List of High Schools in Midrand, South Africa

This article contains the list of public and private high schools in Midrand, Gauteng.

The city of Midrand is arguably home to some of South Africa’s most respectable pre-tertiary institutions. In this article, however, you are going to find ten of the leading high schools in Midrand.


With that said, whether you are a foreigner who’s newly relocated to the city, or a citizen, and you are probably looking for an ideal government or an independent secondary school in the town of Midrand, then this article will give you a quick run-through of ten of the best high schools in Midrand.

Eventually, you will be able to choose a perfect school for your child without having to spin your head around.

Midrand is an area in central Gauteng Province, South Africa. With a total population of approximately 87,387 people, it is easy to agree that the city of Midrand is relatively small (population-wise) when compared to some of its neighbors in the Gauteng region.

Despite accounting for over 55% of Black African’s population, English remains the dominant language in the town of Midrand.

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Midrand is known to have one of South Africa’s most standardized educational systems in a country with a relatively high literacy rate. Even though Midrand is a small town with a little less than 90,000 people, it boasts of possessing some of the best secondary school facilities in the country.

Despite operating well-funded secondary school institutions in the country, most parents still find it difficult to figure out which school would best go down well for their children. It is normal to run into such a dilemma when engulfed with many different options.

Below are ten of Midrand’s leading high schools. These schools include private and public secondary schools and cater to learners from Grade 8 through Grade 12.

List of High Schools in Midrand, South Africa

1. Midrand Christian College

SCHOOL TYPEPrivate School
TUITIONR53 900 60 500 per annum
TELEPHONE+27 11 312 5572/3
ADDRESS75 Seventh Rd, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, 1685
EMAIL[email protected]

Midrand Christian College was founded in 2009 with the mission to provide quality education to pupils in Midrand and beyond.

The College is a co-educational, independent school catering to over half a thousand students. As a College deep-rooted in Christian principles, the school takes pride in nurturing and developing children who adhere to the Christian ethos and shows optimum respect and care for one another.

Midrand Christian College is made up of four different segments: Grade 000 to Grade R (Pre-Reception to Reception); Grade 1 to Grade 3 (Junior Primary); Grade 4 to Grade 7 (Senior Primary); and Grade 8 to Grade 12 (High School).

Midrand College isn’t just another Christian school with loads of Christianity-inclined subjects and courses. However, it’s aimed to prepare students to become independent and passionate learners.

Despite the College’s denomination status, application for admission to the school is open to all Christians irrespective of gender or ethnicity.

2. Summerhill College

SCHOOL TYPEPrivate School
TUITIONR90 720 R91 980 per annum
TELEPHONE011 468 5986
ADDRESS8th and 10th Roads Noordwyk Erand, Midrand, 2090
EMAIL[email protected]

Summerhill College is an independent co-educational school located in the town of Midrand. The College has made great strides in the area of academic excellence over the past few years. In addition, students enjoy a wide range of sporting and extramural activities.

With that said, the College does not only takes pride in ranking among the best high schools in Midrand, it also provides a wide range of opportunities for students to learn and thrive.

To further buttress the point why this school is rated as one of the best in the city; the College is known to offer a handful of international programs, including IGCSE (Grade 9 and Grade 10) and AS Level (Two-year course.

Grade 11 and Grade 12 equivalent), and the IEB (Independent Examinations Board) from Grade 9 to Grade 12.

Also, the College is a registered exam center with Cambridge International Examinations. Cambridge qualifications are some of the best in the world as they are recognized in over 160 countries.

3. Nizamiye Primary and High School

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
TUITIONR46 250 per annum
TELEPHONE011 312 6599
ADDRESSK101 &, Le Roux Ave, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685
EMAIL[email protected]

Nizamiye Primary & High School is an innovative co-educational, independent school offering world-class facilities in the Foundation, Intermediate, and Senior phases.

Classes at the school range from Grade RRR up to Grade 12 and the teacher to students ratio is pretty low to enhance a friendly atmosphere.

As the name implies, Nizamiye Primary & High School is not particularly for primary or secondary school students per se; instead, it caters generally to learners from Reception up to High School level.

Also, students from Grade 8 through Grade 12 are provided with fully functional boarding facilities in a safe and homely environment.

Nizamiye is a school on a mission, as such, strives to provide students with a limitless horizon and the means to open the door to any field of achievement.

The school boasts of a 100% matric pass rate and is simply one of the top high schools in Midrand.

4. Blue Hills College

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
TUITIONR54 000 103 500 per annum
TELEPHONE+27 (0)11 318 4882
ADDRESS16 Village Rd Blue Hills A.H. Midrand, South Africa
EMAIL[email protected]

Blue Hills College, commonly abbreviated as BHC, is a co-educational, Christian-affiliated independent school in Midland offering Grade 000 to Grade 12 education.

The school aims to develop individuals to be highly skilled in their fields of study and be productive and innovative, with a broad view of this ever-changing world and respect for human values.

Blue Hills Schools is made up of Blue Hills College and Blue Hills Preparatory, which jointly cater to learners from Reception up to Grade 12 (Matric).

