Top 10: Cheapest Boarding Schools in Gauteng, South Africa

Boarding schools have been a popular choice for many parents. They offer the opportunity to get your child into a good school while providing them with the necessary academic support. However, there are many different boarding schools in Gauteng which provide varying levels of services and old-school values.

Choosing The Cheapest Boarding School In Gauteng

Whichever establishment you choose to send your child to, there are some traits that you need to look for.

  1. Good Academic History: If you are looking to put your child in a boarding school, you’re aiming to find one which has a good academic history. The reason is simple: if the school has had a great reputation in the past, your child can be assured that they will get an excellent education.
  2. Parent and Student Council: If your child will be enrolled in a boarding school, it is imperative that he or she is part of the parent and student council; this ensures that there are people who can help them in times of need.
  3. Co-Curricular Activities: Many boarding schools focus on academics, but there are some which also offer co-curricular activities. This helps students to develop themselves in more than one area, and they become more well-rounded individuals.
  4. Extracurricular Activities: When you’re looking to get your child into a boarding school, it’s important that they can participate in extracurricular activities. This will help them to develop their talents even beyond the classroom and give them more skills to use in the future.
  5. Values: The school which you choose to enrol your child in should have the same values as you do. If they don’t, they may find themselves being unable to adjust to the culture of the school.
  6. Enrichment Programs: If a boarding school has an enrichment program, this means that it encourages its students to have a more well-rounded education. They will be able to develop the tools they need to live in today’s society.

About Gauteng

Gauteng is a province of South Africa. As one of the country’s historical provinces, Gauteng is one of three in the Republic of South Africa. The province, which is home to more than 13 million people, has a larger population than any country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cheapest Private & Government Boarding Schools in Gauteng

The Gauteng Province is one of South Africa’s richest province and it contains about two thirds of the country’s population, makes it a province which is highly important for any travel, business or tourism.

There are a wide variety of different jobs, facilities and services in Gauteng. The province includes several universities and a lot of IT companies with many high-tech jobs. So you are able to find any kind of activity you want in Gauteng.

Gauteng and Education

Gauteng is one of the most concentrated provinces of South Africa. There are more than 100 000 students and a lot of schools in Gauteng. These schools offer different kinds of activities and systems.

The province is one of the richest provinces in South Africa, it is also one of the most developed. The educational systems have been developed very well and this makes it possible to find every kind of services and schools you need.

The government of Gauteng allocates over one third of South Africa’s budget. This makes the province a very important section of the country, and it is anticipated to be responsible for significant growth in the near term.

The government of Gauteng is planning to redirect the flow of investments towards education and health in order to prepare the province for socio-economic growth and equitable development.

The province of Gauteng is a center of activities, where you can find:

  • Educational institutions: many learning institutions, including universities and schools are located in the provinces. These institutions offer numerous learning opportunities for students.
  • Large companies: Gauteng is also home to many large financial institutions, law firms and other important companies.
  • Sightseeing: The province is a center of activities, where you can find many interesting sights. You can also enjoy many tourist attractions and sightseeing tours.

The province has a developed tourism industry and a lot of tourists visit the province.

Top 10 Cheapest Boarding Schools in Gauteng

  1. Nigel High School

This school was founded with the sincere hope that students of different races and denominations could meet and acquire skills and knowledge for personal development and social advancement, thereby contributing to the development of a nation, free of all discrimination.

The mission statement of Nigel high school is:To enable students to acquire skill and knowledge for personal development and social advancement.

Nigel high school is a fee paying boarding school situated near the south coast of South Africa. It caters for students from all works of life, who share the common desire to achieve academic excellence.

Nigel high school offers an innovative Bilingual Education Programme which ensures that students have access to the best quality education and a multicultural environment. The school currently caters for over 775 students. A full range of extra-mural activities are offered to develop each student’s talents and interests. Students are taught the Code of Conduct, which is binding on all members of the school community.

The school has twelve acres of unspoilt bushveld (Afrikaans: “bushveld”) in which pupils are taught to respect nature while they are also encouraged to participate in various sporting activities. These include rugby, soccer, hockey and many others.

  1. Pretoria High School For Girls

In Pretoria High School For Girls, you are always learning. They believe in the power of education, and believe that you can change the world with an education. They help you to become a global citizen and develop your self-confidence so that you can thrive in the modern world with excellence.

Pretoria High School For Girls (PHSG) is an all-girls independent Christian based school in Eastgate, Pretoria, South Africa. PHSG is under the auspices of the Christian Schools Fellowship, a member of the Association of Independent Schools in South Africa and plays host to over thousands students.

