List of Top 14 NGOs in Pakistan

The NGOs in Pakistan have brought smiles to the faces of millions of people who have been beneficiaries of the love they have been shown.

Here in this article, we shall take into perspective the Non-Governmental Organizations in Pakistan near you, including NGOs in Islamabad, NGOs in Karachi, NGOs in Lahore, and NGOs in Peshawar, and many other NGOs working in Pakistan.


Volunteerism is one of the reasons why a lot of people who would have lived sadly and without any hope, have found support and are happy that some people with golden hearts came at the time they were needed most.

Such people may have been victims of humanitarian crises and abuses who have ‘bleeding hearts’ daily but cannot speak up to anyone.

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Research shows that there are at least 10 reported rape cases in Pakistan every day out of which less than one percent of the offenders receive necessary sanctions. Meanwhile, the victims of these cases live among us daily.

You cannot dispute the fact that they need psychological support systems to help them out of the scars they feel thereafter, and there are NGOs here in Pakistan that promote this course.

Some of the Non-Governmental Organizations you will have an overview of here also are Working with relevant authorities to protect human rights, provide social equity and justice, prevent gender-based violence and make for systemic change in the Pakistan nation.

Some NGOs in Pakistan have also created platforms on which people have been empowered to begin small businesses, take easy loans and learn vocational skills that have added to their value in society.

They have also helped to minimize to an obvious extent the number of children that are uneducated including underprivileged children and hence bring a lot of fulfillment to the lives of many.

Here we shall list these NGOs because we know you are eager to pick from the list:



PHONE 0800-00823
ADDRESS Plot No. 20, Sector – 14, Near Brookes Chowrangi, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi 74900

At the heart of every member of TCF is the necessity to give children the education they deserve without having to spend a fortune.

There are over 1,687 schools that are run by TCF across Pakistan. However, these schools are not just designed to suit the financial crisis some families experience but to also give them quality education at the most minimal cost.

TCF has been the answer to the academic needs of many who could not afford a quality education in Pakistan, as it offers a 95% scholarship award to many of its students at which they pay the fees which are infinitesimal at a pace they can afford.

It is interesting to know that The Citizen Foundation offers the literacy and numeracy skill development program where adults are taught reading and writing skills.

The Citizens Foundation is so deliberate about the quality of education it gives to its students. This is why it installs its teachers for training, known as the training of teachers program (TOT), and gives them teacher competency tests to assess its teachers and trainers.

The organization also engages the principals of its numerous schools I hat to ensure that their leadership and managerial skills are also top-notch for its numerous schools.

TCF goes further to inspect through its quality assurance team how this education is administered to ensure excellent outcomes.

It is no shocker that more than 48% of its students score As in their major exams as the effort of the management system reflects in their excellent outcomes.

Numerous other impacts make TCF a leading NGO in the country, this includes its water supply schemes, provision of earthquake relief, the over 722 vans it has provided for transportation of students, and its early education scheme.

The organization is always open for donations from people who can see this value it exudes and wish to be part of it.



PHONE +92-21-111-92-1020
ADDRESS Plot No. ZC-5, Sector 8/A, Opp: FTC Bridge, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-74400, Sindh

Chhipa Welfare Association has been a lifesaving organization for so many people in and around Karachi.

Its objectives have always been to reach out to people who are in need and provide them with social welfare services and it carries this out without any form of discrimination.

Chhipa Welfare association has brought hope through its orphanage to kids who are orphaned and in distress and gives them a safe and healthy grow-up environment where their basic needs are met while they are given basic education and shown the love their parents would give them.

The association is also known for its fast response to emergencies through the Chhipa fleet of ambulances that are all over Karachi to help road accident victims, people who need emergency medical attention, the collapse of buildings and bridges, and many such related cases.

Such victims receive immediate first aid attention before they are moved to the hospital.

There are a whole lot of other welfare programs provided by Chhipa including:

  • Chhipa Dastarkharwan
  • Chhipa Kitchen
  • Chhipa Jhoola
  • Chhipa Mobile Morgue
  • Chhipa New Born home
  • Chhipa women shelter home

Anyone can be part of this intermediary organization by making donations or offering participatory services to those who need you. And, eventually, you will have made more contributions to society than you ever thought you could in a short while.


PHONE +92 (21) 111-111-823
ADDRESS Plot No. 43 – 15 / K, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi

Aman Foundation has brought a significant change in the lives of many in Karachi through its innovative and scalable solutions which it has proferred in health, technology, and education.

The Foundation has empowered thousands of students by giving world-class training to its students in various fields of technology like automobile technology, welding, and fabrication and several computer-related courses like computer-aided design (auto CAD).

