10 Best Primary Schools in Durban, South Africa

Are you looking to enrol your child in a school in Durban, South Africa? It might be challenging to select a school for your youngster. This can be done in a number of approaches. Before settling on a child’s preferred educational setting, it is critical that parents perform careful study. It’s critical to keep in mind that you are choosing a second home for your child while choosing a school. Additionally, the location should offer them the best feasible learning opportunity.

Do you intend to enroll your child in a Durban elementary school? The top primary schools in the city will be outlined in this article.

10 Best Primary Schools in Durban

Here are some of Durban’s top primary schools.

Best Primary Schools in Durban

Durban Girls’ College

Girls attend the exclusive day and boarding school known as Durban Girls’ College. Additionally, the institution offers weekly boarding accommodations for high school students. The institution is in Pretoria. It is located precisely at 586 Musgrave Road, Essenwood, 4001 Durban.

There are three divisions at Durban Girls’ College: Junior Primary, Senior Primary, and High School. With more than 800 students enrolled, Durban Girls’ serves kids in grades 00 through 12.

Al-Falaah College

Al-Falaah College is an excellent institution with superb faculty and administrators. The school is regarded as one of the best elementary schools in Durban. Al-Falaah College’s staff is outstanding because they are committed to fostering the brains and minds of the students. They educate and inculcate Islamic ideals in these future leaders as they develop them.

Al Falaah College teaches its students about equality and the importance of loving others as one loves oneself. Bullying is strongly frowned upon at the school. Additionally, students are frequently reminded that no person is superior to another in Allah’s eyes and everyone should be equal.

Durban Eden College

Private collegiate Eden College Durban is located in Durban. There are Pre-Primary Schools (Grades 00–0), Preparatory Schools (Grades 1-6), Middle Schools (Grades 7-9), and Colleges there (Grades 10 to 12). The school’s curriculum offers a wide choice of mandatory and elective studies, athletics, and extracurricular activities.

Contact information for Durban Eden College is available at 031 205 3357 or at Dan Pienaar Rd & Wanless Road, Glenwood, Durban, 4001.

Thomas More College

A private, nonsectarian, coed Christian day school in Durban is called Thomas More College. From preschool through grade 12, students are admitted.

Thomas More College, the largest private institution in Durban, has 1,180 pupils.

Call Thomas More College at +27 31 764 8640 to reach them. Additionally, you can contact them at 15 Sykes Road, Kloof, 3640.

St. Mary’s Diocesan Girls’ School

Girls attend the elite day and boarding school St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls in Durban. At St. Mary’s, day students are accommodated across the institution. Starting in the high school, boarding is also an option at the institution.

The school’s phone number is 0317649800, and you can reach any of the representatives there to speak with you. The location of St. Mary’s Diocesan Girls’ School is 30 St. Marys Road, Kloof, 3640.

Kearsney College

A private residential school for males is called Kearsney College. Upwards of 600 students from grades 8 through 12 attend the institution, which was established in 1921. The annual board fee for school is R259 000. The annual cost of tuition is R178 640.

Callers can reach Kearsney University at +27317659600. 25 Old Main Road, Botha’s Hill, KwaZulu-Natal is where the school is located.

Crawford College Durban

Located in Durban, Crawford College, La Lucia is a private institution. The school began operations in 1999 and has since developed into one of Durban’s top primary institutions. More than 600 students in kindergarten through grade twelve are enrolled at the institution. Crawford College Durban’s tuition costs range from R40,000 to R120,000.

In La Lucia, Durban, 4051, at 79 Armstrong Ave., is where you can find Crawford College Durban. They can be reached at (031) 562-0050.

Maris Stella Academy

Girls attend Maris Stella School, a private Roman Catholic day school. It is primarily intended for those between the ages of 3 and 18, or Grades 0 through 12. The pre-primary, primary, and secondary stages of the school are separated. The annual tuition rates for schools range from R39 840 to R91 640.

The Maris Stella Academy can be found in Essenwood, Durban, at 558 Stephen Dlamini Road. They may be reached at 031 2099426.

St. Henry’s Marist College

A coeducational, private Catholic school is St. Henry’s Marist College. The school, which opened its doors in 1929, has 760 pupils enrolled in ages 0 through 12.

St. Henry’s Marist College is situated in Glenwood, Durban, at 210 Mazisi Kunene Road. They can be reached at +27 31 261 7369.

Clifton School

A private day school for boys in Durban is called Clifton School. Students in grades 7 through 12 attend this institution.

The school’s phone number is +27 31 312 2147. Clifton School can be found at 102 Lambert Road Morningside in Durban, 4001.

Final Thoughts

You should be aware that, after Johannesburg and Cape Town, Durban has the third-highest population in South Africa. It is the biggest city in the Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa, home to about 595,061 people. Of all the South African cities, this one adds the highest millionaires each year.

What now sets apart the top primary schools in Durban? This includes the outcomes and accomplishments in school. Along with music, science, engineering, and the visual arts, sporting facilities are another factor that can influence performance. When seeking for the top primary schools in Durban, several components of what makes the best schools shouldn’t be disregarded.

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