Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Perth, Australia

With several dozens of private and public primary schools in Perth, you have so many options to choose from for your child. Here, you will find the list of top public, private, and Catholic primary schools in Perth, Australia.

Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia (WA). It is the fourth-largest city in Australia, with a population of 2.14 million people. In addition, a large chunk of its residents is of British, Irish, Italian, and Chinese descent.

That said, Perth is a community where value is held in high esteem while talents are nurtured and realized, and literacy is the other of the day.

Education in Perth, Western Australia

The city of Perth has a strict education policy, where primary and secondary education is compulsory for children between the ages of six and seventeen.

Primary and Secondary school education is compulsory for children that are within the said ages. Hence, allowing them to be fully prepared and equipped for Tertiary education through universities and colleges.

With about 602 schools in Perth (both Primary and High Schools), finding the best primary schools in Perth could always be a challenging journey.

And the reason is not that there are not as many schools to take in as many pupils as possible, but rather, it’s because finding an ideal school for a child has always been a nightmare for many parents whose child has just reached primary school age.

Also, while questing for top primary schools in Perth, it’s important to note that the Government, State, administers a large proportion of primary schools in Perth.

While this is true, Perth Catholic schools, on the other hand, also account for a fair share of primary schools in the city, followed by a tiny fraction of private primary schools.

However, over 85 percent of primary schools in Perth are coeducational, with the remaining 15 percent being girls’ schools and boys’ schools, respectively.

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With careful consideration of all that is said, you will, eventually, finds a school that suits your child’s interests.

Also, given that many government primary schools in Perth are non-denominational, you have to expect schools with affiliation to faiths and religions if opted for Private or Catholic schools. Either way, you have a list of top primary schools in Perth to choose from for your child.

Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Perth, Australia

1. Perth Primary School

YEARSKindergarten – 6
TELEPHONE03 6398 2302
ADDRESS181 Fairtlough Street, Perth, TAS, 7300

Perth Primary School is a public, coeducational primary school located in Fairtlough Street, Tasmania, Western Perth.

It was founded in 1833 to provide education to the increasing population of the city. Currently, it is one of the oldest continuing schools in the region.

To ensure that students are well taken care of, the school became part of the B4 Coalition; an organization that supports high-quality learning and cares for all Tasmanian children from infancy to age 8.

Perth Primary School strives to provide students with a learning environment where their talents are nurtured.

While the school offers pupils a plethora of learning opportunities that will equip them properly for the future; it also helps to foster their fluency in foreign languages, such as Chinese.

Therefore, students from grades 3 – 6 learn Chinese in lessons. These lessons are usually streamed, live from China through the Internet.

2. South Perth Primary School

YEARS1 – 6
TELEPHONE(08) 9367 2652
ADDRESS51 Forrest Street, SOUTH PERTH, Western Australia, 6151

South Perth Primary School is a coeducational independent public school. Founded in 1898, the school is situated on Forrest Street, South Perth, Western Australia.

From Early Learning (Kindergarten to Pre-Primary), the school provides a stimulating learning environment where pupils feel comfortable learning and exploring new things.

At South Perth Primary School, students are encouraged to participate in both academic and non-academic programs that will enhance their learning capability.

Year 1-6 pupils are offered programs in Japanese, Music, Drama, and Physical Education, plus a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Despite being considered one of the best primary schools in Perth, it has one notable downside. To be eligible to attend South Perth Primary School, students must live within the local residential catchment area. You can visit the school website to find out whether your address falls within the catchment area.

The school facilities are top-notch, not to mention the well-equip art/science and computer rooms, as well as sporting facilities, and climbing areas. In fact, the school is the epitome of quality learning.

3. Subiaco Primary School

TELEPHONE+61 8 9207 7900
ADDRESS271 Bagot Rd, Subiaco, Western Australia 6008
SCHOOL ROLLApprox. 500

Subiaco Primary School was established in 1897 as a coeducational school to provide quality education for learners from Kindergarten – to 6.

Located on Bagot Road, Subiaco, Western Perth, the school houses a plethora of cutting-edge learning facilities and infrastructures, including a Library resource center, French room, Art room, learning support, and Music room; not to mention the tennis/basketball courts and a six-lane, 17-meter swimming pool.

All of these ensure that students are safe and secure while learning in a friendly and happy environment.

Having said that, students are encouraged to appreciate, and have a deep respect for one another, while working in collaboration with the teaching and non-teaching staff through various academic programs and activities.

To add to its achievements, Subiaco Primary School was one of the four finalists in Western Australia (W.A) Primary School of the Year award.

This recognition was a result of outstanding work done by the school. One of the greatest facets of this school is their ability, love, and passion for learning new things and inculcating them into a child.

4. North Perth Primary School

TELEPHONE08 9428 7100
ADDRESS5 Albert Street North Perth WA 6006

Established in 1899, North Perth Primary School is one of the oldest existing public primary schools in Perth, and Western Australia in general.

The school is situated on Albert Street, North Perth, Western Australia. It caters to learners from Kindergarten to Year 6. However, North Perth Primary School only accepts applications from a specific catchment area.

A large proportion of students at the school live within the catchment zone, which includes North Perth, West Perth, Leederville, and Mount Lawley.

Staff members at North Perth Primary School look forward to educating your child and seeing them grow, discover, and prepare themselves for the future.

