10 Best Primary Schools In Sydney, Australia

Primary schools in Sydney are the foundation of your child’s education. That is why we have created a list of some of the best schools in Sydney, Australia.

All ten primary schools on our list offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and opportunities to broaden your child’s horizons and help them develop into well-rounded individuals.

Best Primary Schools in Sydney

One attractive aspect of all these schools is that they are fairly close to one another, which helps parents who might be concerned about transportation for their children.

Best Primary Schools In Sydney

  1. Sydney Grammar School (in Sydney)

Private Schools in Sydney

International Grammer School Sydney

Sydney Grammar School has an outstanding reputation because of its top quality teaching, excellent results and an emphasis on developing the skills of each student through sport. It is a private school for boys and it is regarded as one of the best private schools in Sydney, Australia with a strong track record of academic achievement and a tradition of excellence in education.

The school has grown and changed over the years. However, while it has expanded its range of in-school programs and resources, it remains committed to its core objectives of delivering a quality education in a caring environment while providing opportunities to develop personal and social skills.

It is committed to enhancing the opportunities of each learner by offering a broad range of extracurricular activities that are enriching, challenging and fun such as athletics, drama, debating, music and debating. Students also have the opportunity to take part in camps, competitions and excursions, which help them develop skills and understanding that they can apply in other situations.

Over the last few years, the school has improved the teaching and learning technology available to students in some of its classrooms and installed air conditioning in its library for students to use during the hot summer months.

  1. St Aloysius’ College, Milsons Point

This is one of the schools in Sydney that can help your nurture the hidden talents of your child because the school is really passionate in developing the whole potential of their students. Also, the school has a special focus on English, Maths and Science subjects as well as the course in Creative Arts, which is one of the most popular subject in the school.

The students are also encouraged to engage in a number of clubs and activities including sports and drama. The school has a high regard for the moral, spiritual, intellectual and physical development of their students. The school strives to help each student to realise his/her full potential as a happy and successful person. The school directors and staff, who are patient and understanding, take time to listen to the concerns and suggestions of their students.

The school is a Roman Catholic school and therefore follows the tradition of the Catholic Church. The school aims at providing its students with the best possible education that is not just about imparting knowledge but also allowing the students to develop skills and an attitude that will make them useful members of society.

  1. McAuley Catholic Primary School

Students from these school are always encouraged to uphold moral and spiritual values to learn from the mistakes of others and to lead a good life. As an outstanding Catholic primary school in Sydney, the school is focused on Christian values to develop a happy and successful school community.

The school’s dedicated educators and caring management team have created a wonderful learning atmosphere to enrich the students’ life experiences. For example, McAuley Catholic Primary School is among the best primary schools in Sydney for the delivery of a modern, inclusive and innovative curriculum that nurtures students and allows them to realise their potential.

If you are interested in this school, you could refer to the official website to know more about their courses, study programs and extra curricular activities.

  1. John Colet School

John Colet School is a co-educational school with hundreds of students that emphasises on education, professionalism and care. The school is an independent school in Belrose, that has a vision for educating the whole child by developing each student’s self-worth and esteem as well as their self-discipline.

John Colet School incorporates a remarkable history deepened with rich curriculum, cultural and spiritual values. The school is known to provide high level of academic standards. The school is well-known for its gardens and playgrounds as it also covers a wide variety of sports, art and music subjects. All students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 will benefit from this school’s programs which are designed for children’s growth and development.

  1. Matthew Pearce Public School

Matthew Pearce Public School is known to provide high level of academic standards that is different from most public schools, and the school is listed as one of the best primary schools in Australia . It is well-known for its excellence in academics and hard work under the support of teachers, parents and the community. The school has produced great student leaders and talented, dedicated and hard-working graduates.

The school takes pride in being a multicultural school with a diverse demographic. The school is also known as a popular choice for its teachers who are admired and respected by all on campus.

Matthew Pearce Public School has a strong focus on multiculturalism and promotes an inclusive environment with opportunities for students to explore different cultures and languages throughout the school programs. It has a strong commitment to offer the best education in the area and to provide the students with the highest quality of education.

  1. Abbotsleigh School

Independent Schools in Sydney


Abbotsleigh School is a primary school that emphasises excellence and provides a unique education for girls,  academically gifted and committed to achieving their potential. It is a school that encourages every girl to pursue personal abilities and academic achievements, develop her potential in a caring Christian environment and become a courageous, constructive and compassionate citizen of the world.

