List of 10 Cheapest Boarding Schools in Gauteng, South Africa

The demand for the cheapest boarding schools in Gauteng is increasingly going towards the North. And parents are not relenting in their efforts either, in questing for a home away from home for their youngsters.

There has been a heated controversy in recent times over what the leading boarding schools around Gauteng province are.


And, the debate has kept on resurfacing more often, especially among parents looking for the cheapest boarding schools in Gauteng to enroll their children.

Hopefully, we do not see this argument fading away in the foreseeable future. And it will most likely remain pretty potent in many decades to come.

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To make this article as informative and educative as it could be, we are not going to delve straight up in to the list of boarding schools in Gauteng just yet.

Instead, we will make it a more comprehensive piece by elaborating literally on everything you need to know about boarding schools in the Gauteng region.

About the Gauteng Province

Gauteng, meaning “place of gold” in Sotho-Tswana languages, is one of South Africa’s nine provinces.

The province is the smallest in the country in terms of land area. However, its population accounts for more than a quarter of the entire population.

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Gauteng is unarguably the most decorated urban area in South Africa. The province is home to some of the country’s most prestigious cities, including Johannesburg, the largest city in the country, Pretoria, Midrand, to mention just a few.

Gauteng is the most populous of the nine provinces in South Africa, with a population estimated to be approximately 15 million residents.

The province comprises various population groups, with Black accounting for roughly 80%, followed by White with about 15%. Other groups include Colored, and Asians making up for the rest.

Economic-wise. Gauteng is unarguably an economic center of South Africa and has contributed to all sectors of the economy, including Technology, Transport, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, and Finance.

Life expectancy in the province is the second-highest in South Africa. Males’ life expectancy ranges between 63-65 years, and Females’ life expectancy ranges between 65-69 years on average.

What is a Boarding School?

A boarding institution is a school where learners are provided premises either within or off-campus to live while taking formal education.

The word “boarding,” according to some authentic sources, is used in the sense of “room and board,” in other words, temporary accommodation, and meals.

Are Boarding Schools in Gauteng Worth It?

The short answer to that question is YES! And the long and more in-depth is another YES!

You get the drift now, I guess.

Depending on the institution, boarding school can be more rewarding compared to day school.

In Gauteng province, there are several boarding schools, including a few that have stood the test of time and proven to be among the best.

So, Yes! Boarding school is well worth it. And you shouldn’t feel disappointed paying those fees because your child deserves it!

Types of Boarding Schools in Gauteng

There are three types of boarding schools in Gauteng. These schools usually come with options. And, students on their end, depending upon their preference, can opt either for daily, weekly, or termly boarding school.

However, there is no disparity in how daily, weekly, and termly boarders get treated. Also, it is essential to note that boarding fees will most likely vary by a wide margin.

What are the Most Cheapest Boarding Schools in Gauteng?

The cheapest and yet quality boarding schools in Gauteng charge anywhere around R6 000 to R7 000, payable over 11 months, for weekly and termly boarders, respectively.

Boarding Schools in Gauteng Fees

On average, boarding schools in Gauteng fees can range from as little as R40 000 up to R300 000 per annum. However, this is solely a determinant of the school per se.

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That said, this article will work you through the schools on the list of the best and yet affordable boarding schools in Gauteng.

And, hopefully, you won’t have to go through the stress that comes with finding the cheapest boarding schools in Gauteng province.

List of 10 Cheapest Boarding Schools in Gauteng

1. Pretoria Boys High School

SCHOOL FEER58,300 R60,800 (Boarding: R73,150) per annum
PHONE+27 12 460 2246
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS200 Roper St, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0181

Pretoria Boys High School, commonly known as PBHS, is a public co-educational English medium school situated in Brooklyn, a suburb of the city of Pretoria in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

The school began to open its doors to pupils in 1909 and has long grown tremendously since then. Today, it caters to approximately 1,540 boys, including 345 boarders.

PBHS is an all-boys school and serves learners beginning from Grade 8 up to Grade 12.

Pretoria Boys High is administered by a Government Body elected by the parents and run by the National Department of Education and the Gauteng Department of Education.