Top Public Primary Schools in Perth

5. Highgate Primary School

TELEPHONE08 9253 2700
ADDRESS147 Lincoln Street PERTH WA 6003
SCHOOL ROLLApprox. 750

Highgate Primary School is a public coeducational school situated on Lincoln Street, Perth, Western Australia.

Founded in 1895 with 80 students on the register, it soon became one of the best primary schools in Perth. Thanks to its robust and sublime academic performance.

At Highgate Primary School, students are offered the standard curriculum approved by the Department of Education, coupled with the best learning facilities to thrive in areas such as sports, drama, music, languages, sciences, and engineering.

Presently, the school enrollment is approximately 750 students from 70 different nationalities, with roughly 60 students attending the Intensive English Program.

Having said that, if you’re looking for a primary school that can ignite the passion in your child, then Highgate Primary School is highly recommended.

6. Moerlina School

YEARSPre-Primary – 6
TELEPHONE+61 8 9384 5894
ADDRESS16 Brockway Rd, Mt Claremont, WA 6010
TUTION FEE$10,544 per annum

Moerlina School is a mixed primary school located on Brockway Road. Its history could be traced back to 1974 when it was initially named Lance Holt School Claremont.

Moerlina School is known for the quality of education it is providing in Perth’s Western Suburbs. Also, its Early Learning Center is one of the best in the region, as it provides a convenient environment for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten (3 and 4 years old).

Although classes are small, learning goes beyond the classroom. As it allows students the freedom to raise the bar high for themselves and to have high hopes and expectations.

7. Mindarie Primary School

SCHOOL ROLLApprox. 700
TELEPHONE(08) 9407 1100
ADDRESS90 Rothesay Heights, Mindarie WA 6030

Mindarie Primary School is an independent public coeducational school situated in Rothesay Heights, Mindarie, Western Australia.

Mindarie Primary is a Local Intake school, therefore, only residents who live within the catchment area are qualified to enroll.

Established in 1997 with 175 students from Pre-Primary to Year 7, it currently caters to approximately 700 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Having considered one of the best primary schools in Perth—thanks to its strong curriculum that focus on numeracy and literacy.

It also offers a plethora of Specialist programs in the following areas: Performing Arts, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) for academically talented students in Years 4-6.

Top Private Primary Schools in Perth

8. Kyilla Primary School

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent Public School
TELEPHONE(08) 9216 3300
ADDRESS4 Selkirk St North Perth, WA, 6006
SCHOOL ROLLApprox. 300

Kyilla Primary School is an Independent Public school located on Selkirk Street, North Perth, Western Australia. Catering to over 300 Kindergarten to Year 6 pupils, the school ensures that children are given every opportunity to express themselves academically, physically, and socially.

Also, with experienced supports staff and teachers, your child will be well-grounded, and given all the support needed to succeed.

Kyillaps believes that the key to successful education is a collaboration between school and parents. Hence, the school looks forward to working with the parents to make the child’s education a fulfilling and happy one where they attain their potential.

Despite being academically inclined. Kyilla Primary School offers a dynamic Arts program that includes visual arts and music. There is a school of Choir, coupled with instrumental music tuition for trumpet, clarinet, and guitar. This allows children to perform at school and local events.

9. Baler Primary School

SCHOOL TYPEIndependent Public School
TELEPHONE(08) 9172 8400
ADDRESSBaler Cl, South Hedland WA 6722

Founded in 1975, Baler Primary School is a Local Intake School situated in Hedland, Perth. It accepts enrollment from the Local Intake Area only.

The school provides quality education for pupils from Kindergarten to Year 6 in a safe, friendly environment.

Thanks to the staff members and teachers who are ever committed to providing the best learning platforms through an inclusive and differentiated approach.

At Baler Primary School, students are developed and nurtured to reach their full potential. This is evidenced by the school’s push to provide opportunities for students to effectively master numeracy and literacy skills.

Go to the school website to view the Local Intake Map in order to find out whether your child is within the Local Intake Area.

10. Mel Maria Catholic Primary School

TUITION FEE$2,761 – $2,890 per annum
TELEPHONE(08 )6372 2612
(08) 6372 2618
ADDRESS33 Davidson Road, Attadale WA 6156
25 Evershed Street Myaree WA 6154
SCHOOL ROLLApprox. 800

Last on our list but not least is Mel Maria Catholic Primary School. Mel Maria is a co-educational primary school located on two campuses: St Joseph Pignatelli Campus, and Pater Noster Campus.

While the two campuses are both situated on different grounds; they jointly cater to approximately 800 children from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6.

The school provides an environment based on Christian values. However, the school looks forward to developing the full potential of every child. At Mel Maria, children are nurtured and develop to be independent learners.

For this reason, every child is provided with the necessary tools to succeed. These include engaging children in different learning programs that bring out the best in them, coupled with some brain-teasing programs.

Having said that, Mel Maria Catholic Primary School is an ideal choice for parents who wants their children to stay put in religious and spiritual teachings, even while at school.

Final Thoughts

Primary schools in Perth, basically cater to pupils from Kindergarten to Year 6, although you may likely find some schools consisting of both Primary schools and High schools.

However, the best bet is to send your child to a school where learning is made easy through the use of adequate facilities. Also, not forget that your choice of school could deter your child’s dream.

Having said that, we hope this post will help you choose a perfect school for your child. That was the list of the top ten best primary schools in Perth.

We advise you not to feel bad if you didn’t find your childhood school on the list. The fact is, primary schools in Perth, Western Australia are often looked after, and to make sure they comply with the standards of the Department of Education.

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