Top 10 Best High Schools in Auckland

One of the major cities in New Zealand is Auckland. It is among the top places in the nation to live and to attend school. There are several benefits to attending city schools.

Auckland’s public schools are free and of a high caliber. Children can start attending school at age 5 and must do so until they are 16 years old. The typical teacher-to-student ratios in classrooms range from 1:19 to 1:24 for all year levels and school categories. This top-notch educational setting has your interest. The top ten high schools in Auckland will be highlighted.

Top 10 Best High Schools in Auckland

The best ten high schools in Auckland, ranked by academic quality, are shown below.

Best High Schools in Auckland

1. St Cuthbert’s College

According to academic rankings, St. Cuthbert’s College is among the top high schools in Auckland. The college stands out on the academic ranking tables because it is a women’s institution. Academic achievement has been a constant throughout the history of the school.

St Cuthbert’s College can be found in Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand at 122 Market Road. For further details, you might also want to check out their website. All students can receive a top-notch high school education at St. Cuthbert’s College.

2. Pinehurst College

According to the year of inception, Pinehurst School is one of the list’s newest institutions. Even though the school is new, academic rankings place it among the top secondary schools in Auckland.

The school offers the Cambridge IGCSE programme and is co-educational. The IGCSE test success percentages of students have also been acknowledged.

Pinehurst School is located at 75 Bush Road in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand. For further details, see the Pinehurst School website as well.

3. Kristin School

According to academic rankings, Kristin School is ranked third among the top high schools in Auckland. Since Kristin was founded by parents, you may be sure that it will nurture your child just like one of its own.

The Kristin School Charitable Trust is the owner of the institution. Trustees chosen by the whole community run the school in its entirety. Among the top co-educational schools in Auckland right now is Kristin School.

In New Zealand, you may find Kristin School at 360 Albany Highway, Albany, Auckland, 0632. Additionally, the website of the Kristin School has important information.

4. ACG Parnell College

The list of the top secondary schools in Auckland includes ACG Parnell College at fourth position. The College is a member of the ACG schools, which is a separate co – education institution. The school accepts applicants from outside of New Zealand as well.

The Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ) and the College both include ACG Schools. Additionally, it belongs to the New Zealand Association of Cambridge Schools.

ACG Parnell may be found in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand, at 2 Titoki Street. Moreover, their website has additional information.

5. Macleans College

Co-educational government high school Macleans College is open to all students. Also, it ranks among New Zealand’s top public colleges at the moment. This school is among the best since it differs from the typical state schools you may be familiar with. In the Cambridge International Examinations, the school has a reputation for having high success rates. Macleans School uses a variety of instructional strategies to mold and mold kids into best versions of themselves.

Macleans College is located in Auckland’s Bucklands Beach neighborhood on Macleans Road.

6. Diocesan School for Girls

Another institution that only accepts students of one gender is Diocesan School for Girls. It is a private Anglican school that solely accepts female students. Additionally, Diocesan School for Girls provides boarding options for girls who desire to remain. International students are also admitted.

The school is located in Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand, at Clyde Street. For further information, you ought to go visit the school website.

7. Auckland International College

An unaffiliated day and boarding institution is Auckland International College. The school provides secondary education to all nationalities, including New Zealanders. The college provides incredible courses, one of which helps students become ready for college experience. The institution is ranked 7th among the top secondary schools in Auckland. Additionally, it is New Zealand’s top institution of learning.

The address of Auckland International College is Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, 0600, New Zealand, 37 Heaphy Street. For further details, go to their website address.

8. Baradene College of the Sacred Heart

Baradene College is just a single-gender Catholic educational institution. The institution only accepts female pupils. One of the first educational institutions in New Zealand is Baradene College.

The school has been operating since 1909, making it older than 100 years. Despite being an older institution, this one continues to rank among the top universities in Auckland.

Baradene College of the Sacred Heart is situated in Remuera, Auckland, at 237 Victoria Avenue. If you need additional information, you may also visit the school website.

9. St Peter’s College

Male Catholic students attend St. Peter’s College. The existence of this institution, which dates back to 1841, makes it the earliest Catholic school in New Zealand. According to academic rankings, it is also among the top high schools in Auckland.

The institution accepts students from outside of New Zealand as well. Children are taught at St. Peter’s College in a variety of ways that encourage them to be their best selves.

St Peter’s College is located in Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand at 23 Mountain Road. For more details, you should also visit the school website.

10. Auckland Grammar School

The Auckland Grammar School is a public institution with only one gender. The institution offers residential and day programs. The data indicate that Auckland Grammar School is the third-largest institution of its sort in New Zealand.

It is simple for the kids to succeed because AGS is one of the biggest there is. The institution is among the top in terms of academic rankings as well. AGS is located in Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand, at Mountain Road.


According to educational rankings, these are the top high schools in Auckland. These are the top colleges by academic score as of right now, though the rankings may vary over the year. The majority of schools provide Cambridge IGCSE programs, ensuring that your child will receive the greatest education possible.

The rating chart only includes schools in Auckland, hence it only lists intellectually strong colleges in Auckland. You ought to be aware that the rankings are subject to change annually depending on the information provided. To keep oneself informed about the most recent list, you should consistently check back.

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