Apart from its rich history as one of the oldest and best-performing boys’ high schools in South Africa, it is arguably one of the best government boarding high schools in Gauteng province.

At PBHS, student growth gets enhanced easily through 21st-century learning facilities. Also, the school provides a calm and safe learning environment while encouraging them to give their best in academics and extra-curricular activities.

In all honesty, PBHS is not, in any way, the cheapest boarding school in Gauteng and not the most expensive either.

As with most, if not all, boarding schools around Gauteng province, living in the school hostel costs a few thousand Rand.

Currently, PBHS charges R73,150 additional boarding fees per annum.

Please note that this amount only covers the boarding accommodation and does not apply to the general school fee, which presently ranges between R58,300 to R60,800 per annum for learners from Grade 8 (Form I) to Grade 12 (Form V)

However, to pay for both boarding and school fees altogether, then you are expected to cough up R133,950 per annum, or R13,395 per month—payable over ten months.

2. Pretoria High School for Girls

SCHOOL FEER41 800 R46 770 (Boarding: R65 000) per annum
PHONE+27 12 430 7341
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS949 Park Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, Gauteng

Pretoria High School for Girls, also abbreviated as PHSG, is a government-aided English medium school located in Hatfield, a small town in Pretoria.

Founded in 1902, the same year as its sisters’ school -PBHS, with 106 eager young learners on the roll, Pretoria High School for Girls currently boasts of a student body of approximately 1,500 girls aged 14 to 18 years old.

To stamp its authority as one of the best public boarding high schools in Gauteng, the school has, over the years, invested several millions of cash into proper renovation and building of new structures.

PHSG now boasts a plethora of state-of-the-art facilities, including a swimming pool and warm-up pool, squash courts, netball courts, and an Astroturf.

In addition, the focus has also pointed toward the building of other modern infrastructures for cultural and academic enthusiasts. These include modernization of the Art Centre, the establishment of the 21st-century Music Centre, the restoration of the Library and ICT Centre; plus upgrading of other facilities to enable students to compete against the very best in the country.

The boarding application is open to students from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Payment of boarding fees at the Pretoria High School for Girls is divided into two. At first, R65 000 is the annual boarding fee per learner, irrespective of the Grade.

Another option to pay for boarding fees is to opt for the term basis. In this case, you are to pay R16 250, and the payment must be processed before the start of each month.

3. Roedean School

GRADES0 to 12
SCHOOL FEER87 569 to R167 814 (Boarding: R128 370) per annum
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSPrincess of Wales Terrace, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193

Roedean School (SA) is an independent all-girls day and boarding institution situated in Parktown, the suburb of Johannesburg, in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

The Roedean School, South Africa’s branch, was founded in 1903 to offer young women aged 3 to 18 a more quality education.

Roedean is divided into three schools: Foundation Phase, Junior School, and Senior School.

The journey at Roedean starts in the Foundation Phase (Grade 0 to Grade 3). Pupils, upon scaling through the ranks of Grades 0 to 3 are promoted to the Junior School (Grade 4 to Grade 7).

The Senior School is the ultimate home for all Roedean girls as it caters to Grade 8 to Grade 12 learners and prepares them for post-secondary education after graduation from high school.

Roedean (SA) caters to both day and boarding students. Its boarding facilities can accommodate 100 senior students (Grade 8 to Grade 12).

The school offers Termly and Weekly boarding to its students. However, boarding fees for both of these options vary.

Boarding fees can be paid in three ways: Monthly, Termly, and Annually.

As of this time, the boarding fees are R10 270 and R12 837 monthly, R34 232 and R42 790 termly, and R102 696 and R128 370 annually for weekly and termly boarding, respectively.

Government Boarding High Schools in Gauteng

4. Parktown Boys’ High School

SCHOOL FEER 55 000 per annum
PHONE(011) 642 4531
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS20 Wellington Rd, Parktown, 2193

Parktown Boys’ High School is a government-aided English medium high school located in the suburb of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

Established in 1923 with 87 pupils in five Form II classes, the school is one of the oldest government boarding high schools in Gauteng.