However, as a school with boarding facilities, students from Grade 8 to Grade 12 have the option of boarding school.

BHC based its teachings on the IEB Curriculum—Independent Examination Board.

Private High Schools in Midrand

5. Midstream College

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
TUITIONR67 050 R74 000 per annum
TELEPHONE012 661 2341
ADDRESS1 Ashford Street, Midstream Estate
EMAIL[email protected]

Midstream College is a multi-cultural, co-educational, independent school located in Midstream Estate. Although it originally started as a primary school catering to pupils from Reception up to Grade 7.

However, as the years pass by and the city’s population began to grow, the school was, 2006, expanded to accommodate the increasing population and demand for a high school. Presently, the College serves learners from the Foundation phase up to Grade 12.

It is quite impressive to see a school whose early days were riddled with so many ups and downs now transformed into what is now one of the leading high schools in Midrand, with so many cutting-edge facilities.

In addition to that, the student population has grown tremendously over the past years. Now there are approximately 1,000 students enrolled at the school.

6. Midrand High School

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
TUITIONR12 300 per annum
TELEPHONE011 315 0676
ADDRESSCrn 1st & 3rd Road, Halfway Gardens Gauteng
EMAIL[email protected]

Midrand High School, commonly abbreviated as MHS, is an independent secondary school situated in Halfway Gardens. The school was founded in 1993 with only 73 learners on the register.

MHS is one of a few high schools in Midrand that has maintained a high matric pass rate over the past years. Thanks to the dedicated staff who are committed to the nurturing and development of every child from the ground up.

Midrand High School is a school of choice for many parents who are in quest for the best high school for their child because they believe that education at MHS is at the forefront of all activities.

Independent Secondary Schools in Midrand

7. Midland Primary and High School

SCHOOL TYPEPrivate School
TUITIONR30 660 R35 070 per annum
TELEPHONE010 443 3482
ADDRESS28 Guildford Road, Crowthorne AH, Midrand
EMAIL[email protected]

Midland Primary and High School is a fee-paying school catering to learners from Grade 1 through Grade 12.

As a dynamic and multicultural institution, the school aims to provide a top-notch education for the students in a secure and stimulating environment.

Midland Primary and High School have a strong passion for Physical education. Hence, students are, more often than not, encouraged to take part in the school’s sporting, and other extracurricular activities.

At Midland Primary and High School, Learners are provided with the opportunity to fulfill their true potential.

In addition, students from the Foundation stage up to Grade 12 are provided with a firm foundation in ICT, science, mathematics, and engineering.

8. Redhill School

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
TUITIONR143 818 163 880 per annum
TELEPHONE+27 11 783 4707
ADDRESS20 Summit Road Morningside, Sandton Johannesburg 2057
EMAIL[email protected]

Redhill School is one of the most sought-after co-educational, private high schools in Midrand. Founded in 1907, its history could be traced back to 115-years.

Redhill is not only regarded as one of the best Grades 8 to 12 schools in the city, it is simply one of the top independent schools in South Africa.

Also, it is the only school in the country to offer students the option of graduating with either an Independent Examination Board (IEB) or International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification.

Redhill School is an all-around independent school in Midrand, serving Learners from the Early Learning Centre, Preparatory School, to High School. Generally, the school has enjoyed steady success over the past years.

9. Beaulieu College

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
TUITIONR128 899 R133 966 per annum
TELEPHONE011 468 2114
ADDRESSUnit 1, Beaulieu Office Park Stallion Road, Beaulieu, 1684
EMAIL[email protected]

Beaulieu College is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational, English medium school located in Midrand. The school was established in 2000 and is one of the best secondary schools in Midrand.

The College is popular for its professionalism in nurturing and developing every child to reach his/her goal.

In addition to that, Learners are taught by highly dynamic and enthusiastic staff who are committed to developing each pupil as a whole person.

Beaulieu College has been conceived as an answer to the ever-growing need for world-class schools in Midrand with the purpose being to nurture the unique potential of the students.

10. Gallagher Combined School

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent School
TELEPHONE010 035 1031
ADDRESS187 Allan Road, Glen Austin, Midrand
EMAIL[email protected]

Acts House of Education is a Christian, co-educational, private school established in 2015. As with many schools in the city, Acts House is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and fully accredited by Umalusi.

In addition, the school is under the Acts Christian Church and affiliated with ISASA. The school serves students from the Early Learning Centre up to Grade 12, and classroom numbers are capped at 24 learners per class, and 2 classes per grade. The dedicated team of qualified teachers and staff makes the school even more unique.

Acts House of Education educates students according to Biblical views and perspectives.

Final Thoughts

If you have ever spent some hours, perhaps days exploring the town of Midrand, you’d agree that the schools posted on this page are arguably some of the best in the city.

Before concluding on your choice of school, it is always important to reach out to the school authority via email, or possibly a phone call.

Alternatively, you can go to the school in person just to have a clearer view and feel of where you want to send your child.

For some schools in the region, you’ll have to live within the catchment zone/area to be considered for admission. In that case, it is advisable to figure out the school’s intake procedures.


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