Top 10 Best High Schools in Boksburg, South Africa


Of the fifty-eight schools in Boksburg, only a few provide secondary education. And, like many pretertiary institutions in South Africa, high schools in Boksburg is dedicated to serving only learners from Grade 8 – Grade 12, between the age of 14 – 18 years old.

High school education is quite significant to the child. Not just the certificate per se. The time spent to learn new things and experiences garnered within the four walls of the classroom are immense.

That is just a drop-in-the-ocean reason why secondary education should never be underemphasized as it has a crucial role to play.

Boksburg is not the most vibrant of South Africa’s cities. However, its diversity and multiculturalism give it an edge and some level of uniqueness. Black Africans and White are the two major indigenous groups in the city, while Indian/Asians account for only a fraction.


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At this time, Afrikaans remains the largest spoken language throughout Boksburg, followed by English and Zulu.

Schools in Boksburg

However, most primary and high schools in Boksburg use English as the first language and the primary medium for instruction. There are also parallel medium schools using Afrikaans and English, respectively. This further shows how, for a fact, diversify the city of Boksburg is. And that multiculturalism and diversification are extended even to the educational sector.

That said, as a city of over half a million people, Boksburg, like many other cities in South Africa, has its many challenges.

Although this is not a piece of economic news; therefore we are not going to talk about any economic challenges here, either. However, it is safe to admit that Boksburg has its challenges, like every other city in South Africa, especially in the education sector.

That said, we are looking forward to addressing part of these educational challenges, which in most cases tends to have parents in their grip.

Choosing the right school for the youngsters can be tricky. But it is a situation you will at a point find yourself.

For parents looking for the best high schools in Boksburg to send their youngsters to, this article will certainly help you find one.

Keep reading to find the top ten secondary schools in Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Top 10 Best High Schools in Boksburg, Gauteng

1. Boksburg High School

GRADES8 – 12
PHONE(011) 917 9716
ADDRESS105 Leeuwpoort Street, Boksburg

Boksburg High School, formerly known as Rand East Training and Preparatory College, falls under the Ekurhuleni South education district. It is one of the oldest standing public high schools in Boksburg, founded in 1920.

In its humble beginnings as Rand East Training and Preparatory College, its enrollment rate consisted of 13 learners only. However, that has changed over the past many years.

That said, the School is rated one of the top-performing high schools in Boksburg and the entire district.

Boksburg High School is arguably the most sought-after Secondary School in the city, with the high application rate usually exceeding what the School can take.

As with many high schools in Boksburg, the School, administered under the authority of the Department of Basic Education (DBE) through the provincial Gauteng Department of Education, is accredited by South Africa’s Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education of also known as Umalusi.

As a parallel medium school, it offers English Home Language and Afrikaans First Additional to learners starting from Grade 8 – Grade 12.

And, apart from its consistent academic performance, its students are among the brightest in the country. Also, for many years, over 90% of its learners have passed the National Senior Certificate (NSC) final examinations.

2. Willowmoore High School

GRADES8 – 12
FEESR16,500.00 per annum
PHONE(011) 421-8725
ADDRESSBenoni 77-Ir, Benoni

Willowmoore High School is a fee-paying, coeducational situated in Benoni Central, Boksburg. As an independent school, it relies heavily on school fees to stay afloat. Therefore, tuition fees are compulsory and payable bi-monthly and in advance.

Since its establishment in 1974, Willowmoore High School strives to create holistic quality education to produce responsible and well-rounded individuals who will eventually make a positive and sustainable impact in their respective communities.

As a School with a keen interest in the students’ overall academic and social development, its motto: We grow together, says it all about its mission.

Willowmoore is an active participant in a plethora of extramural activities, including Swimming, Rugby, Netball, Athletics, Hockey, Tennis, Chess, and S.C.A., and has also continued to encourage its students to excel in these activities.

Despite its enormous presence in sporting activities, the School provides each learner with a well-balanced education incorporating academic and cultural activities.