Statistically, it has over 29,397 individuals trained and certified over 13,904 and can boast of a 90% pass-out rate for its students.

Aman Community Health program (ACHP) has made provisions for health services to more than 100,000 individuals in Ibrahim Hydei.

The Foundation partners with the Urban health institute to educate the health care professionals, paramedics, and personnel to provide first aid treatment to enhance their service delivery to be world-class.

Aman goes further to provide health education to individuals to help them live healthy lives, it has also been providing mental health counseling, diagnosis of chronic diseases, early recognition of diseases that can be threats to life and provides necessary treatment and support to the victims.

The organization, since its inception, has done more than what reaches the eyes in Pakistan and does this with the assistance of passionate individuals who donate to enhance its course.



PHONE +92-051-2109933
ADDRESS No.D-1, Street No.11, Abubakar Market, G-11/1, Islamabad

Aurat Foundation has given itself to Cascade the information of the potency and power of having responsible women in Pakistan society.

The need for a democratically just and caring community in Pakistan cannot be overemphasised.

This is why Aurat Foundation empowers women with the requisite knowledge to participate and affect decision-making processes in government and at all levels that promote gender equity, socio-economic development and is committed to responding to women’s concerns.

The organization achieves this through well-defined strategies like giving information, capacity building, advocacy, and Grant-making to Non-governmental organizations, Community based organizations, policy think tanks, academic research and training institutions, professional associations, and gender entities to facilitate behavioral change in society by enabling women to access information, are sources and institutions.

It is of utmost importance to Aurat Foundation to speak up against issues that matter to the emotional health of women and the girl-child.

Where practices like Vani and Swara have shunted children and women who would have been able to express themselves in society but cannot help but endure pains for a lifetime coming from traditions that have been deemed illegal but remain in practice by individuals society who act with impunity.

As a not-for-profit organization, you can be very much a part of its agitation by lifting the bar directly or indirectly, when you give it a voice or donation.



PHONE 0800 44 44 8
ADDRESS Alkhidmat Complex, 3KM Khayaban-E-Jinnah, Lahore, Punjab

Since 1990, Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan has been one of the largest not-for-profit organizations in Pakistan, dedicated to doing good.

Al-Khidmat employees continue to work tirelessly for the assistance of those afflicted in Pakistan and around the world.

Al-Khidmat foundation has helped to give Disaster relief, health care, education, orphan care, clean water, and other community services to many in Pakistan.

One of the things that makes this organization stands out is the Mawakhat (interest-free loans), which it has used to help thousands to begin a small and medium-sized business and for so many people this has been a good start point to better things.

The Al-Khidmat orphanage community is such a place where the love that radiates from within it makes the children never have a reason to worry about their past as they engage in profitable activities that are both academic and suit their personal development.

With the rising Covid-19 pandemic, the NGO has made notable efforts and provided oxygen bottles to the affected patients and it’s doing more to provide state-of-the-art health Centres to serve people even better than it is now.


PHONE 111-729-526
ADDRESS A-25, Bahadurabad Chowrangi Karachi

Established in May 1999 by well-known spiritual and religious scholar Maulana Bashir Ahmed Farooqui, Saylani Welfare International Trust was reared on the fundamentals of breaking the cycle of poverty, soothing the pocket troubles of the poor, giving people a chance to live a stately life, and spreading happiness.

The organization has been making the best efforts to improve health standards and hence has established its state-of-the-art Saylani Blood Bank and Thalassemia Centre.

Which is furnished with modernistic outfits, well-trained technicians, leading Hematologists, Pediatricians, and General Physicians, and offers free cost funds of blood and blood constituents to the poor and the famished.

So many have benefited from the Family Adoption Program which focuses on supporting the essential financial needs of adopted families.

Via this program over 8,500 families have been assisted with kitchen rations, had their utility bills, house rent and faculty fees paid, and many other financial and daily needs met.

The organization places priority on its education standards and ensures that its teachers are given relevant information and provided with world-class training to deliver the best service to students.

During weddings, Saylani helps needful families by giving pecuniary help as well as giving them complete marriage packages including marriage arrangements, food, and many other things to help them live well.

Saylani achieves all of this through the many platforms and donations it receives and still has many more it intends to do in the future.


PHONE +92 (21) 32413232
ADDRESS Sarafa Bazar, Boulton Market,Mithadar, Karachi

As one of the leading non-profit-organizations based in Karachi, Edhi Foundation has made a name for itself by its consistent acts of goodwill to all and sundry without any discrimination both in Karachi and every other place it is named.

