454 7672
ADDRESS100 Bright Hill Dr, Singapore 579646

Established in 1917, Ai Tong School is located on Bright Hill Drive in the northernmost part of the Central Region of Singapore.

Ai Tong is a coeducational primary school, with an emphasis on the learning and promotion of Chinese culture, and tradition.

However, being one of the most in-demand primary schools in Singapore, Ai Tong pride itself as a school where leaders are made.

Ai Tong is affiliated with the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, and being a Chinese-medium school, it routinely conducts students exchange programs with a school in China, where pupils from Ai Tong School are offered an opportunity to attend exchange programs in China.

Summary of primary schools in Singapore

As already mentioned in this article how the Singapore education system has attracted (and is still attracting…) thousands of international students across the continent; finding and enrolling your child in one of these top 20 primary schools in Singapore is of utmost importance.

Known as an education hub, the number of international students in Singapore is estimated to be more than 80,000.

This figure should give a clearer view of how intriguing education in the country has become, especially, at the primary level.

Having said that, if you are planning to get your child enrolled in a primary school, and you are looking for a list of primary schools in Singapore, I hope you will find this post helpful.


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