3. Christian Brothers’ College, Boksburg

FEESR51 600 – R101 280 per annum
PHONE+27 11 917 9518/9
ADDRESSBoksburg South, Boksburg, 1459

Christian Brothers’ College is an independent all-boys Year 000 – Year 12 School situated in Boksburg South. The School is divided into three schools: Junior Primary, Senior Primary, and High School.

Junior Primary starts from Year 000 – Year 3; Senior Primary runs from Year 4 – Year 7; and High School begins from Year 8 – Year 12.

The School, collectively, has a well-balanced academic and extramural program for learners in all Grades, plus they also offer a spiritual development program.

Learners at Christian Brothers’ College benefit immensely from well-trained, experienced, and dedicated educators; who understand their learning needs and abilities.

The Christian Brothers’ College, Boksburg is a member of the following organizations:

  • Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA)
  • Catholic Institute of Education (C.I.E.)
  • Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association (SAHISA)
  • Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders-(EREBB)
  • Christian Brothers’ Network of Schools – Southern Africa

4. Voortrekker High School

GRADES8 – 12
PHONE+27 11 917-9586
ADDRESS5 Voortrekker Rd, Boksburg, 1459

Voortrekker High School is a traditionally rich secondary school situated in Voortrekker Road, Boksburg. The School officially opened in 1920. It is the first and oldest Afrikaans High School in the Gauteng region.

Over the past years, Voortrekker has won several achievements and recognition accolades. It also strives to bridge the gap between the different races in the community and equip the learners with the needed skills to build the greater South Africa.

Voortrekker has, over the years, worked in the transformation of the School from what it initially used to be to a 21st-century modern edifice with cutting-edge facilities.

The most recent school facilities include Science and Biology laboratories, plus a modern gymnastics hall.

As of this time, the School currently has an enrollment of 1,200 learners and 56 teachers.

5. Sunward Park High School

GRADES8 – 12
PHONE(011) 896-5114
ADDRESSSonskyn & Cresta Rd Sunward Park, Boksburg

Sunward Park High School is a fee-paying, public secondary situated in the suburb of Sunward Park. It was founded in 1977 and was one of the first high schools in Boksburg to open doors to learners and teachers of color (black, Indian, and Colored).

The school has approximately 1,400 students on its register, from Grade 8 to Grade 12, and about 70 staff comprising educators, administration, grounds & facilities, and security personnel.

Over the years, Sunward Park High School boasts an average pass rate ranging between 98 and 100 percent.

However, despite the changes in demographics and socioeconomic factors over the past years, the academic results have remained consistently high.

It is safe to attribute the successive academic achievements to a group of highly talented and qualified educators.

One peculiar thing about the school is its feeding scheme. This feeding program targets learners from poor financial backgrounds. Also, most of these learners receive full school fee exemptions.

Top Secondary Schools in Boksburg, Gauteng

6. Woodlands International College

GRADES1 – 12
FEESR41 988 – R86 793 per annum
PHONE011 894 5161
ADDRESS190 Leith Rd, Cnr Trichardt Rd Bartlett AH, Boksburg, 1462

Woodlands International College is arguably one of the best, if not the best, primary and high schools in Boksburg, Gauteng. It was founded in 2002 and eventually began accepting a handful of learners with an undertaking to raise the bar in private education.

Since its inception, the College aims to develop each learner to reach their God-given potential.

The School provides a well-balanced holistic education that stimulates pupils ability to think and grow; while making strides for academic and extramural excellence through a challenging, innovative, and robust curriculum.

At Woodlands, learners are allowed to express creativity in enriching arts and cultural activities. Ultimately, learners leave fully equipped and well satisfied.

Woodlands International College comprises three schools (Primary: Grade 1 – Grade 6, Junior High: Grade 7 – Grade 9, and Senior High: Grade 10 – Grade 12).