From providing shelter to bringing medical care and relief for disasters. While the Edhi Foundation’s primary focus is in Pakistan as well as the rest of South Asia, it has a widespread presence throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Edhi Foundation has one of the fastest ambulance services in Karachi and from the Guinness book of records has won the award of having the largest fleet of ambulances in the world with over 1,800 ambulance vehicles, two aircraft for its air ambulance service, and 28 rescue boats that are always reaching out.

The NGO also has a mortuary service of which space is made to keep dead bodies which many times are unidentifiable by the relatives of those who were killed from accidents, bomb blasts, or firing.

It also provides both elementary education up to the secondary schools where students are given classic teachings which is why they have always scored over 80% in the matric board exams.

Edhi Foundation has been successful in developing a model of well-being services in a large number of areas where the Foundation supplements and supports the government system by mobilizing community pockets without burdening the public resources.

To be candid, the organizational set-up of the Foundation has been constantly in the process of shaping itself to suit the needs of its ever-expanding network of services.

Being outside the natural scope of many other NGOs, it has sourced for itself by creating other support systems while it still receives the noble assistance of individuals.


PHONE 042-111-448-464
ADDRESS 19 Civic Center, Sector A2, Township, Lahore

Akhuwat Foundation has eliminated poverty from the lives of many through the loans it gives to individuals without requesting interest. Its goodwill services transcend religious barriers.

From mosques to churches to temples and every place you worship a deity, the Akhuwat foundation moves in to do people good.

Many who borrowed from the organization have turned to lend to others who have in turn been enabled to help others and the cycle continues in that manner.

Akhuwat Clothes Bank collects, sorts, and cleans donated attire and gifts them to low-income families. These gifts are expended throughout the generation while special relief services are carried out during natural disasters.

Through the Clothes Bank, Akhuwat seeks to promote simple, compassionate, and friendly civilizations by fostering a culture of sharing and recycling.

The Clothes Bank also employs and trains people to reproduce its programs. Thousands of attire details, home clothes, appointments, toys, and books have been

Akhuwat Health Services serves the poor through affordable and effective health care services. It provides lab tests, free examinations to those families that may not have the required amounts to go to expensive hospitals.

The organization has done notable works in the treatment of diabetes, helping women with pregnancy deliver safely and also given emotional and psychological support through its diabetes and psychiatric clinic.

It achieves this with the help of professionals in the medical field who have the heart to serve humanity with their skills.


PHONE +92- 2135373008​
ADDRESS 102 Pearl Crest, 18-C, 4th Commercial Lane, Zamzama Blvd, DHA Phase V, Karachi (75500), Sindh

Rape is one of those vices that has left many young children And young adults feeling depressed for half if not a whole lifetime.

And like we mentioned earlier in this article, the rate of rape cases in Pakistan is alarming and as a matter of urgency, as many people as possible are needed to fight against this animal-like act.

As such WAR is committed to given its victims the necessary support that is required to come out of both the health and emotional effects it causes.

By this we mean its main goal is to help you see in the nearest future a rape-free society.

That in which everyone is free from the fear of incest, threats to sexual assault, and every form of sexual abuse.

It achieves this by providing workshop training to teachers and students on methods of identifying and dealing with rape and sexual assault.

Its partnership with relevant lawyers, psychologists, teachers, professionals, and many others in academia makes this very feasible.

The organization is doing its best to bring advocacy, bring into effect laws that concern this course, and review to law to bring justice to society.


PHONE (92-21) 111-111-GCT (428)
ADDRESS 310 & 311, Plot#E1- RSM Square Commercial Area, Block 7/8, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi

Green crescent trust has been providing educational services to so many in Pakistan especially SINDH and does so from the most basic level up to secondary.

This education is also mostly encouraged for females to make them well-meaning people in society, whether or not they are orphans. Hence it has created over 150 schools for this purpose.

and for children that cannot afford books, the foundation also runs a Programme that caters to this and makes provisions for them to receive it free.

The organization also does many other humanitarian services like providing water for both humans and cattle in desert areas.

The Programme majorly covers rural areas of Sindh to encourage families to gain education, especially for females.

Hence, to achieve this, GCT hires the female staff from within the community and trains them for community mobilization, which greatly helps in convincing the parents to send their children to school.

Green Crescent Trust has made an upgrade of the females involved to have an increase of 20% to 40% of females in the last 3 years.

The foundation provides a center for development and educational research which is specially designed to equip teachers with updated knowledge in their field.