Parktown Boys is an all-boys institution and serves learners aged 13 to 18 years old.

For the past years, Parktown Boys has consistently rated among the best day and boarding schools in South Africa.

Parktown Boys’ High School caters to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12, plus it combines both academics and extramural activities to keep the boys active and academically vibrant.

As a school with boarding facilities, it has a weekly boarding establishment known as the Druce Hall.

For more information about the school’s financial commitment, including the boarding fees, visit the school website.

5. King Edward VII School

SCHOOL FEER58,100 (Boarding: R64 890) per annum
PHONE+27 (0)11 551 5800
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS44 St Patrick Road Houghton 2198 Johannesburg

King Edward VII School, commonly known as KES, is a day and boarding institution situated in the small town of Houghton in the city of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

The school was founded in 1902 when the South African War ended, and there was a dire need for schools that could cater to the growing population in the area.

KES is a high school. However, it has a Junior School, called King Edward VII Preparatory School, that caters primarily to pupils from the Foundation Phase up to Grade 7, located adjacent to the High School.

The King Edward VII School is a public school catering only to boys between 13 to 18 years of age.

The school offers a wide range of sports, including soccer, basketball, cricket, rowing, athletics, hockey, rugby, swimming, and tennis, to mention but a few.

As earlier mentioned, KES offers both day and boarding education for boys. Its hostel facilities provide different learners from different age groups a tailored weekly boarding experience relative to their tenure at the school.

Boarding houses at the King Edward VII School are divided into three:

  • School House (Grade 8)
  • Donald Gordon House (Grade 9)
  • Buxton House (Grade 10 to Grade 12)

The King Edward VII School boarding fee is R,489 per month, or R64,890 per annum.

KES, over the years, has been rated among the most affordable government boarding high schools in Gauteng.

Private Boarding Schools in Gauteng

6. St Andrew’s School for Girls

GRADESPreschool 12
SCHOOL FEER 61 420 R 145 960 (Boarding: R124 615) per annum
PHONE27 (011) 453 9408
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSSenderwood, Bedfordview, 2145 Johannesburg

St Andrew’s School for Girls is a private Christian day and boarding school for girls in Johannesburg. The school is co-educational from Preschool up to Grade 7, while Grade 8 to 12 is purely all-girls.

Founded in 1902 with nineteen pupils, including one matriculation student enrolled, the school currently has a student body of approximately 1,100 learners from Preschool to Matric!

The school has consistently caught the attention of many parents because of its incredible academic achievements over the past years and its position as one of the best private boarding primary and high schools in Gauteng.

However, schooling at St Andrew’s is not as quite as cheap as one would have expected it to be. But, in most cases, it is well worth every penny!

As a private institution, the school writes the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examinations each year.

One appealing facet of the school has always been its small teacher-student ratio and a maximum class size of 27 girls per class.

Like many boarding schools in Gauteng, the school offers a range of sporting activities, including soccer, swimming, netball, rowing, squash, and many more.

The St Andrew’s boarding facilities are only accessible to girls in Grade 8 to Grade 12, aged 13 to 18 years.

7. St. Alban’s College

SCHOOL FEER155 100 (Boarding & Tuition: R272,850) per annum
PHONE+27 12 348 1221
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS110 Clearwater Road, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

St. Alban’s College was founded in 1963 by Anton Murray, a South African cricketer, to provide an independent English medium day and boarding school for young boys around the suburb of Lynnwood Glen in Pretoria.

The College started with a student population of just thirty-seven boys and three educators. It currently has a student body of approximately 580 boys and 43 teachers, including support staff.

Over the past years, the College has maintained its reputation as one of the best-performing boarding high schools in Gauteng.

St. Alban’s is not the cheapest of schools in South Africa. And if we were to make a list of the most affordable boarding schools in Gauteng, honestly, this school would not by any chance be considered.

For some parents, St. Alban’s could probably be an ideal choice. However, others may raise a few eyebrows at the sky-high fees.

The annual tuition fee at the College is R155 100 per child; R51 700 paid per term, or R15 820 per month over ten months. Note that these do not include the boarding fee.