7. St Dominic’s Catholic School

GRADES1 – 12
FEESR38,040 – R99,240 per annum
PHONE27 11 917 5150/1
ADDRESSKruger St, Boksburg, Johannesburg,1459

St Dominic’s Catholic School is an Independent academic institution for Girls situated in Kruger Street, Boksburg. The School was established in 1923 to provide holistic quality education specifically for girls in a safe and stimulating environment.

As an all-around Institution, it comprises three schools (Pre-School: Grade 0000 – 0, Primary School: Grade 1 – Grade 7, Senior School: Grade 8 – Grade 12).

The School welcomes applications throughout the year. Therefore, there are no opening and closing dates for when to apply.

It is hard to appreciate the benefits of an all-girl school until you have given it a try.

As an all-girls academic institution, it is fully aware of girls’ weaknesses and eventually uses them to encourage and inspire the learners to reach their full potential.

St Dominic’s School offers Academic and Sport Scholarships to learners who exhibit excellent learning ability. The scholarship covers up to 50% of the school fees for Grade 8 – Grade 12.

8. Sunward Christian Academy

GRADES1 – 12
PHONE(011) 896 1276
ADDRESS25 Schreiner St, Parkrand, Boksburg 1459

Sunward Christian Academy is a coeducational Independent Christian Grade 1 – Grade 12 School situated in Boksburg, Gauteng. The school admits children from every race and nationality.

SCA was established as a nonprofit organization in 2000 to maintain and conduct a Private Christian School for Biblical-based education. It also focuses on maintaining a good partnership with parents as this helps bring the best from the students.

As a proud user of Google Classroom, SCA also maintains the highest possible academic standard.

SCA is a fee-paying Academy and encourages every parent to pay their children’s school fees in time. However, it gives preferential treatment to the parent who, over time, has had their youngers with them. In that case, such parents can get a significant discount on school fees for their children as a loyalty reward.

9. Excelsior Academic College

PHONE(081) 409 9458
ADDRESS47 Tenth Street Boksburg North, Boksburg, 1459

Excelsior Academic College is an Independent school catering to learners from Pre-Primary, Primary up to High School levels. The College is located in East Rand, Boksburg, and offers a pure Cambridge curriculum.

Excelsior Academic College is a fully accredited Cambridge school, delivering a high standard Cambridge-based education to learners in Pre-Primary, Primary, and High School.

Learners at Excelsior Academic College, starting from Grade RRRR to Grade 12, are made to go through rigorous full-time education in programs including online learning and distance & adult education.

As a registered Cambridge International Examinations Centre, the College offers IGCSE, AS, and A level qualifications.

10. Hoërskool Dr. E.G. Jansen

PHONE+27 11 826 1538
ADDRESSRietfontein Rd, Boksburg, 1459

Since its founding in 1955, Die Hoërskool Dr. EG Jansen provides a nurturing and innovative environment for learners to become polite, bold citizens and concerned, enthusiastic leaders.

Academic pursuit at Jansen always reflects the confidence it has in the learners’ abilities.

The School aims to prepare students for the challenges of the future; while paving the way for learners to explore exciting learning opportunities, plus enabling them to become full-fledged individuals who believe in themselves and the challenges that the future throws at them.

At Jansen, there is a healthy emphasis on both curricular and extra-curricular programs.

Learners’ are prepared to become responsible members of the community; and have a strong emphasis on character, excellence, teamwork, leadership potential, and other twenty-first-century skills and attitudes.

These are made possible by the wholehearted input of the dedicated and talented teachers who constantly finds new ways to cultivate a passion for learning and life in the learners.

Final Thoughts

That was the list of best high schools in Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Also, remember that these schools consist of secondary schools in East Rand and some other towns in Boksburg.

Also, note that we did not arrange these schools in any given order. The article per se is only for educational purposes and to help parents make an informed decision as to which schools are doing well in Boksburg.

Lastly, the schools comprise both public and private schools in Boksburg. And, while some can cost as much as R99 000 per annum, others may as well be budget-friendly. Therefore, you should carry out some due diligence on your part before deciding where to send your child.


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