PHONE +92 21 34017000
ADDRESS Block 12, Next to PTCL Telephone Exchange, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi

With compassion that knows no bounds from the staff of the NGO, it is well known in Karachi how it has reached out to take care of the deaf and make them have a feel of love.

in recent times, the impact has been felt and has enhanced its growing fast.

The organization can now pride itself on seven Deaf Reach Seminaries and Training Centers seated in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Nawabshah, and Lahore, with a new large park in Rashidabad and Tando Allahyar.

Its seminaries are handing free education and training to children and youngsters from low-income families in both public and pastoral areas. There’s an important focus on girls attending seminary.

Deaf Reach is the only seminary for the Deaf in Pakistan that has a branch network, handing educational room in pastoral areas.

Training is also handed for all parents and families in learning how to communicate and watch for their children.

There’s also an active Pecuniary Supplement program for deaf youngsters that hones their marketing skill skills and pares them for employment and helps them to be independent financially.

The Motivated Volunteer Empowerment (MOVE) Program is conducted to get secondary school students and undergraduates to be involved in volunteerism and to also stand by the organization to speak for it and promote this mission.

These and more are achieved from donations from individuals and volunteer groups to ensure that this course gets too many in no time.


PHONE +92 21 34558798 | ‎+92 21 34558799
ADDRESS 159/H/3 Kashmir Road, PECHS Karachi

Just as the motor entails, peace and love are at the heart of this organization and it uses this drive to reach out to individuals with disabilities.

We more often prefer that the less privileged should be given preferential treatment and do not know how exactly to express this. The good news is Dar-ul-Sukun is the right place where you can do so.

Dar-ul-Sukun provides care, rehab, and protection to children with disabilities by offering a broad range of services to suit many people with complex disabilities.

The foundation aims to bring individuals with or without disabilities to that point where they can express themselves in every way, work with others, be of service to their community, lead the happiest lives where they can become known to be people of value in the society.

People with disabilities could be vulnerable and this has not been well emphasized publicly.

This is why the organization runs an awareness campaign that is used to enlighten the public on the psychological effects people with disabilities secretly deal with and how they can be best assisted.

Being a part of this means that you could help the disabled during exercise sessions, help them take a meal, and engage in other recreational activities with them. This would be you speaking love to them.

To ensure that this vision is actualized the organization offers physiotherapy, occupational therapy (to help children engage in activities that pull their potentials and hone their skills), music perception therapy, gymnastics and sports, and a bunch of other services.


PHONE (+92) (0) 42 3516 8365
ADDRESS 366 M Model Town, Lahore, Punjab

Established in 1989. Minhaj Welfare Association was born out of the need to support care and bring charitable acts to the needy.

Its immediate response to relief and distress calls has been remarkable, and has saved a lot of lives and brought the necessary medical attention.

The Foundation promotes harmony, peace, education for the poor, health, and justice for the weak.

Among several of its core values, education is the priority of the organization, irrespective of gender.

Giving quality education from primary to high school and making consistent improvements to the current system as often as possible is continually done by the organization.

Many orphans who would have had a hard time getting a quality education in Pakistan can attest to how their lives have been transformed by the organization.

While doing so MWF also provides health services to individuals and has done more in providing clean water to communities in Pakistan.

It is the first NGO in Pakistan to begin to make arrangements for collective marriage to individuals that were not well-to-do, sponsor them and have them get befitting marriages in Pakistan.


PHONE (021) 36341059
ADDRESS B-24, F.B Area Ancholi Block 20 Gulberg Town

In the last ten years, JDC Foundation, a charitable and nonprofit board began its Charitable acts starting from a small camp established in a densely colonized area of Aisha Manzil, Karachi.

The Foundation started by helping only the victims of natural disasters and those in affected areas. In recent years, however, it has spread its branches and reach out to many other areas that need help and has further extended its hand of goodwill to them.

JDC had put all it takes in the line to set up camps that give immediate aids calls that demand emergency attention and matters.

The organization is a not-for-profit organization that relies on donations from in-house workers and other individuals with good hearts.

Being a transparent NGO makes its financial status known to those who donate to it and does not rely on other back-ups from the government or external agencies.

Its services include free education, the free ambulance service, and free hospital services.


Whether it is the orphans you care about or the abused young children and women you wish to stand up to help speak up for.

Being part of any of the NGOs in Pakistan can go a long way beyond what reaches the eyes of the donations given. Your gifts and time spent for voluntary works will reach the heart of those who receive the love you give.

Lawyers, medical doctors, technologists, psychologists, including those who enjoy being of service in different ways, are also useful to NGOs.

It does not matter whether or not you are an expert; what matters is how many people you can give hope in a lifetime, and this is one of the most fulfilling things one can do.

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