Each student’s individuality is valued, as they are encouraged to develop their God-given potential both academically and spiritually. The school’s curriculum is based on the Saxon movement in education, which was founded by Erasmus and resulted in the Western world’s greatest achievements in literature, arts, and freedom.

PHSG also celebrates her centenary. The school is a member of different associations in South Africa. Each student’s individuality is valued, as they are encouraged to develop their God-given potential both academically and spiritually. The school’s curriculum is based on the Saxon movement in education, which was founded by Erasmus and resulted in the Western world’s greatest achievements in literature, arts, and freedom.

  1. Krugersdorp High School

The school was founded to provide a high-quality education to the Afrikaans-speaking white student. The school has been located at its current, much more spacious and modern site for decades and has over the years provided a well-rounded curriculum to students of all ages.

The school has grown to become one of the leading schools in the Gauteng province with a unique goal to make students participate in developmental academic activities and extra curriculum activities that promote holistic development in young people. Over time, the school has been able to set up a system that has resulted in the academic growth of students combined with their sporting and cultural development.

The school is now at the forefront of many elite activities, both locally and globally. As a learning institution, the school focuses on nurturing independent learners who strive to achieve excellence and constant improvement.

  1. Prestige College

Prestige College is committed to bring out the very best in every students . This is done in an interactive environment with teachers and fellow students who are committed to the same passion for excellence. Students are able to develop their talents and above all, achieve the personal goal that they want to achieve in life.

The students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that are well catered for by the school, including sport, performing arts and debating. The students can also work part-time at the college while they study. The college is situated in an area which has a myriad of options available to them such as many other schools and a shopping centre within easy reach.

The school’s focus is on developing the independence, responsibility and self-esteem of students. All students are always encouraged to become independent, value-based pillars in society. The school’s task is to develop the general qualities and self-discipline of the students to secure their place in society as productive and responsible citizens.

At Prestige College, the pupils grow up with strong Christian values. As a result they become independent, value-based pillars in society. Of course, discipline is also an important element in the day-to-day life of the school.

In the boarding facilities, they have a well equipped gymnasium, swimming pool and sports hall where students can take part in team competitions. They also have squash courts and tennis courts guarded by qualified coaches whereby staff members are always willing to help out with lessons.

  1. Blue Hills Collage

The students in this school are very intelligent because they graduate from one of the best High Schools in Johannesburg and other major cities in South Africa. The school has a reputation for producing the brightest students in South Africa. This is witnessed by the number of students who go to universities in major cities such as Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

When a student graduates from Blue Hills College, they have a very successful career ahead of them or they can start their own business. The school also makes sure that the students are familiarised with all the necessary skills to work in any industry they want. The performances of the students are also encouraged when they go through all levels of schooling.

The students also take part in a variety of sporting activities. They also have choirs and drama groups that are encouraged by their teachers and parents. The school has an excellent sports field filled with all the necessary sports equipment. You will be amazed by the facilities at the school. The school is well known for producing the best sportsmen and women in South Africa.

Respect: Respect is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life at boarding schools in Gauteng. The students are taught the importance of respecting each other. They are taught to respect their teachers, fellow students and family members. This is done by taking part in different sporting and cultural activities that have been organised by their teachers. They also learn to respect people from other races and religions. They are taught that everyone has a right to believe in whatever they want to believe in. The school’s aim of teaching respect is that it will help the students be successful in their lives.

  1. General Smuts High School

One of the special attributes of this school is the fact that most of the past studentsuare leaders in their fields. The school has a proud tradition of excellence in academic and sporting achievements, as well as in the cultural and spiritual development of its learners. The school’s motto is ‘Leadershiuuup, Service and Integrity’.

General Smuts High School also has a functioning boarding school for girls and boys that accommodate over 155 learners aged 12-18. It was created to monitor, guide and help children integrate into the school community. The boarding school is available to all learners with an independent registration (subjected to the sole discretion of the Headmaster). Special emphasis is placed on the well-being of learners, so that they can achieve their full potential in all facets of life.

The school provides a high quality education in the spirit of Christian ideals and dedication to the pursuit of truth. The school balances the various talents and talents that each learner brings to the school with academic excellence, resulting in a well-rounded and rounded individual.

General Smuts High School has an energetic, committed and vibrant community of learners, staff and parents who support this community effort.