The school accepts installments, monthly and termly, payments of boarding, and tuitions. However, annual Tuition & Boarding fees at St. Alban’s are R272,850 per learner.

Please note that fees are subject to changes. However, it is advisable to check the school website for any recent updates regarding fees.

8. St Mary’s School

SCHOOL FEER72 460 R156 00(Boarding: R113 900 R124 400) per annum
PHONE+27 11 531 1800
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS55 Athol Street, Waverley 2090, Johannesburg

St Mary’s School is an independent English medium institution catering to girls aged 3 to 18 years old from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

The school first opened its doors to students in 1888. And at a time when the need for inclusive education was increasingly high. But there was no availability of schools that could cater to the growing population in the area.

Its establishment was a blessing to many young girls and families. And since then, the school has shaped generations of young women in Johannesburg and across Gauteng province.

St Mary’s is not just the oldest standing school in South Africa. It is among the leading boarding schools in Gauteng.

Unlike how it started, with less than 100 pupils on the roll. The school has grown to become one of the country’s prestigious schools and serves the interests of roughly 1,100 students from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

As an independent school, it strives to remain dynamic and relevant to the ever-changing world. And also in line with the international educational standards.

St Mary’s is one of the best private boarding schools in Gauteng. And it boasts of offering a unique boarding experience, either full-time or weekly, from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

9. St Stithians College

SCHOOL FEER75 000 R150,110 (Boarding: R110,210) per annum
PHONE+27 (0)11 577 6000
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS40 Peter Place, Lyme Park, Sandton, 2191

St Stithians College, commonly known as Saints, is an independent day school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 years old, with boarding facilities serving boys from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Founded in 1953 with Grades 1 and 2, and 8 and 9, the College currently consists of Junior Preparatory Schools, Boys and Girls Preparatory Schools, and Boys and Girls Colleges.

The College is organized into six schools and has a total student body of 1,272 (742 Boys and 530 Girls) learners from the Junior Preparatory (R to Grade 2) to Boys’ and Girls’ College (Grade 8 to Grade 12).

Over the years, St Stithians has consistently been listed among the best-performing day and boarding schools in Gauteng.

At Saints, Grade R and Grade 8 are two main points of entry for new students.

Unlike a couple of schools listed here on this page that accept boarding fees in installments, the same is not true at Saints.

10. Pro Arte Alphen Park

PHONE+27 (0) 12 460 6221
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS146 Roeline St, Alphen Park, Pretoria, 0081

Pro Arte Alphen Park is last but not least on the list of affordable boarding schools in Gauteng. The school is located in Pretoria and was established in 1994 to provide special needs education to young boys and girls aged 14 to 18 years old, not only in Pretoria but throughout South Africa at large.

Having been founded in 1994, it is not among the oldest schools in the province. However, it has been quite successful in attracting learners who are passionate about pursuing a career path in the arts fields.

As of this writing, Pro Arte Alphen Park currently offers six study fields, including enterprise management, art, music, dance, drama, and hospitality studies.

There school currently caters to approximately 800 students from Grade 8 to Grade 12, and it is one of the most academic private boarding schools in Gauteng.

The school boarding facilities cater to students from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Please visit the school website for more information on the tuition and boarding fees schedule.

Other Affordable Boarding Schools in Gauteng

1Willowridge High School8 12
2Waterkloof House Preparatory SchoolR 7
3The British Academy8 12
4Conerstone CollegeR 12
5St Peter’s SchoolsR 12

Final Thoughts

Boarding school is a must in some families. Not only does it guarantee optimum learning time with fellow roomies, but it also makes room for competition, hence creating an atmosphere where each child strives to succeed and be better than their peers.

Boarding schools in Gauteng offer a wide range of facilities to their learners. In most institutions across South Africa, learners are only allowed to live in the hostel starting from Grade 7 up to Grade 12.

In this article, we looked up all the boarding schools, including Curro, Private, Public/Government, Special Needs, Primary, and Boarding High Schools in Gauteng.

Was this article any useful to you?

Please let us know your suggestion(s), if at all you have any, in the comment section.


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