The school offers a broad education including the HSC, for girls who are academically gifted and committed to achieving their potential. Abbotsleigh School is a school with a warm Christian environment that emphasises excellence and provides a unique education for girls.

The school is also one of the top primary schools in Sydney and its HSC scores are comparable to the top public primary schools in Sydney and even in NSW. Girls and boys can also attend Abbotsleigh Prep, where they will receive a rigorous academic education, Christian education and care for their physical, social and spiritual needs.

All girls are encouraged to achieve their potential in a caring Christian environment. The school focuses on building girls’ confidence and self-discipline, and instilling in them the importance of being a woman of character with an academic focus.

  1. Artarmon Public School

This is one of the schools that offers the best primary education in Sydney. Artarmon Public School is known for quality music education and good academic performance. Artarmon Public School has a lot of opportunities for students to express their creativity and art through music.

Artarmon Public School is also famous for its supporting students in completing their further education with some of the most reputable universities in Australia. So you can see that Artarmon Public School is an excellent school in Sydney. It is a place of learning and fun, a place where your child can get the best education in the city of Sydney.

The school  is located on the north coast of Sydney and has more than enough classrooms and a learning resource center for students. Not only that, the school also provides some special programs to give students more developmental opportunities.

  1. St Ives North Public School

If you want the best for your children, St Ives North Public School is a top option. Considered one of the best schools in Sydney, this public primary school is widely regarded as one of the best in New South Wales and the reason is the excellent academic results that the students have in their examinations. Although it is a government-sponsored school, St Ives North Public School provides a solid education for its pupils , enabling them to achieve excellent results in their PSSA examinations.

At St Ives North Public School, students are encouraged to join a wide variety of extracurricular activities that can help improve their social and emotional development as well as their academic performance. Some of the activities that are available to students at St Ives North Public School are PSSA sports, robotics, chess, dance, insightful debate, environmental ecology operators, drama, Italian and music sessions.

Taking part in a wide variety of extracurricular activities can help your child learn new skills, develop their confidence and make them more adaptable to any environment. The ability to fit in with other people is something that all children need.

  1. Hornsby North Public School

Hornsby North Public School offers a wide variety of education programs to cater to students who may be struggling with their studies. The school has a reputation for high quality educational programs that have been carefully designed to help students develop the necessary skills needed in their later lives the fields of work and study. The school is also a very safe place to be, especially because it is secure from the outside world.

The main focus of this primary school is to ensure each and every student receives the attention they need in order to develop and progress in a proper manner. The teachers, who are the main source of education, work on a five-step process to ensure that each student progresses at the right pace. The main goal of this process is to ensure that each and every student is able to make positive progress in their studies.

Hornsby North Public School is a school that prides itself on the intellectual development of its students. It is important for students to have a strong foundation in core areas such as literacy, numeracy and technology. The school aims to help its students understand the importance of the key areas of life so that they can progress towards a prosperous future.

  1. Al Hikma College

This another leading primary school in Sydney with high achievement, good manners and the spirit of the Great Australians. This is a school that can boast about its high standards and its achievements in their students’ academics. Al Hikma College is a private school closely situated in the heart of Sydney’s most upscale suburb, Double Bay.

This school is dedicated to providing education that is both modern and relevant and offers a number of special programs tailored to the needs of its students. Al Hikma College also provides students with a variety of sports programs, which far exceed the expectations of other primary schools in Sydney. From the Tennis clubs, swimming clubs and creative arts clubs to the other sports clubs and academic competitions, Al Hikma College provides students with multiple activities where they can excel.

Al Hikma College is a school that has recorded high success. Years back, the school’s population increased by 70% as a result of the introduction of new education programs and a study conducted on the progress of its students in different grades and their results showed that the school’s students were among the highest achieving in Australia. This is just one example of what this school has to offer.


There is no doubt that Sydney has many primary schools that are worth considering. These Sydney primary schools are known to be excellent and they excel in their performance. They are worth visiting and assessing the students’ education, their learning opportunities and their general attitude towards school and teachers. If you want your child to be among these top 10 primary schools in Sydney, then you can visit these schools for the best possible education for your child.

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