  1. St Martin’s School

If academic success is any indication of a good school, then St Martin’s School is exemplary. It boasts an incredibly high 99% matric pass rate and is also one of the schools in South Africa to with students at different leading Universities. St Martin’s School was established in 1908 and has been educating and preparing future leaders ever since.

Although the school has been making headlines in recent years due to several political, sports and entertainment figures who have attended or are currently attending, it is also producing a healthy number of high achievers in academia and professional fields. The school has been ranked one of the top schools in South Africa by notable bodies.

The school is multicultural, with a diverse student population – one of the few Private schools in South Africa that is fully Afrikaans-medium.

  1. Cornerstone College Secondary School

The development of students potentials is one of the main goal of Cornerstone College. This particular school prioritise the potentials’ development as one of its main goals and it provides opportunities for students that can develop themselves in academic and extra-curricular activities . The school provide opportunities for students to earn international credits or have the chance to have an adventure in a different country.

The school is also keen on providing students with an environment that is not only academic but where they can develop themselves as persons and learn leadership skills.

Cornerstone College has a lot of activities for which it is known. It is known for their achievements in netball, athletics, soccer and cricket. They also have a very successful music department which includes a steelband, choir and string orchestra. The performing arts department is known for its promotion of talents.

Besides the main language of English Cornerstone College is known for its use of indigenous languages. There are many indigenous languages in South Africa that are also taught at schools.  The main language used at the school is English but is also well known for being multilingual.

  1. Roedean School (South Africa)

Roedean School is an indelible school named after Ms Mary Williams, a trained teacher by profession. Throughout her career, Ms Williams has established herself as an asset to her school and community. That is why Roedean School was named after her to acknowledge her outstanding contributions to the school and the community over many years.

The school has always recognized the importance of providing their students with the best in education and facilities. This is why they are committed to providing their students with a state-of-the-art facility that is fully equipped with modern equipment and technology. That is why they have to go beyond standard through their often innovative, imaginative and creative ideas.

This is why their new boarding school is now home to the country’s first energy-efficient and eco-friendly building. This new facility ensures that the environment is protected and the health of the people are maintained in a safe living environment.

The school is situated with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere among the surrounding nature.

The school has always recognized the importance of providing their students with the best in education and facilities. That is why they are committed to providing their students with an advanced facility that is fully equipped with modern equipment and technology. That is why they have not stopped short of standards through their often innovative, imaginative and creative ideas.

  1. St Alban’s College

Boarding is a very important component of the school. They have boarding facilities and is home to hundreds of boarders from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. It gives the boarders an opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities and embraces the fact that they have been sent away to school. This school is committed to ensuring that your child is safe, secure, happy and well cared for at all times whilst at this boarding school in Gauteng.

St Alban’s College is a boarding school that is based off of 5 main areas, with each house catering to specific boarding needs. Each house has a caretaker and a caretaker assistant responsible for the day-to-day operation of the boarding houses. Also, staff are assigned to each of these houses to act as tutors who provide required support and assistance. You will find that there are common areas in each house where all boarding students gather every day which is aim of these common areas is to provide a safe environment where students with get involved in various activities and where they can socialise.

There is a management team in each house, consisting of a property manager and a deputy property manager supported by a perfect management team. The common areas have their own environment which provides the students with food, recreation, and hygiene facilities. There are also staff in each house to provide direct assistance to the students.

Pensions and children’s homes have their own common areas, which are the central meeting points every day. St. Alban is an Anglican church school that stands for Christian values.

St. Alban has a special curriculum to ensure that the students are equipped with all the necessary skills, which will help them to succeed in life and it’s also a known fact that the students who attend St Alban’s College, have a real choice when it comes to choosing their subjects unlike some other schools.


These schools are the best and popular private schools in Gauteng. These schools help children who have been deprived of education to be able to meet their goals and go great lengths in the world of academics. These are the best schools that you can choose for your child.

The Gauteng region has plenty of schools and it is a choice that is made by the parents when they choose to send their children to boarding schools. Some of these schools are the best in terms of their academic excellence and others are known for their sporting achievements. They are all unique in their own way and provide various incentives not only for your child but also for parents who choose to send their children on a journey that will help them to succeed academically as well as develop a sense of social responsibility.

The schools mentioned in this article are the best in their own way. They provide the best opportunities for their students and with the knowledge that they have gained from these schools, they will be able to go on to succeed in life. These schools nurture not just academics but also social skills, teamwork and a sense of responsibility and also bring out the best potential of every child.

After all is said and done, it is important to realize that education is never a waste of time or money.

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